More information concerning the Nintendo 3DS seems to be coming in every day. According to Nintendo, the first system updates for the 3DS are scheduled to be released in late May. What does this mean for those getting a 3DS right at the release date?

It means that the internet browser, the friends list, the eShop, and the DSi/3DS ware transfers won’t be available until this update is completed (though the time of the update may vary by region, as Nintendo Europe has made quite different time promises). Now let me touch base a bit with each of these sections I have mentioned.

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Internet Browser/Friend List

So far, it looks like the internet browser will operate about same as the current DSi system. However, new features have been implemented to include your Friend List. Instead of a different Friend Code for each game, you will have one friend code for each console system. Also, you will be able to track the status of your friends on the Friend List. Just like when a friend on your IM contact list signs in or updates his/her status, you will be able to use this feature on the 3DS as well.

Once you register your friends, you can see if they are online, in other words, whether they are connected to the internet, the software they are playing and the short messages they enter…Of course, you can choose to independently determine if you are willing to notify whether or not you are online and if you are willing to disclose which software you are playing with. In addition, when a friend of yours comes online while you are playing a game at a Wi-Fi access point, the Notification LED blinks in orange.

Nintendo eShop

The new eShop is basically a revamp of the Nintendo’s current Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop. Changes will hopefully make this area more easily navigated and easier to just browse around.

At Nintendo eShop, we will sell Virtual Console software, Nintendo DSiWare playable with the compatibility of Nintendo 3DS and new Nintendo 3DS software developed for download. As we already showed you in the previous conference, in addition, we will distribute the classic games with a new 3D look, called “3D Classics.”

DSi to 3DS Transfers

Once the eShop is up and running, you will be able to transfer some of your content from your DSi to your 3DS.

In addition, to prepare for when consumers purchase a new Nintendo 3DS, we are planning to make it possible in the future for consumers to collectively transfer the software bought through Nintendo eShop on one Nintendo 3DS system to another Nintendo 3DS system even though the total number of transfers shall be limited.

Source: Nintendo’s Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing