In this week’s mailbag, the myth of the Goddess’ creation of Hyrule might just be a farce, and Debbie is made of freakin’ diamonds. FREAKIN’ DIAMONDS.

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RykerTheDJ: What if Skyloft has nothing to do with anything in future games? What if, the villian of this game is successful in evil, and just wipes Skyloft out of existence?

Jason: That’s be interesting for sure, but highly unlikely given that Iwata has stated in an interview that part of Skyward Sword is discovering why the two lands were separated. Although that doesn’t necessarily say that Skyloft and Hyrule come together, Skyloft getting utterly destroyed wouldn’t do much to help the series’ continuity! And this game, more than other Zelda games, seems to be about continuity – since it’s the origin story of the Master Sword.

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homestar43: The character of Link is different in every Zelda game, as is Hyrule’s landscape. What would you think if the Legend of Zelda series used the same Link for every game, and the same overworld for every game as well?

Jason: I bet Nintendo could pull it off, and it would make chronology a lot easier. They’d probably keep expanding the overworld all the time, too. For example, Metroid is always the same Samus and it’s always the same “universe” – just a different part of it (actually, sometimes the same parts of it). That’s the approach I’m sure Nintendo would take to ensure that the “same overworld” would never truly be the “same overworld”. At some point, though, I’d bet this Link would start wondering why he has such crummy luck!

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aisforandis: Jason, If the partner of this game is supposed to be the spirit of the Master Sword, does that mean that we will be obtaining the Master Sword very early on, seeing as how the “partner” generally guides us through the game and acts as a tutorial in the beginning? What would you think if Link basically started the game with the Master Sword?

Jason: I think we will. Or at least we’ll be obtaining the Skyward Sword, whatever that looks like, which turns into the Master Sword later in the game. My guess is that the Skyward Sword looks just like the Master Sword – so yes, in a sense I think we’ll be getting the “Master Sword” early on. Doesn’t mean we’ll get to use it – just because the spirit is around doesn’t mean we get to use her as a sword. Maybe she won’t let us, or can’t.

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mcdude910: I have three things to say (two questions, and one comment).

1. What are your three favorite Zelda games and in which order?
2. What do you think of multi-player modes in Zelda games? (Not FS games) PH and ST did quite well, in my opinion, but would you like to see this on a console game?
3. After about ten or twenty of these “Jason” mailbags, you should make a compilation of all of your musical outros. They’re really pretty good! Do you do all the parts, then record over one another?

Jason: Whoa, who do you think you are that you can ask TWO QUESTIONS AND ONE COMMENT to me?! Ugh, fine.

1. The Wind Waker (first I ever beat), The Minish Cap (wrote a walkthrough for it), Link’s Awakening (my first Zelda game). (Love TP as well, not sure where to place it…)
2. The multiplayer modes are generally boring and end up being only mild distractions. Zelda’s always gonna be about the single player campaign I’m pretty sure, and I’m really, really indifferent to multiplayer minigames making an appearance in a console release – they just don’t matter that much and they don’t do much for the game.
3. Yeah, I might! But I’ll probably split them off into their own video series at some point. And yeah, I do – I use Logic Pro and a really nice microphone and about seven years of audio mixing knowledge to sing with myself. Typically each song is 10+ tracks and I make up all the harmonies and stuff as I go (so much fun!).