In this post, we are going to take a quick look at the AR cards included in the 3DS box. These paper cards are “augmented reality” devices which when detected by the 3DS’ camera come to life on the handheld’s top screen. Hit the jump to get a look at the cards in action.

If you play a certain Augmented Reality (AR) game (there are six included with the 3DS), these cards will bring those characters to life. So instead of what you see with the Question Block in the video below, you’d be seeing a little Mario, Samus or Link pop up on your desk / coffee table / lap. Even if it does seem gimmicky, I’m sure many will enjoy this little treat themselves and with friends.

Source: Kotaku
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  • These are amazing. I'd like to put up a match between Link and Mario, and see who'd really win that. B)

    • Jathavan

      I love Mario, maybe a little bit more than Mario. but still we all know Link will win, like comon! Mario jumps on his enemies, while link stabs, bombs, shoots his enemies.. a little difference?!

      • pizzaco

        You forgot Mario shoots firebals and can also deal some punches with his fists. ;p lol

        (I'm SOOO gonna get thumbed down for this but w/e) πŸ˜›

        • Wolf5297

          Smash Bros, anyone?

          3DS = Very cool!

        • Fireballs? Fists? Pfffft. Link can block them both with his shield. πŸ˜‰

          • Punnutty

            But mario can turn into a giant, a ha but link has the triforce the posibilaties are endless. But if there is a card with a dalek on it they have no chance of survival.

          • Chad

            so can link with the giants mask. He can also turn into multiple species, swim like a fish, use magic, play several instruments shoot lasers out of his sword, ride a horse, fight more powerful enemies that don't die in three hits, use multiple weapons (one being a fire arrow which is as good as or better than mario's fireballs which can't be aimed and have a life of their own) he can also solve puzzles smash pots, milk cows, travel to alternate dimension/ worlds. Use the triforce, round up goats, fish, turn into a wolf, wear different clothes, and he is reincarnated throughout history!
            I'd like to see Mario try that stuff. =D

          • Kam_Fakami

            Mario's worn costumes that give him the powers of multiple species, swam like a fish, used magic, play music, shot lasers, rode a dinosaur, fought enemies that don't die in three hits, used multiple power-ups, solved puzzles, smashed pots, probably milked a cow in a some Mario Party game, traveled to an alternate reality, used the Firebrand, has fished, worn many clothes, and is reborn every time he misses a jump.

          • Oxling

            Many of those points are true to Zelda…

          • Endre

            Mario gets Starman. Mario runs into Link. Mario wins. Simple as that.

          • Krimboelf

            Link can just use Nayru's Love until Mario's starman powers run out.

          • Also, Link can play the Song of Time to go back to the point before Mario can get the Starman, and Link grabs it for himself while Mario is mentally preparing himself for the jump.

          • Paffe

            Link FISHES using a BOTTLE!
            FISHING with BOTTLE!
            Have Mario ever fished with a bottle? Don't think so.

          • THE JOE

            Mario could use his flying hat thingy (from good ol' mario 64) and drop bob-ombs from the sky killing Link, but wait! Link had a fairy. Link shoots mario with ice arrows then fire arrows melting him, but wait! Mario had an extra life and then Mario eats a mushroom and gets all big and stuff then link puts on fierce deity mask . . . . fierce deity mask? oh Mario is screwed.

          • Punnutty

            Ah but you can't destroy the Daleks. and you cannot play with time. Link will be exterminated, mwuhahahahaha.

          • Punnutty

            also I did say the posibilatys are endless.

          • Chad

            the fact that he needs to be reborn so many times just proves how mu ch of a fail Mario is.

          • Kam_Fakami

            Seeing as Link has to go through it too, I'd say they both fail.

          • Chad

            There's a difference Mario dies and gets extra lives link gets one and after that he's gone unless you have a fairy also mario only kicks and jumps to defeat enemies link has to use all of his items.

          • Etsuko

            You just made my day. πŸ˜€

    • MrFlox888

      Link would cut Mario's neck off!

      • Punnutty

        Ok Link would kill mario easy and the dalek would be destroyed by the triforce the end.

    • kitty0706

      dude Mario vs sonic vs link vs Samus Aran that would be great other than the fact that u can already do that in brawl so i guess in a way u can just do it in brawl and does any1 know when super smash bros dojo comes out please reply to my reply

  • Phantom7

    Wow, these are actually really awesome! I wonder how many of these Nintendo will make for us to collect.

  • Derpman



  • Even if it is a gimmick, these still look wicked cool! Check out the Nintendo World Report video after this one (should be the very last one on the slider), it includes sound and gives you a better idea of what these cards can really do!

  • I think that’s a cool idea….. possibly something to do when you’re really bored.

  • mario_master

    i would love to see a match up between nintendo’s big 4: Mario Link, Samus, and of course Pikachu.

  • STUFF2o

    This would also be pretty cool with Miis. It'd be fun to have a little version of me running around on my desk.

    • csilvernail

      You CAN do that =D

      • mcdude910

        But can you have the miis travel in your camera instead of a plaza?


    Action Replay?

    Just kidding, looks pretty cool.

  • Zettobi

    I actually got the chance to play the 3DS a couple of days ago, the AR cards are awesome! Even though they only had the "?" one.
    It was still pretty awesome, it's so much better in real life than the video though XD

  • Hylian Phoenix

    That's sweet!! i can't wait to see the Link, Mario, and Pikmin ones!

  • goronbot

    pretty awesome but if one of us get it we need to have
    a lot of hope that we get a link one other than that I would love to
    have one

    • Eric

      I thought that all six cards come with the system…

  • OoXed!



    *glass breakes, cars flip over on the road, buildings topple over and into rubble, and the Fat Lady drops dead from exertion*

  • MrFlox888

    How did they come up with that?! It's amazing!!!

  • csilvernail

    I wonder if you can buy more cards in stores and you get these free?

  • Anomynous

    Pa Pow Mario vs. Zelda vs. Samus vs. Kirby vs. The Pikmins vs. The Question mark block? Who Will Win ? We will never know until Febuary 27 and march 27. Dont miss this wonderful opprotunite to see who will win the Nintendo Championships!!!! *whispers* im going for Link.

    • Etsuko

      Amen, brother.

  • Double Lagg

    esa tecnologia ya se utilizaba en japon, en el PSP me sorprende que la traigan a america alegando que sea nueva, mal mal NOA … mal mal

    aun asi YO QUIERO!!! πŸ˜€

  • anonymouse

    That guy's hands look nasty

  • Etsuko

    That is ridiculously cool. I can't wait to see the Link one. <3

  • protorpop

    I played the game that guy in the picture played ;3

  • btkatch

    Can we get that font Nintendo uses for the question mark on the ? AR Card?

  • Ian Roniel

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