At Nintendo’s Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing, new details regarding various games, equipment and software updates were presented. One of these, of course, was related to Skyward Sword.  Here is what the Japanese President of Nintendo had to say:

Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo said that he had a strong feeling that the new play control realized by Wii MotionPlus, which is now integrated into our Wii Remote as Wii Remote Plus, could significantly expand the comfort of the game play, especially when used in games like “The Legend of Zelda.”  His team is now entering into the final completion stage of Skyward Sword.
Talking about The Legend of Zelda franchise, what people called a masterpiece in the days of Nintendo 64, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” has been in the process of being remade for Nintendo 3DS, and this Nintendo 3DS version is expected to hit the market earlier.

So there you have it. Skyward Sword will be released after Ocarina of Time 3DS which is after E3. With this year being The Legend of Zelda franchise’s 25th anniversary, I speculate that Skyward Sword will be released this fall.

Source: Nintendo’s Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
  • TheMaverickk

    Honestly it was going to be either early this year (March-early April) or it would be pushed far back into the fall for Christmas.

    Honestly I think the background reasoning here is that Nintendo doesn't have any other big players this year. Skyward Sword is literally probably going to be the biggest title, and one of the few released by Nintendo themselves. Unless they have some secret surprises planned for E3 this year.

    Truth is the are going to be pre-occupied with the 3DS launch and support this year so I don't see them focusing on the Wii much. Hell there's even the possibility that they will announce the Wii successor this E3 to boot. although highly unlikely… I think next year will be the year for that.

    Either way OoT 3D will fill the void before Skyward Swords launch.

    • They just revealed two more first-party titles along with this: Pandora's Tower and Kirby Wii. And they claim there are more Wii titles that just haven't been announced yet.

    • Shadowknight1

      Actually, in that same thing, they hinted at a new Kirby game as well as hints at a Pokemon game for the Wii(PLEASE BE A REAL POKEMON GAME!) and a game called Pandora's Tower.

      Not to mention that The Last Story looks promising, assuming the dub doesn't get screwed up like Arc Rise Fantasia's.

  • Blizzeta93

    Gold Wii anyone?

    • QueenxLink


    • There better be one. then there will have been true reason for me to have held out on buying a Wii for so long

      • Shaelyn

        you're not alone.

    • Blizzeta93

      I figure they will do something similar to what they did for Mario.
      A gold Wii/Wiimote(with motion plus)
      Skyward Sword,
      Wii sports of course and
      The Original Legend of Zelda installed.

    • Erimgard Frodnonag

      Gold WiiWiii? I'm in!

      Who wants to give me 1 million $'s so that I can Black Market this for ye all? I'll sell it all in a cond!

  • Phantom7

    According to the information in the source, it's only expected that OoT3D will hit the market earlier, not confirmed. Although, I wouldn't count on SS being released before OoT3D at this rate.

  • SuperTriforce

    So it may be out some time between summer holidays and christmas break I guess.

    • cresent soul

      well if both come out this year in all their glory then that's just awesome for me. So what if it's a couple of months late, at least we arne't waiting a whole extra year for them. Gotta be happy to be a zelda fan right now, can never have too much patience IMO.

  • My initial reaction to this announcement: o______o

    BUT, after thinking it over I don't mind. I can be patient. I've waited this long so far, so what's another few months? The game will satisfy no matter when it comes out. It's going to be awesome and that's all that matters.

    • After all, it's only been six months since the initial reveal. =)

      • And those 6 months have been 6 looooong months. 6 more long months and I'll die of anticipation.

    • cresent soul

      though since the game was announced last year, it'll be a little over a year since the announcement to the date of release, that's pretty good. So it means we won't be overspoilt (hoperfully) and neither over-hyped when we play the game which is a very very good thing.

  • ChainofTermina

    Okay, call me paranoid, but I'm starting to smell another TP.

    • They never said "we're in the final stages" before TP was delayed, though. Did they?

      • ChainofTermina

        I guess not. I don't know, I guess I'm being too skeptical.

        • DDA

          You guys..they know what mistakes they made in TP..they wont dissapoint again

    • cresent soul

      yes, that's very paranoid behanvour. Seriously, the game was first revealed last year, we haven't go even the first release date yet and don't know much about the game yet. It's actually feels like the opposite of what TP was. TP cam out full throttle with max hype, release date and all and had delay after delay. We've yet to get a delay for this game, let alone a release date to delay. So yes, you are very paronoid my friend and I suggest you through away any expectation period.

      • Ghettolink

        But at the same time, I get what he's trying to say. People everywhere were just recently claiming that Nintendo had said that Skyward Sword was going to come out somewhere in the early 2011. All of a sudden, OH, it's in the summer time." And you never know what could happen once it hit summer, "OH, it's in December. Huh, you thought it was going to come out this summer????……weeeeee neverr saaaid thaat!…." So now when people or Nintendo claims a season that Zelda game is to come out, I never take them seriously anymore. More than likely, when they name the season they feel like it's going to come out, I'd skip the season after that.

  • TrustMe101

    *sigh* I guess I can wait longer… But the longer they take, the more stuff they put in, so the game is more enjoyable! 😀 I'm not gonna wait for the prices to go down this time – I'm buying it the SECOND it comes out or else I'll be dying with curiosity!

    • cresent soul

      what's wrong with waiting a couple of months, not like they delayed it for the 10th time, actually they haven't even delayed it technically. We haven't even ever got a release date for this game. It was only shown last year, have no idea why people are tired of waiting when we haven't really been waiting too long.

      • TrustMe101

        Haha, that's true… But I can be pretty impatient, and I've spoiled all the Zelda games that I've played by looking it up, so I don't want to to be tempted to spoil this one again!

  • Rew

    I pretty much figured this is how it would go.

    My prediction is that OoT 3D will be released in August and SS in November just before the holidays.

  • wiiman445

    its funny how gamestop had dat november 2 release date 2

  • "…and this Nintendo 3DS version is expected to hit the market earlier."

    Keyword: "expected".

    • cresent soul

      That sentence is too vague to make anything out of it. I think it best for all of us to leave the thought of zelda's release date behind and stop speculating. It's only official when we get the world from NoA. None of these magnifying glass business everyone, pleeeeease.

  • Lach Menel

    I am tired of speculations. I'm ready for some cell shaded goodness or 3D remake awesome! Nintendo has both up their sleeves, so let the people play!

    • cresent soul

      about time someone said it. Can we all just shut it about release dates and stop whinging and predicitng and whinging some more. It's boring and making the waiting that much more irritating. Just talking about the good stuff, not the annoying stuff, jeez.

  • Mrbaconsock


    • cresent soul

      you okay there mate?

  • Livefodog

    There was a text dump comparison, and the new Oot 3ds version is identical to the old one, meaning not even any new text will be added, let alone any new features or even easter eggs..

    ..Just what was wrong with all the improvements they made to mario 64 with the DS version- wasn't that an even better game?

    Why'd they decide not to do even ONE new thing with the OOT remake?!

    • Shadowknight1

      How can there be a text dump of a game that isn't even out?

    • TrustMe101

      You can't know that they didn't put new stuff in, it hasn't even come out yet! And this is Nintendo, I'm sure they've got something different up their sleeves.

    • Erimgard Frodnonag

      ..I guess the kiddies here haven't heard of a "leak" before.

      -It's how piraters have even gotten a hold of games and freely distributed ROMs of them illegally before the game was even shipped out yet!

      ..Amazing stuff, eh? I know I'M always excited about it!!!

      • Dennab Nonnag

        No, we sure haven't, and nor do we care…so, yuh, go suck on your pipeweed and blow into the night sky, reflecting on your life, wishing you could be someone greater.

        Rofl time. Yummy! Rhymes with waffles, which I <3!

  • Well I kind of knew it. Hopefully though it will be early in the fall.

  • X x7

    Well then, at least that gives us more time to save up our money. Waiting this long, this game should at least blow my socks off, if not my underwear.

  • Twilit_Dragon

    it says at gamestop that release date for Skyward Sword is November 2, 2011

  • QueenxLink

    Fall?! UGH. Let's just hope that we'll probably get a golden Wii or something for Zelda's 25th Anniversary! Go Link!! ♥

  • zeldanut

    yeah… wtf happened to the 1st quarter 2011 SS release!? I may not have a Wii after this summer… 🙁

    • cresent soul

      no, not this whinging thing again. Can people please act a bit more positive, stop being spoil children! No one cares if you gonna sell your wii, stop announcing it dam it.

      • "crescent soul"

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        • txter

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  • Scrivs

    …what will quell my urges to play LoZ…

  • Mr. Poajn

    Well, lets put it this way, guys:

    At least Zelda isn't being released on VALVE time.

    • cresent soul

      This is far far better than what Valve is capable of. We haven't even go even one delay for SS, it hasn't even got a release date yet. It really isn't that bad at all, just a few months more than the desired goal, that's nothing!!!

  • rogue

    well this really sucks!! nintendo really needs to get better at putting release dates on their games. ya i said it, nintendo needs to get better at things, your not perfect you know

    • cresent soul

      Nintnedo didn't actually put a release date on SS yet. Early 2011 was just a goal, not official by any means and definately not a date. So the game hasn't even been delayed yet. Remember the game has only been announced last year, so it really isn't as bad as nintendo make it out as. It's by no means anything like TP or definately not anything of Valve magnitude delaying.

  • Well, if they're going to delay it yet again, then they'd better at least have a trailer to keep us interested. Rather than the hype we experienced prior to TP's release, I now feel like we're feeling nothing at all. But I'm sure the void will be filled when we get the game. 8]

    • Erimgard Frodnonag

      So, without a zelda game your life's just an "empty void" that needs filling?

      Life: some have one, others need Zelda to compensate without…

      • Life: some have one, others need trolling to compensate without.

        Yeah, that's right. I can turn any point you've made around and give you a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to your arrogant face, Troll. And actually, no stupid, my life doesn't revolve around video games; there are plenty of other activities to "fill" it. It's obviously yours that needs *filling,* because you come on here and try to traduce others when you have no knowledge of them.

        Move your mouse over my profile pic, read the last bit of my decription (off to the right), and learn who to pick fights with. XP

        • Erimgard Frodnonag

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            Yes, Harry Potter is better–the movies and the books. I just haven't updated that fact yet. But thanks for pointing that out!

            And actually, my pseduonym wasn't "self-declared." One of the other members noticed my dexterity in putting that kind down and he called me the "Troll-Slayer." So the name stuck. You like?

            Nah, no probs. All in a day's work. 😛

  • I'm not surprised at all to hear this, but hey it's a Zelda game. There's a reason why establishments in the series take so long to make (as compared to Mario games, for example): It's because Zelda is so cherished by us, the fans, that Nintendo has to consistently make sure to not only raise the bar for us after each game, but that it stays consistent with the standard of excellence found in the other games!

    So yeah, we have to wait a bit longer, so what? We're Zelda fans, we're used to this! It only makes the moment when you first pop the game into your Wii even sweeter! =)

  • Silver Scale

    WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • truth

    Its funny how even when you expect something to happen, and it does, you still can be surprised and disappointed.

    Oh well. All i can say is, they better make it good. Slashing up and down or side to side is a cool gimmick, but it aint a full game. I need elaborate, artistic environments to explore. I need towns with more than 4 people living in them to talk to. I need bosses that arent so easy my dog can beat them without using a potion. I need mini-games by the dozen. I need day/night cycles and weather effects that change the entire mood of areas when revisited at different times. I need classic music. TP was great, but it was very half finished feeling. I dont ever want that again in a Zelda. It was a SEVERE disappointment.

    • TrustMe101

      A weather cycle would be way cool! I was also disappointed with the Castle Town in TP because there was hardly anyone you could actually talk to and not very much stuff to do. I absolutely loved Majora's Mask and the Wind Waker because they had TONS of side quests! It made the overworld seem so much more massive.

  • cresent soul

    Why are people acting like its being delay for the 10th time, it hasn't even been delayed once yet. We haven't even gotten a date yet. We haven't seen the final build of the game yet.

    Do we all know we just saw the game less than a year ago, and know there's delay rage already?

    Are we becoming less and less mature over time? Where is the patience?!?! Too many of us are acting like stupid spoilt children, really some people need to grow up and stop the whinge-fest!

    • Ghettolink

      Lol I'll admit we are acting like a spoil brat, especially me, because that's how bad I really want the game. However; I just don't like how Nintendo tries to first convince me it's coming in the early 2011 (spring), and then deciding to put it in the summer time as if they never claimed early spring. That's like a girl leading you on and saying "I'll go out with you next year, around spring." And then stating "Oh no, I'll date you in the summer time." It's like …….no..noo…noooo! You can't do thaat!

  • mistertc73

    it is no surprise at all to me that it would come out at the very end of the year. Notice this; if november it will be very early.

    • Blizzeta93

      Why not make it Christmas…with a golden Wii to boot.

  • ShadowofLight

    Run Ocarina of Time, run for your life! Skyward Sword is coming after you 8-|

  • Steahl

    Cresent your acting like a child yourself.

    Anyway I officially am tired Nintendo fan boys. Do you think Nintendo would pay attention to whining and boycott threats? No because they millions of people who actually spend money they WORKED for to buy a Wii.

    However, I understand the reactions. It has been nearly five years since a Zelda game was released for a console. But complaining just doesn’t help.

    So, can you guys please stop spamming the comments section with whining?

    Thank you,

  • wiiman445

    but after which release of oot 3d this could mean that ss is not coming out at the same time worldwide because oot 3d is expected to come to japan in spring 2011 this would mean a june july release of ss for japan and a august september release for the states

  • Google Says

    His team is now entering into the final completion stage of Skyward Sword.

    Must be epic final completion thingies implemented into it then =P

    • ShadowofLight

      I've heard, right after E3 2010.
      Maybe if you spam Nintendo with a picture of a cute bunny, it may end up somewhere in the game as a bonus feature when you start the second quest. -_- There's still time…

  • Erimgard Frodnonag

    Why shoudln't I be surprised? Nintendo, actually shelving something at the appointed time! HAH! THAT'S RICH!

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    • MJG

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  • Skyward Sword, Arkham City, Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, ICO/SotC collection, and a few 3DS titles (especially Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64).

  • GRECOSouppperModel

    oh my effin goodness… Im gonna tear someones hair out!…. they make us wait far too damn long! arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woof woof :/~

  • mario_master

    WOW! what is with the war going on here? look people i understand your anxiety over the new zelda game but be rational. the game will come out very soon. (my guess is right after e3.) also if people forgot the only reason why TP was delayed was because it was being remade for the wii and wanted them to come out at the same time. also who would waste 6 years to create a disapointment like TP?

  • Vic George

    Please don't let this game turn into Legend Of Zelda Forever, if you know what I mean.

  • hello

    I speculate The Legend of Zelda Skyward will release on October 1, 2011.

    • Hylian Phoenix

      Just like Phantom Hourglass?

  • cresent soul

    zelda sucks anyways you nerd losers, COD is way better

    • Shadowknight1

      You come onto a ZELDA news site just to say it sucks and that a FPS is better when they're not even the same genre so it makes no sense to say one's better than the other. Real mature.

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  • cresent soul

    zelda sucks anyways nerd losers, COD is way better

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  • MJG

    I can wait, I waited almost a year, And a true TLOZ fan won't care about the graphics. But if they make Link and Zelda Kiss or anything, it will be a shocker & a disappointment for me.
    They said "it ain't gonna be like the original TLOZ games.." I hope they don't change it to much.