As many of you know, the 3DS will hit sometime soon in early 2011. As we get closer to the release date, you can expect to hear a lot of rumors floating around, the latest of which would be that the highly anticipated remake of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS will be bundled with the console itself.

According to an employee working at Gamestop, there will be a “3DS with some sort of Zelda title” bundle for the console’s release, and the game it most likely would be is Ocarina of Time 3DS since it was the only Zelda game announced for that console. Just a reminder is that the bundle could be a little cheaper compared to buying both the 3DS console and the actual game separately.

However, at the moment there is no official announcement from Nintendo, even though it is common for Nintendo to bundle games with hardware (remember Mario Kart DS?). Until we learn the actual release date for the 3DS on January 19th, take all of this with a grain of salt – any bundle or number of bundles could exist or be planned for the 3DS’s release.

A side note worth mentioning: Gamestop has just begun taking pre-orders for the 3DS system in the US for $50. You can head to your local Gamestop if you plan on pre-ordering the console to guarantee you’ll have it, or you could wait until the official announcement for the price and release date next month during Nintendo’s 3DS preview event, which we all hope that it would showcase details and information of other titles like Skyward Sword.

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  • Ben K.

    Yay!!! I'm first to comment! Well I hope it's bundled with OoT. But I still think that mario kart 3DS is more likely. 🙂

    • Bitf Adict

      Sadly, your right. However, their might be different games bundeled with different models(or colors, whatever) of the 3DS. Didn't they do the same with the DS?

      • protolink

        Both the wrong you're and the wrong they're in one post. Impressive.

  • Hylian Pheonix

    I hope they do! Ocarina is amazing alone, to would make a lot more people play it if it was bundled too!

  • It would be awesome if they were bundled together. I'd be all for that.

    • Aura

      Well, I don't see why they wouldn't, they did with the N64 OoT.

    • Caleb

      I didn't know you could make a two-sentence-only comment! 😀

      • Only when I don't like to repeat former comments. ;P

  • Anomynous

    I hope its in march 28

    • keiferm


      • Anomynous


        • Anomynous

          Most likely its not because nintendo usually launch their consoles or games mostly on sunday

  • well i hope that it will be cheaper, because how it is looking the 3ds is going to be aroung £190 and that is not that cheap 🙁

  • I say the 3DS is bundled with Skyward Sword! Just kidding, there's no way they would bundle an incompatable game. But I do expect Skyward Sword to come out at least a month after the 3DS. They haven't even announced a release date.

    • Gerudo Link

      I had a dream that SS was playable on the 3DS….

      • alex23

        seriously dude thats funny, ive had wierd dumb dreams like that too.

        • anomynous

          great now i know im not the only one 🙂

      • keiferm

        Wish I Had Zelda Dreams…

  • Cristian Lopina

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Love zelda games only havnt played links awakining and oracle of ages/seasons. CANT WAIT TILL 3DS WITH OOT . Hope its bundled. really it should be.

    • mcdude910

      LA & OoX are great games! You should get them, they're pretty cheap. Also, I agree with you. 😛

    • ThatOneGuy

      The 3DS is going to have a Virtual Console like the Wii's for gameboy and gameboy color games, so will probably be able to play the oracle games soon, since it sounds like you're getting a 3DS anyway. 🙂

  • Spoon

    This being a release bundle makes it unlikely that the included 3DS will be zelda-theme, which would've been awesome.
    But I guess I can't complain, OoT was without a doubt the first game I was going to pick up (it's been 2 long years since I've played Master Quest, and 5 since I've last played Ocarina itself, I think I might start suffering from withdrawal soon). I was going to replay it this year but Nintendo had to go ahead and announce a remake, how dare they!

  • Subrosian

    Or he could've meant it'll have Link's Awakening pre-installed on the system… That would be lame though, so hopefully it is OoT3DS.

    • Lizzy

      that would be cool!

      • Bitf Adict

        It would be cool, but really, that's just some wishful thinking.

  • Lizzy

    I remeber my first ds….. a animal crossing bundle. oh goodie!

  • Z-MAN7

    That would be a very smart move for Nintendo. Packing in the remake of one of the most famous games of all time with the launch of the 3DS.

    I'd better preorder, cause I have a feeling this thing will fly off the store shelf as soon as the stores get them in stock

    • They will be if anyone pre-orders them 0_____________0.

  • OMG. If I can get it certainly with only a $50 pre-order then I could get it way cheaper than it's supposed to be and then I would just have to get the SD Card and some accessories+Ocarina of Time 3ds. I already have a pre-order of Skyward Sword so why not a 3ds if they're selling it for as much a Gameboy Advance SP these days.

    • Ok then. Will I have to pay the rest of the money I owed or all of the money plus the $50?

      • I wasn't talking about getting the game with the system anyways I was talking about Pre-ordering it then later on get the accessories.

      • ThatOneGuy

        That $50 will probably be taken off the price of the whole system, so you pay $50 less when you pick up the system at gamestop. The only reason they're making the price $50 is because the official price hasn't been announced yet.

  • Bitf Adict

    Sounds nice. To bad Christmas just pasted and my family's near broke. And besides, I'd rather save my money for Skyward Sword.

  • nick sloan

    I think that if they made mm that would be cool. And then put it in the bundle THAT would be something.

  • majorasmaslfan

    next year is the 25th aniversary of zelda so it probably will be bundeled with the triforce 3ds

  • Ben

    im not even gonna get the 3DS because i have ds that i almost never play

    • Bitf Adict

      You, my good sir, should not have done what you have done.

    • Ok first of all…. Why are you on this website if your going to post a bad comment? Second of all the 3DS isn't even close to what the original would is except for the stylus otherwise it's a totally new concept to gaming. Third of all what is the point of sharing this observation if it's pointless to everyone else. I think my point was proven critical.

  • linkdude101

    I think it's likely. Maybe Mario Kart is more realistic though. Or they might make a OoT bundle and a MK bundle! By the way, what happened with the Ocarina contest?

  • PollDaddy

    I wonder when the next MONTHLY POLL will be out! Only saying that it has almost been two months and there has only been one poll.

  • Aaron Reynolds

    As much as I love Zelda and I want to get this, I want a 3DS to bundle with kingdom Hearts 3D, though its not likely to happen, it is possible as last year the dsi bundled with days. I would get it anyways if it came bundled with Zelda OoT 3D, its gonna be so awesome, like the hype I had for Mario 64 DS, thats returned to me! I hope in this game youll be able to do alot more than you could do in the original, and yes im talking more items, and more sidequests! Please nintendo?

  • LoZyMugglegater

    I sure hope it is!And it would make sense what with the DSLite having been bundled with PH,all be it a little while after it had originally come out.

  • robotortoise

    Even for a rumor, this seems like a ridiculous source of information. I say this because most GameStop employees probably don't know much more than you or I would. Just because someone works for a gaming company doesn't mean they're exposed to insider information; they just work there. Unless the information source came from a Gamestop employee on the higher ring on the ladder (I'm talking about regional manager or above) they probaly won't have any exclusive, not publicly-released information. Point in case, a bundle does sound like a thing Nintendo might do to drum up 3DS sales.

    • AyKillsU

      Nobody gives a crap about your long-winded opinion, [email protected] BP

      • robotortoise

        …..You're kidding, right?

        This post was made ten months ago…. and besides, OOT3D ended up not being bundled with the 3DS.
        So….you need to do better fact-checking before you insult someone.

  • I got my DS when it was bundled with Super Mario 64 DS. Those were good times…

  • LuX

    Sorry if someone else mentioned this in a rush aint got time read comments 😛
    Has anyone thought that this 'bundle' could be a limited edition 3DS with OoT for Zelda's 25th? I don't expect massive like Mario, but is it really a coincidence that a OoT remake is looking to come out on Zelda's 25th? I think not. 😀

  • Subrosian

    I wish Nintendo would just go all out with the Zelda anniversary like they did with Mario (even though it won't happen). I hope at least they have a Zelda-themed 3DS.

  • X x7

    Wait, $50 for a pre-order, or $50 for pre-order plus buying it? If it's for buying it too, then I'm all for it.

  • Austin

    WOW 25 years… fist zelda I played was oot I was 5 watched my cousin beat ganon Ahhh good times now it have all the zelda manga and the 2 ds games and the collectors edition for GameCube and 4 swords for GameCube I even painted my room green i also have posters … If zelda dident exist I would not have played games

    • Bitf Adict

      WAIT…your 17? And that's your real spelling? I mean, i'm 12, so I do misspell words, but that was just lazy.

  • bobbby

    I’m not getting my hopes up as this is a rumor , but it would ve awesome. If it weren’t for zelda, I wouldn’t have evr become a nintendo fan. I can just picture myself now sitting in front of a tv playing call of duty and bragging to my equally dim-witted friends about shooting people for like 4 hours… Thanks for not making me a mindless shooter slave zelda! (although the metroid prime games were excellent)

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  • Aoishi

    :O -speechless- =D I wanna play that more than playing nothing. =D

  • David

    I wish… June 2nd? Can I wait that long?

  • I really hope they bundle OOT with the 3DS and that the 3DS has a special LoZ-print on it. I would certainly buy that!

  • jack davidson

    well there are making a bundle that has a kl new ocarina of time cover n links awakening with a kl silver 3ds with the hyrule crest on the front