In this week’s mailbag, the myth of the Goddess’ creation of Hyrule might just be a farce, and Debbie is made of freakin’ diamonds. FREAKIN’ DIAMONDS.

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RykerTheDJ: What if Skyloft has nothing to do with anything in future games? What if, the villian of this game is successful in evil, and just wipes Skyloft out of existence?

Jason: That’s be interesting for sure, but highly unlikely given that Iwata has stated in an interview that part of Skyward Sword is discovering why the two lands were separated. Although that doesn’t necessarily say that Skyloft and Hyrule come together, Skyloft getting utterly destroyed wouldn’t do much to help the series’ continuity! And this game, more than other Zelda games, seems to be about continuity – since it’s the origin story of the Master Sword.

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homestar43: The character of Link is different in every Zelda game, as is Hyrule’s landscape. What would you think if the Legend of Zelda series used the same Link for every game, and the same overworld for every game as well?

Jason: I bet Nintendo could pull it off, and it would make chronology a lot easier. They’d probably keep expanding the overworld all the time, too. For example, Metroid is always the same Samus and it’s always the same “universe” – just a different part of it (actually, sometimes the same parts of it). That’s the approach I’m sure Nintendo would take to ensure that the “same overworld” would never truly be the “same overworld”. At some point, though, I’d bet this Link would start wondering why he has such crummy luck!

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aisforandis: Jason, If the partner of this game is supposed to be the spirit of the Master Sword, does that mean that we will be obtaining the Master Sword very early on, seeing as how the “partner” generally guides us through the game and acts as a tutorial in the beginning? What would you think if Link basically started the game with the Master Sword?

Jason: I think we will. Or at least we’ll be obtaining the Skyward Sword, whatever that looks like, which turns into the Master Sword later in the game. My guess is that the Skyward Sword looks just like the Master Sword – so yes, in a sense I think we’ll be getting the “Master Sword” early on. Doesn’t mean we’ll get to use it – just because the spirit is around doesn’t mean we get to use her as a sword. Maybe she won’t let us, or can’t.

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mcdude910: I have three things to say (two questions, and one comment).

1. What are your three favorite Zelda games and in which order?
2. What do you think of multi-player modes in Zelda games? (Not FS games) PH and ST did quite well, in my opinion, but would you like to see this on a console game?
3. After about ten or twenty of these “Jason” mailbags, you should make a compilation of all of your musical outros. They’re really pretty good! Do you do all the parts, then record over one another?

Jason: Whoa, who do you think you are that you can ask TWO QUESTIONS AND ONE COMMENT to me?! Ugh, fine.

1. The Wind Waker (first I ever beat), The Minish Cap (wrote a walkthrough for it), Link’s Awakening (my first Zelda game). (Love TP as well, not sure where to place it…)
2. The multiplayer modes are generally boring and end up being only mild distractions. Zelda’s always gonna be about the single player campaign I’m pretty sure, and I’m really, really indifferent to multiplayer minigames making an appearance in a console release – they just don’t matter that much and they don’t do much for the game.
3. Yeah, I might! But I’ll probably split them off into their own video series at some point. And yeah, I do – I use Logic Pro and a really nice microphone and about seven years of audio mixing knowledge to sing with myself. Typically each song is 10+ tracks and I make up all the harmonies and stuff as I go (so much fun!).

  • protorpop

    lolz i love mailbags.

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  • The Rose

    Dear Jason, I've just bought a 3DS (IT'S AWESOME), but I'm starting to regret because of Zelda's 25 anniversary. What if they make 3DS to honor Zelda? Do you think It's a good chance that Nintendo will do that?

    • NintendoMasterG

      If Nintendo does that, then I'm getting that 3DS as well. But I don't think Nintendo is going to release a Zelda themed 3DS. Want to know why? Well, because Reggie Fils-Aime said that Nintendo would do something different for The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary, rather than what they did with Mario's 25th anniversary.

  • ChainofTermina


  • Darktoonlink88

    Maybe Debbie is Adelle's brother! Or something…
    And about Links magic meter, he can propably just feel it, similiar to how we feel how much oxygen we've got left.

  • MegaLinkX

    Jason. The first time I saw you do a musical outro I was like O_o …

    but now I look forward to them!!! DO MORE! please?

    • george

      ME TOO! 😀

  • Punnutty

    Majora's Mask proves that you can do alot in 3 days.Moblins can speak some of them give you rupees in the first Zelda game, Link did kind of speak in the Wind Waker ("come on !"). Jason you are, the greatest, most awesome, dude, in, the UNIVERSE. Also This is a very difficult question who's is the most feared fictional character ever ? Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda), Majora's Mask (Majora's Mask), The Master (Doctor who), Happy Mask salesman (Majora's Mask) or Voldamort (I can't spell his name) from the Harry Potter books ?

    • GorCoronSumo

      Ganondorf IS the Master! He is an ancient demon RESSURECTED!
      Just kidding…

      • GorCoronSumo

        But not regenerated,

    • T Dave

      A good way to answer that is with another question, who would screw up the world the most if they were real? from your list Majora since the others want to rule but it wants to destroy. seriously, if the moon hit the earth at 45 degrees it would liquidate, 90 degrees and it would never reform

  • Jesus Sux Cox

    You think they might go so far as to expose the creation beliefs in Zelda as lies? That'd seem almost as if it had some kind of anti-creationism message in it. So, you know I'm ALL FOR IT! It'd teach those stupid christians a LESSON in a ZELDA GAME, the last place they'd ever expect it, XD!!

    • Punnutty

      Please change your name it is very offensive.

      • Jesus=Manwhore

        Sure, I'll change it, but I honestly don't have a clue how I can edit names in past posts.

        • Lach Menel

          Hey, umm, I`m not going to renounce my faith just because a video game or freak on the internet tells me to. I have my beliefs, you have yours, and we just have to agree to disagree. So please be gental folk enough to understand that we all have fealings. Thank you.

          • Jesus=Manholes

            Shutup, christcunt. The demons be with you. Amen.

          • Nintenfan81

            Are you doing this just to be a jerk or do you have any legitimate reason to dislike Christians? Because I gotta say the atheist version of the beginning of existence makes no sense at all.

          • Hmm

            He's a Satanist, of course he hates us Christians and I agree how the atheist's "evolution" makes no sense at all. Please dopn't feed the trolls though.

          • Erimbanned

            Oh, and your "god was just there and created everything" version makes more sense? Atleast evolution has evidence supporting it, unlike with your storybook tales from the bible. A$s-backwards christians, you'll never make any sense, so I'd suggest not going there when it comes to evolution, as you still make less sense than darwin's theory ever did, LOL!!!

          • cloverplayer

            you guys know that Darwin was himself a christian, right, and he made up atheism just randomly, and he didn't even believe it and said it didn't make sense.

          • cloverplayer

            I don't have anything against atheists, some of my friends are atheists, I just get really anoyed when they voice (or type) their negative thoughts about us christians.

          • Ari

            God is capable of being in existence forever because he has always existed and is, in fact exactly that: existence. Something all powerful that's always existed works better than a theory of something coming from absolute nothing, no matter or even space to contain matter. I don't deny scientific facts and theories, but I still have a God.

    • cloverplayer

      You, my friend, are a friken retard.

  • mini link

    do you think nintendo will ever bring back sheik or the sheikah in skyward sword? or maybe explain a bit more about them?

  • Monty

    Dear Jason: The new SS Zelda is rumored to have a religious link to a certain story in the Bible, the one about the Garden of Eden, and it's related to how the people in it were kicked out because they did something horrible there and the guardian of the place judged them all unfit to remain anymore and forced them to suffer life in a harsher world outside their paradise.
    Do you think this rumor is just bull or could it be legit? It has a lot of possible connections to how Skyloft later became a lost, forgotten place that was abandoned for some reason, and the story of Skyward Sword is about Link going down to the mainland below to fight the evil forces down there.

  • Link is Pocahontas. He listened to the colors of the wind and then he could understand other languages.

    • zeldafan4040

      LOL. Imagine Link breaking out into song…. " you must PAAAiiiiIIINtt with allll the colorrrrrrsss oooof the WIIIiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiIIIiiinnnd!!!! " LOL.

      • Punnutty

        Or Link's hat is a translator that was made by that dude, Ezlo I think. The Minish are great.

        • True, Ezlo can translate. Although in Minish I think Link just ate a piece of fruit or a seed or something so he could understand them. XD

          • Punnutty

            He might have to eat I don't know, a nut in hyrule to understand people.

  • GorCoronSumo

    Jason should sing the Molgera battle theme! That would be awesome!

  • dark_link121

    ok, he's awesome, thats all i got to say

  • Bolero of Fire

    Oh, are we suppose to put our questions here instead of the mailbag now? Maybe that's why my question didn't get answered. :P.


    Dear Jason, do you thik that teh 3DS is gonna caus eye problems? i herd that peeple say it was goona hurt my eyes if I used it too long. but nintnedo rulz an would never do that to me.

  • Erimvirus

    Dear Jason, which do you prefer, a loli sword girl whose legs you handle throughout the whole game or a kokiri girl that likes you and wants you to go into her secret place deep inside a forest?

    • cloverplayer

      Dude… her legs are the blade, and about Saria, don't wreck it for everyone, Oot rocks.

    • Punnutty

      Thats an odd question, I can't wait to see the answeres.

    • Jason Rappaport

      This is my favorite comment ever.

  • LunarMew

    Something just occured to me. If Nintendo made it so at least most of the history of Hyrule was a myth instead of fact, don't you think this may turn out to be a nice method of getting rid of the inconsistent mess from the Zelda timeline? It could be a smart move from Nintendo…then again, it might cause more controversy from the fans when tossing out all of those timeline theories out the window. Admitedly, I kind of enjoyed theorizing and theorizing is like a tradition in the Zelda community…or something. lD

  • zeldafan4040

    OMG…I just got a revelation! I got it! Think about it, we haven't seen "Adele" since the concept art. The latest trailer shows " Debbie " … Just think about it!! Maybe " Debbie " is " Adele " !!! And the diamonds… the master sword has a diamond emblem on it…like the concept art for " Adele " So, just maybe this is the revamped completed version of the Master Sword, " Adele " afterall and not " Debbie " !!!

    • Punnutty

      What about the Adele icon on the d-pad weapon selection thingy.

  • Matt

    You lost me at "Twilight Princess was dark."

    • Punnutty

      Have you killed Ga (ending) if you play it and complete it you will find it quite dark, but not as dark as Majora's Mask.

  • KingOfHeart

    Question: Think they'll limit the number of weapons we have since there's no pausing. How many items can one memorize and select it in a short time?

    • fantasysign

      What?? There's no pausing?

      • MaskedZoraMan

        You can pause, but you cannot stop the game anymore to get and item out. That made it continuous.

  • cloverplayer

    I am soo hoping they add more weapons/items avalible into the game instead of the few that were in the demo, plus the question marks

    • cloverplayer

      before the official release

  • I agree with the person who said that "Debbie" is Adel's brother, maybe that's why she needs his help… Maybe it's the kind of thing we saw with Tatl and her brother in Majora's Mask. In fact, that leads me to believe there will be some references to Majora's Mask (only very small) but mostly how it leads into Ocarina of Time. I think part of the reason they're releasing Ocarina of Time is so that people remember the story, not just to release it again and so that those newer generations that haven't played Ocarina of Time *gasp* will understand the events in Skyward Sword more clearly. Also, the Kokiri Sword was specifically made my the Kokiri to protect themselves from the evil that had appeared as far as I can see. The guilded sword may have been remade in Majora's Mask based on an Ancient Sword which needed specific materials to forge it. I can already see Adel will be some kind of assistant, as much like Midna, she has a D-Pad icon for use as a contact method throughout the game.

  • Alessandra

    I love your mailbags and I like the Gerudo Valley song at the end. 🙂

  • Ammy

    I love your outros, please do the song of healing sometime!

    PS –
    …really Jason? Why do you hurt me so? 🙁
    Hylian = "Hai-lee-an" yo!

    • Jason Rappaport


      Actually, this reminds me to put up the new IPA page that someone sent in. It was probably you. >_>

    • cloverplayer

      at least he doesn't say "gorgons" instead of "Gorons"

      • GorCoronSumo

        Yeah, I think Hai-lee-an makes more sense as Hyrule is pronounced Hai-rule

  • Punnutty


  • juugend

    Hey Jason… Have you been playing Nintendo 3DS a bit too much lately? Your eyes look a bit weird 😀

    • Jason Rappaport

      What's wrong with them I love my eyes D:

      • zeldafan4040

        You have gorgeous eyes, Jason. 🙂

  • GorCoronSumo

    If Skyloft indeed becomes Termina, could Skyward Sword explain the story of the Fierce Deity?

  • QueenxLink

    Uuummm… I have another answer to question 3; Maybe Link CAN speak Hylian! Maybe Skyloftians and Hyrulians speak the same language, like people in America and England do. 😛

    • Punnutty

      So other Skyloftians came to Hyrule before Link ?

    • cloverplayer

      I was thinking that because they were eventually split apart but used to be together, they would probably speak the same language. but that would be awesome if link couldn't speak their language, and maybe "Adelle" would translate?

  • DreamerJ

    Hi Jason,
    Some people have said that Debbie is Adelle's brother, mostly because they look so much alike. I think that at some point in the game, Adelle is taken over by dark forces and turns evil, since Debbie looks like a darker Adelle. This would make sense beacause since Adelle is the master sword, Link would have to find a way to defeat her in battle with other items and a normal sword, almost like the Zant battle in Twilight Princess since you had to use most of your items along with your sword. Seeing that there is a slight chance this could be true, I would like your opinion on it.

  • kaiser13576

    Hey Jason do you think skyward sword will contain any elements of stealth or any other unique ways to navigate through areas? In the Wind Waker Link used a barrel to sneak into the forsaken fortress because he was weaponless. I thought this was a unique strategy other than the conventional slice and dice method Link usually uses to navigate a dungeon. I think it would add more of a strategy to the game rather than just plowing through everything with an overpowered piece of metal.

    • cloverplayer

      in some dungeons you would lose your sword in skyward sword and thats almost official, so I would prefer that you could just speed past the enimies and eventually have a mob following you rather than when one sees you, you give up. (ww)

  • Sarah

    how do you compose those songs at the end? they are so cool! I love zelda music, is the sound you created all vocals?

  • GanonLives

    haha…..hahahahahahaha… oh man wait wait wait I was not expecting the gerudo song at the end hahaha oh my god.

  • NintendoMasterG

    I have a question, Jason. What is Termina really IS Skyloft and after it fell on Hyrule? I mean, in the Stone Tower in Majora's Mask, there's a hand pointing up towards the sky, and there are also some stone statues that kinda shows some disrespect against Hyrule – The Triforce.

    • NintendoMasterG

      What if*

  • cloverplayer

    Hi Jason, I already posted this before but didn't put it in a question.
    do you think they will change the number of items you can get in the game before the final release? because in the demo, it looked like there weren't too many. (the question marks)

  • linkoflegends

    hey jason.. do you think that skyward swords link will meet the oricana of time link's mother and father and do you think the tree in the artwork of skyward sword could be the deku tree?

    • Punnutty

      I hope this Link will be the father of Ocarina of time's Link.

  • fantasysign

    You're so nerdy. I love it!

  • Swissnaut

    Jason, though I'm sure that the discussion on Voice Acting in a Zelda game has been debated endlessly and proven to be wrong for Zelda (the CD-i games being an example), do you think Nintendo could still pull it off with quality voice acting, but to avoid localization fees in different languages, just invent a whole Hylian language to incorporate into the game? How do you think the fans would react if it was done?

  • MaskedZoraMan

    Dear Jason:
    In every Zelda game there is a group that is considered "evil'. What if in Skyward Sword as Link is going through the game, he realizes that the "evil' is not in Hyrule but is Skyloft itself and he has to bring himself to destroy it. This could also lead into the Skyloftians being the Ancient Tribe from Majora's Mask or the being the origin of the the Twili. Do you think this is a possibility?

  • ChristopherW

    Hi Jason 🙂
    I have a theory. What if skyloft, at the end of the game, because of some strange event, ends up becoming the twilight realm? Do you think that's a possibility? What are your thoughts on the matter?

  • Tsubasa_zero

    Man,you are awesome, you have played both Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos. I love those games and spenned many hours on them