That’s right! Nintendo has now officially confirmed the release date for OOT 3D! It will be released on June (probably 7th), 2011.  Since Skyward Sword is going to be released after OOT 3D, it should be coming soon after! And along with the release date, Iwata released some new screenshots of the game at GDC ’11. You can view them after the jump!

  • Primus

    Can't Wait!

    • Zelda

      Is it only for 3DS or can you play it on other consoles

  • KingDodongo1

    Awesome! I can't wait!

  • Lancelot-sama!


    • starwebs1

      I wanted to thumbs-up this like fifty times. lol

  • Zombie Jesus

    Is the release date for Japan?

    • Japan get OoT 3D sometime during the Spring, this is the NA release date

      Hopefully the EU release should be in the same week or the previous week like the 3DS system

  • Chief

    I know what I'm doing over the summer. HELL YES!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • Scrivs

    Man I really wanted to play SS by now.. I guess I can wait.. but I really hope they don't push the date again..

    • EDracon

      push the non-existent date?
      Skyward Sword never had a date, not a year.

      • Blizzeta

        which means nintendo is learning. there's no release date to push back so they can hold on to SS as long as they want.

  • moomoomage


    • george

      couldn't have said it better myself! 😀

  • Ashmic

    i can't wait until i see ganpon and gerudos in 3Ds form <333
    but i still wanna know SS date

    • Ashmic


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  • Oodles of Noodles

    This is going to be righteous.

  • Kokiri sword


  • Anomynous

    I'm Really hoping for some new places or new enemy's. Nintendo should just release it soon cause i think that many zelda fans are dying each day they dont have Oot 3D. 🙂

  • X x7

    Best thing I've heard all week! I can't wait to finally get my hands on a 3DS, kick back, play this game, and still be able to look forward to Skyward Sword!

  • SPG

    where is your source?

  • Bre

    depending on how soon SS comes out i'll probably buy that first just because that's only money for a came, as opposed to forking out cash for both hardware and software. plus, i recently replayed OoT so I'm more excited for SS at the moment, especially fter yesterday's trailer.

  • PhantomVII

    YES!!! We finally got a release date! Well I know what I'm doing all day June 7. ^_^ I guess they're not finished with Sheik and the Stalfos models?

    • zeldafan4040

      But we just saw Sheik and the stalfos.. 😛

  • zeldafan4040

    Yes!!! Now I can play this game and then Skyward Sword all the while knowing this is only the beginning as the Big N starts working on…. * drum roll * an all NEW original 3DS ZELDA to come out in 2013/2014!! Wahoooooo!!!!!!

  • MegamanXTi

    I have only one question about this slideshow. Where is the music being used from? Is it from the game itself or from some other source? This makes me quite curious since this video is from GDC themselves.

    • It wasn't from GDC,if you look under the GDC Logo at the beginning you can see it's from, it even comes up with GT's logo at the end

      • MegamanXTi

        Whoops, way for me to miss that completely. Okay, so it came from, not GDC. I apologize for that mistake. My original question still stands though, where did the remixed music come from? Was it fan created music or not?

        • gward

          not a remix
          its the music on that plays on the field

        • CasualVader

          Sounds like Zelda Reorchestrated's version of OoT's Field theme.

  • Adult Link pictures! Woot! Probably my favorite shot though was of the Bazaar in Kakariko, I love the amount of detail that's in that store now. Also liked the way Sheik looked along with the shots from the Forest Temple.

  • Bobby Emerald

    Sheik looks quite…jagged in that pic. Other than that I really like the screenshots.

  • Amber


  • Link looks great, the new backgrounds look great (going back to OoT now the texture work is a real eye sore). The enemy models, and sheik on the other hand look awful, like they have been ported over from the original with little to no effort. Sheiks hand is still a rectangular blob just like in the original, and the stalfo's just look, well, awful. We know the N64 was capable of a lot more than this, Conker's Bad Fur Day was proof of that, so why does this still look so average on this far more powerful tech? You would think that a flagship series like Zelda would warrant a true graphical overhall and push the boundaries of the hardware visually. In all honesty it just looks like Nintendo are doing it half assed and visually looks like a joke, especially when put along side games like the new RE and MGS port. Heres hoping they swap out those character models before the game ships. Im just as excited about playing the game as everyone else, just a little disappointed in how lazy it looks.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • gward

      lol I love how you think nintendo completely "half-assed" it based on the picture of sheik and stalfos. 2 designs out of the many.
      did you not see the bazaar?
      see the detail put into that?
      pretty sure that pic alone shows how much effort nintendo has put into the graphical revamping.

      • Gerkinman

        As mentioned in my post, the backgrounds look great, I think the Bazaar character himself looks almost identical.

        And while it may be true that Sheik and the Stalfos are only two of many character models, lets not forget that Sheik plays a major role in the game and is an incredibly important and frequently seen character. I can understand leaving models of enemies that feature very occasionally in the game as they were originally designed, but for an important character like Sheik, the character deserves better.

        • gward

          True that is a valid point.
          We can just hope that they are not finished with sheik yet.

          And also uncommon enemies should be decently upgraded so that they don't stick out

    • Just re-watched the video, my opinion has only gotten stronger. Especially now i've noticed Link seems to have more polygons in his face than Epona does in her whole character model.

      After reading your other posts you seem like a totally biased fanboy who would buy the zelda cdi games if nintendo were to put them out, so your opinion doesn't surprise me.

    • zeldafan4040

      Yes, I am a " fan boy " I LOVE Zelda. I LOVE Nintendo and I trust them to make awesome games! So yeah. I will give whatever they make a chance before I judge.

      • Gerkinman

        People like you following Nintendo blindly and buying games just because Nintendo made them are the reason a lot of there properties, including Zelda, have become stale as of late.

    • Subrosian

      They'll probably make new models. If they don't, I will be very disappointed in Nintendo..

    • Jordan Wiley

      True dat! But, they still have 3 and a half months left to fix all that. And didn't they say it was a demo ,and who knows, maybe those screenshots were from last June? Only time will tell.

      • Jordan Wiley


  • Meh.

  • Linkfan333

    Is it just me or does the hyrule field music sound orchestrated? :O

  • bob

    wowsers! i made a big mess in my trousers, bigger than princess peach when she has sex with bowser

    • zeldafan4040

      LMAO!!!!!!! That was SO funny! And clever! 😛

    • Jordan Wiley


  • Lai

    Yes,finally we can anticipate an official date! =D
    BUt one question : Is this just the Japanese release or a "general" one, e.g. for Europe, too?

    In my opinion the screen shots are very beautiful! I am so excited about this game. <3

  • jau682

    It comes out on my Birthday! So awesome! XD

  • jimmy

    i dont know if i should wait for a zelda 3ds package to come out or to just get the black one. hard decision

  • Bruce

    Where'd this date come from? It was only stated as June in the Keynote. None of the major gaming sites have stated this date either, and most big Nintendo releases are on Sundays, not Tuesdays.

  • Lucas

    Wait, hold on a second. Where did you get june 7th from? I only heard that it was coming out somewhere in june.

  • Brad

    Where is the June 7th confirmed? I can't find anything other than a general "June" release date anywhere else

    • zeldafan4040

      It is confirmed by………… NINTENDO!!

  • Brad

    Woah, and i just realized the person above me wrote the same thing lolol

  • Shadowknight1

    June 7th has not been confirmed to the best of my knowledge.

    To those complaining about the models, if you watch the video embedded like it is, it's almost the size of the 3DS screen. Keep in mind, this isn't for a big console hooked up to a TV. This is for a portable.

    • Gerkinman

      I thinks it more the lack of balance between link who looks amazing, and everyone else, that doesn't.

  • zeldafan4040

    Can you people not read?? "That’s right! Nintendo has now officially confirmed the release date for OOT 3D! It will be released on June 7th, 2011." THERE YOU FREAKIN GO!! WHat the HELL do you guys mean acting all uncertain about the release date??? This baffles me….

    • lucas

      Hey calm down. The reason we are saying that its not the realeas date is because Nintendo never announced that. The biggest gaming sites don't even have that realese date and Im pretty sure they are right.I know Im right because I listened to the conference. I sometimes catch Zelda Universe when there wrong with things like when they said you can play Game boy advanced games on the 3DS, when you can only play game boy and game boy color games. I for look anywhere else, the date is going to say somewhere around June

      • zeldafan4040

        Oh, well my bad. Sorry for causing a spectacle. I just hope it is June 7th and no later. I want this one so bad. 🙁

    • Gerkinman

      If thats all it takes to baffle you then you must have a pretty low IQ, im surprised you have ever even completed a Zelda game.

      • zeldafan4040

        That was uncalled for. Let it go! FBAMF!

  • Daiya

    This is soo exciting! Doesn’t matter how many times they re-lease OoT, I’ll always buy it, and always thoroughly enjoy it.

    Though, I do believe they could do better with their graphics. I agree with the comments about the character… I don’t see why the characters had to suffer for background detail. But don’t get me wrong, compared to the original Oot, I’m jizzing my pants right now.

  • Anomynous

    I Hope there is a Bundle for it.

  • MLink96

    7th?? Its ONE day after my birthday!!!

  • Troll

    What is Zelda?

    • MoronOfTime

      What is wrong with you?

  • vick

    so basiclly this remake will be just like the million of other rereleases of this one game. damn nintendo must be pretty smart to rip off people like you, oh wait you sobbs dont any sense at all which is why you love zelda so much.

    boot niggers

    • MoronOfTime

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL, end excessive lol'ing here.

      Bye now ;D

  • Jathavan

    Jizzed in my pants !

  • spirittracksmaster

    I'm dying here! thats the bad part of knowing stuff early you have to wait!

  • Keith

    well, I guess I know where my summer's going. 😀 Can't wait to get this and Skyward Sword. Haha. Now just for this 25th anniversary thing…*pokes Miyamoto* WHAT IT BE DOOD?????????

  • Zeldafreakcjm

    I thought the date Iwata gave us was just "june" not "June 7th". Huh. Anywho if you look at the pictures in the video and then compare it to the early photos from CES or around that time the overall poloygon in those photos and the ones in the short several second video of the japan 3DS software line-up its clear that these photos are old creation wise especially considering young Link has a really defined shape and hands while Adult Link has blocks for hands and a odd shaped face. Anyways despite the fact these images are old the Bazaar still looks amazing!

  • manga ninja


    • Monkeh

      Got to love replies like yours! Bring on OoT!

      Oh and @vick: noone forces you to buy these remakes, so why does it bother you so much that other people do buy (and love) them?

  • Jordan Wiley

    I need new pants.

  • lol

    i hope they don't dwarf the dungeons…

  • Zarco

    Wow, my first impressions of the field, deku tree, forest, etc. was "It looks nice, they just added a little bit of visual clarity so it looks better. It's not worth it as I already own the game, it's more of the same." Seeing these screens, it's a whole new game. The shop made it real for me, it looks totally new and, frankly, amazing for a handheld. The new detail in the water temple, the paintings in the forest temple boss room, and Link's appearance are so intricate and impressive. I probably won't buy the game (or the 3DS for that matter) but I have a whole new impression on the game and see why one who already owns 3 versions of OoT might still want another.

  • MysticSabreonic

    Having played OoT for the N64 over and over again countless times I would expect this new version to not have me so anxious. Though, seeing the reworked textures and models for the characters has me excited! I have always wanted to see OoT in a better graphic form. My dreams are finally coming true!

  • Alessandra

    Ocarina of Time's Master Quest might also show on the 3DS, it'll be weird to see one game bundled with two different quests an original and the other kind of like the GameCube's version of Ocarina of Time where it had 2 games.:

  • Linkmaster71

    Can someone please tell me if they are comming out with a Zelda 3DS bundle?

    Email me at [email protected]

    I need tooo knoww O_O

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  • Dacell

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious that it won't be released on the 7th. Not in Japan, not in the US, not anywhere.

    It's a Tuesday, after all.

  • Linkwashere185

    actually last time i checked oot was suposed to come outnon june 19th which broke my heart but i may be wrong either way im still flipping out and waiting for this game to come out =D

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