Extra goodies enclosed!

With the 3DS release just over a month away for the non-Japanese population, what all will come in the box with the 3DS console? Well, we can assume the console, the AC adapter, and the instruction manual will all be there but there are some other, somewhat surprising, stuff inside. Hit the jump to see what new features the latest portable gaming console has to offer!

The 3DS stylus is different from the previous ones used. This stylus is an adjustable one. You can have the standard fit in the console size or adjust it out to a full pen size length. No need to worry about losing your larger length stylus!

Something totally new to the DS family is the docking station. With this cradle, you can keep your 3DS in sleep mode to download updates and such from the internet like you can with the Wii.

The 3DS will also come packed with a 2GB SD memory card. You can use this SD card to store your photos, sound recordings created on the 3DS, and music from your PC like with the DSi, just with a nice little change made. Music files supported are AAC (like with the DSi) and MP3. That’s right, you don’t have to convert your MP3 files! The SD card of course can also be used  to store games downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo 3DS system has SDHC card compatibility to increase your storage space even further for those that will use it for just about anything.

But that is not all! Look for an up-coming news post relating to the pre-installed programs and other software. It’ll be sure to knock your socks off!

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  • That's awesome! I wonder, though: Could you download music, say Zelda music, from there and save it on the SD card, or another memory feature apart of the 3DS? Has that been confirmed?

    • cresent soul

      you can do that with many other devices, not really a point for the 3DS having it unless you want it to play while playing other games (then again, I'd prefer to listen to the music that's made for the game I'm playing). Either that, or you want convenience which I don't think is worth it for installing music systems.

      • Yeah, but what if you don't have the game you want at that time–or no game, for that matter? I wouldn't buy a 3DS just so it could collect dust, though it does have many other cool features. Howbeit, I was only curious.

        • mcdude910

          You can just download music onto your computer, then save it onto the SD card via the computer, then put the SD card into the 3DS and listen to the music on the 3DS. Not meaning to sound like you don't know anything. I'm just making sure.

          • No problem. Thanks, man. This is just what I wanted to know. Appreciate it.

  • Adam

    There, meaning what?

  • cresent soul

    Those stylus look really nice. And the charging dock looks good too.

    Do want.

  • Wow, a doc station? That sounds good to me! I like the thought of that.

    • DarkOwl

      To be honest I think it'll be a bit of a novelty and an inconvenience. I once had a PDA with a docking station, but most of the time it just took up space on my desk, whereas all other chargers could be wrapped up and kept in a drawer. But am I missing a trick?

      • Hmm. I suppose you're right about that. I wonder though, will the doc station be just an option and we still have a regular charger, or are they changing it for good so that the station is the only thing we can use to charge it up?

  • Walweegee

    The adjustable stylus is gonna be neat, my hands are about to get to big for a normal ds stylus. Plus now with the docking station i can just eat dinner while downloading something without worrying that the 3ds will run out of power. Hope March 27th comes fast cause i can't sleep with the thought of having it in my head

  • Phantom7

    Doc station is a fantastic idea! And I love the fact that it comes with an SD card so I don't have to go out and buy one. 😀

  • Hero of Winds 2

    The docking station is perfect for Sleep Mode, because the battery life may not last the night without it if you leave it on Sleep Mode. Plus, I usually have to search around the house for my AC adapter, but the docking station will stay right at my bedside.

  • EJade

    Excitement get! I cannot wait to get mine!

  • DahremRuhar

    A 2GB SD card? All the more reason to buy the 3DS. (I could use another SD card for my Brawl Hacks).

    • Brawl hacks? Do you also have the Fierce Deity Link customization?

  • Etsuko

    I'm so psyched right now. Not that I'll be able to afford it, but…

  • partyboy3543

    WOW! it seem that this will be alot better than any other handheld system out there.

  • TwiliMidona

    The cradle and mp3 compatibility are the changes I can't wait to have

  • I'm glad that for once Nintendo is actually including everything you might need for the system in one box. Aside from a game, of course, but at least that makes sense. Back when I bought a GameCube, I remember having to buy about 8 things seperately…

  • Awesome! That size of memory is equal to the one on my Wii! This is basically a walking Wii concole

  • Paffe

    And that's it! I'm buying a 3ds! (I was actually sceptical at first. No idea why!)

  • Anomynous

    Aren't you forgetting the six augment reality cards? If you dont believe me look at the gamestop website.

  • Hylian Phoenix

    The charging dock is so cute! And the stylus is back in the back, it's a lot better than me having for put my hand all the way across the DS/i to pull the stylus out, when they only catered to righties :p

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