In this week’s mailbag, Jason makes fun of Cody’s accent, and Ganondorf is Edward Cullen.

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  • dark_link121

    what do you think about the remake of Ocarina of Time?

  • Hey does anyone know why it's called Ganondorf is a Vampire?

    • ChainofTermina

      beats me. and then in the description it says Gannon is Edward Cullen. well, which is it? is he a vampire, or Edward Cullen? I mean, it's not as if those two things are related…… all…….in the slightest………….

      • ChainofTermina

        and for the record, vampires are still cool. they aren't overused. they're just overused as sappy melodramatic angsty romantic depressed crybaby sexually attractive-football-player-looking boys. but vampires themselves, yeah they're still cool.

  • Google Says


  • Chad

    Actually the fact that he gets beaten time and time again makes him NOT badass. He has shown up in too many games already and he should honestly not appear in SS

    • spaceace76

      why not? they're covering the origins of the master sword, which was supposedly created to kill Ganondorf. there is a LOT nintendo hasn't told us about him, let alone the imprisoning war story. It's safe to say that Ganon isn't going anywhere for a while, and that's really not a bad thing…

      • Oxling

        It was not created to kill Ganondorf. It was before Ganondorf's time. Noob.

  • Chancellor_Cole

    Great Sea a cappella version at the end was awesome!

  • TheRose

    Naaaw Jason is cute :3

  • Jason, I really love your little acapella things you've been adding onto the end of the mailbags. Heh. I'd like to hear the whole thing!

    • Jason Rappaport

      Oh, when I learn how to do picture in picture crap with videos, you will. I just ordered a brand new microphone! 😀 <3 coming in two days.

      • I just got really excited =D

  • shadownin

    Gannondorf was killed at the end of wind waker. He lost the triforce of power, was stabbed in the head with the master sword, turned into stone, and buried under a thousand feet of water there is noway he is coming back after that.

    • Jack

      except he definately will be, despite all of that. Which is the dissappointing thing 🙁

    • Subrosian

      I agree, but he hasn't been killed in the other timeline… Probably… And he definitely wasn't dead before OoT.

      • dragonchi26

        also lets not forget that SS is supposedly before any other Zelda game, so Ganondorf/Ganon can very easily be alive at this time.

        • Subrosian

          Exactly my point.

    • Punnutty

      Ganondorf is comming back he always comes back he's like the Master only more insane.

  • Jason, you are a bloody aweful impersonator, but you sure do crack me up! Can't wait to see your "triumphant return." ;P

  • vick

    ganondorf is a dork just like all of you doofus, you sit around doing jack shit then some green wearing faggot girl comes in and kick your ass. the worst part is the kid is only ten years old.

    • Actually, Link is a computer-generated character, and mankind hasn't yet figured out a way to project material images. So, we as players control Link, though the experience does feel real enough when we do play, as if he could possibly come alive. Did you feel the same when you played Ocarina of Time, Erim? 😛

  • Zelda777

    Ganon… tenyear? Ya probably and Bowser to.

  • veeronic

    I have you know we hate twilight, but yeah I could use a tan.

  • veeronic

    personally I say turned to stone always has potential for revival… but than again… sword in the head… hmmm, so titles in the future timeline who the hell knows could be either way, but as for ss…

    four swords adventures stated that ganon was “an ancient evil reborn” what exactly that means would depend on their meaning of “ancient” so it could easily mean as far back as SS but if that is the case than I doubt he’ll be human, at least not entirely.
    otherwise it probably would be maladus or someone we’ve never seen before…

    hmm… but than again I suppose this would be around the time the fused shadow tribe showed up….