In this hilarious skit by the people at College Humor, Princess Peach and Princess Zelda catch up in a diner comparing their kidnappings, their villains, and their heroes. And everything is not what it seems. This video asks, “Would you rather be trapped in a castle or a relationship?”

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Source: College
  • OoTfanatic

    This is one of the funniest videos ever! Especially with those little extra bits like 'Swear to Nayru' and the fact that Peach was hiding in the basement of the first castle. Poor Link, little does he know that his love is actually false.

    • Zarco

      Take that, Zelink!

  • ChainofTermina

    This had a few funny bits, and I know it was all done in good fun and it was just a joke and it was just for innocent laughs. I'm aware of all that. but I'm sorry, I just hate these kinds of videos. these weird jokes that imply that Zelda or Peach just see their rescuers as nuisances and they would rather with the bad guy. like they're some kind of self pitying masochists or something. and this one especially, Zelda and Peach seemed like a couple of shallow gossipy southern-California/Florida-reality show girls. I'm pretty sure the princesses of Hyrule and Mushromm Kingdom are a little more dignified than the Kardashians or The Hills or Jersey Shore or whatever.

    I didn't want to sound like a douche but I guess I have. I'm sorry, I apologize for being such a wet blanket, but I'm just so sick of these weird shallow illogical jokes that imply that Zelda prefers being "slapped on the ass" (both literally and metaphorically) by Ganon and thinks Link is this weird annoying kid.

    again, I know this is just supposed to be an innocent joke and I respect that, but I just don't find this funny. it's just stupid, like something Family Guy would do. and lord knows we really need MORE Family Guy style comedy in this world. Once again, I'm sorry for being such a douche, but it's just my opinion on these types of jokes.

    • Nah, I kind of see your point. Comedy like this can be rather bland after a while.

      Although, I'm a collegehumor fan so I thought it was funny, even if I didn't agree with the implications. XD

    • Elienkae

      I agree completely. Maybe I'm just too serious when it comes to Zelda, but I hate it when a character, who in my mind is noble and honorable, is portrayed like this.

    • Ari

      Yeah, it has a funny gag but (like you said) the portrayals are kind of like a sort of (sorry) b***h. If the characters weren't as built upon or built on a sort of way I could have found it funnier.

      • I can see where your coming from. I had a few laughs but I still kind of dislike it. I can see that opinion that Link is being disrespected, which he shouldn't be, and that Zelda is just a part of the video game which she's really not because she is more than just a character for me. As for peach I really didn't understand since I haven't played the first Mario (but am planning to) and thus I didn't really get any laughs out of Peach.

    • Guest

      I see your point, that kinda on humor isn't for everyone.

    • No need to apologize at all, Chain; if you spoke truth about it then you're being sincere, not a "wet blanket," or worse. Yeah, I agree that some of this took both franchises way out of context, but I can appreciate a few of the jokes (like the "castle basement" one). It is good to know these aren't the facts of reality–that the villains don't get the girls in the end.

    • LoZyMugglegater

      You have just spoken my mind ChainofTermina.I totally agree,and I don't think it could have ever been said more perfectly.Here's to the 7th thumbs up on your comment!

    • QueenxLink

      Mmhm! Here's another thumbs up for ya!

  • Thareous

    Haha! Now imagine a conversation between Mario and Link. ;D

  • aeolus

    meh, it wasn't really that funny, its all been joked about before, and it is painful seeing Zelda this way, haha. Its funny with Peach most of the time, because Mario games are just so ridiculous… but Zelda could kick Ganon's ass! haha. And the execution of the jokes wasn't very good, and the actual jokes were kind of lame… I expected more out of something from College Humor, at least from what I've seen of them

  • Anom

    Hmm I wonder what would happen if Link And Mario Found Out about this.

    • mcdude910

      This is the kind of comment that spawns crappy fan fic sequels. The point is that they won't find out about it. You're supposed to leave it at that.

  • ???

    Not to be disrespectful or anything but what happened to the ZU poll and mailbag?!

    • ZU must have something planned for it. Guess time will tell, though.

      And it's back up. S'pose you were heard.

      • Chad

        I think he meant them posting them because it's been two weeks since the mailbag and several months since the last poll anyway the news they've been posting lately is fine for me so I'm happy please no one give me any down thumbs thanx!!! =D

  • Haha! This is awesome. Now imagine a conversation between Mario and Link (our *silent* protagonist):

    Mario: Let's a-go getta pizza!

    Link: …

    Mario: With lottsa pepperoni!

    Link: …

    Mario: And a-Romano cheese on top! Okiedokie?

    Link……………………………….(finally grunts affirmatively).

    • QueenxLink

      LOL LINK! That was funny XD Aww Mario and his funny Italian self… 😀

  • TrustMe101

    I laughed at "I hid in the BASEMENT!! :D"

  • Cristian Lopina

    they never check the obvious places…NEVER!! its always go and search the entire place
    but slap that ass Ganondorf!

  • Gamma

    I love this video. It's absolutely hilarious!

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  • Ulises

    Lol! that was just so funny!

  • Hylian Pheonix

    Lol, that was so funny!
    I liked how they all got jewelry for every game xD

  • he he this is epic and is gannondorf an asian like from my country?

    • You Fail At Life

      Why are you on an English site if you're Asian? No one in Zelda is Asian. Apparently, you don't pay attention. Zelda has their own races. In Zelda, you're either Hylian, or something else. In this case, Ganondorf is something else. His race is a Gerudo.

      • Chad

        That's really uncalled for he was talking about the person in the video no need to jump all over him

  • Haha, I really needed a good laugh after a long work day. My only question: did I really just see Bowser wearing a MUSTACHE!? rofl

  • Chukazurikyri

    I liked it. It was funny and fairly well thought out. The only thing i didnt like was the way the girls acted. That kind of superficial "im so everything" girl is really quite annoying and bothersome to me.

    • Chad

      If you think about it it's funnier that way. This way they can separate the actual mario and Legend of zelda from this comedy version also I think adding a superficial version of the princesses makes the whole thing less realistic. The thing about comedy is taking it as a separate thing from what they are making fun of and taking it as some fresh perspective that you can see where it comes from in the actual game. Don't down thumb me I'm only expressing my opinion and I see where you're coming from! Thanx! =D

  • Merkku

    This made my day xD So funny! Old joke and all, but still funny.

  • You Fail At Life

    Lame. As expected out of College Humor when they make a video about Zelda or Mario.

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