Over the past year, Zelda Universe has been expanding far and wide. From our Facebook and Twitter pages to our popular Youtube account to our RSS feed to our iTunes presence to our Minecraft Multiplayer Server we’ve been branching out to create a widespread community all over the internet. So, what’s next? How about online gaming?

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launches tomorrow, and millions of people around the world will be starting new characters to explore the recreated Azeroth. This gives us the perfect opportunity to gather all of the Zelda fans to one particular server and establish a community there. That server is Malygos (US), and guilds have been set up for both Alliance and Horde – you can watch the video for more specifics.

If this is a success, we will continue to expand into the online gaming world, so if you’re one of the many millions who are picking up Cataclysm, head over to Malygos to do so, and we’ll see you there.

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