“Hi, fairy boy!!” Anyone who played Ocarina of Time had no doubt that the ranch girl, Malon, had a crush on Link. Two weeks ago, I took a look at the games to see if Nintendo hinted at a relationship between Link and Zelda. We certainly cannot neglect Link’s other possible love interests, however.

Indeed, Malon is a very popular choice for those who ask the question, “Who would I rather see get together?”, but I remind you once more that it is essential that we try to ask the question “Who did Nintendo intend for Link to hook up with?” With that in mind, let us look at another leading lady, “the girl with red hair.”

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time is of course the game in which Malon appears, meaning that we are dealing with Link I here, and not his descendants. At first glance, Malon appears to be simply another one of various girls who adores Link. The fellow has a good number of girls after him, but he’s generally completely oblivious to it. As a friend of mine said, “Typical guy.” Link doesn’t seem to think in romantic terms, and so he typically does not recognize the girl’s love unless it is practically shoved in his face (his “I’m shocked!” animation at Ruto’s talk of marriage is but one example of this). Keeping this in mind, Malon, Saria, and Ruto are all quite interesting possibilities.

There are a few key points about Malon to consider. First, as a child, Talon asks you if you would like to marry Malon. It is most unusual in that it presents you with a “yes-no” option for something like that. The fact that Nintendo added interaction with the player on that particular point adds emphasis to it. Regardless of how you answer, he laughs, saying that he was joking and that Link is too young for that. Ultimately, this does not really tell us very much, at least not by itself.

Second, there is the gossip stone that says, “They say that Malon of Lon Lon Ranch hopes a knight in shining armor will come and sweep her off her feet someday.” This forms an interesting connection with Talon’s earlier question. Link is too young to truly consider marriage at that early age, but when he becomes older he could “sweep her off her feet.” This connection hints towards a future relationship between the two of them. I am cautious as to whether or not this is true, but sources say that this gossip stone actually referred to a scene that was originally part of the ending, in which Link and Malon ride into a sunset on Epona. If so, that would indicate that Nintendo pointed towards a Link and Malon relationship.

A case could conceivably be made for a match up between Link and Malon based on Ocarina of Time alone. But to get the full picture, we must turn to two other games.

Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening is a truly fascinating game, with a storyline of pure genius. What is relevant to us, however, is that there is a parallel between Talon and Malon and two of the characters in Link’s Awakening: Tarin and Marin. Aside from their parallel names, they are connected by their personalities and, most importantly, by their rather obvious reference to the Mario games. Except for his more realistic proportions, Talon almost looks identical to Mario, even down to the clothes. Ingo looks like Luigi. Malon looks like Peach, although in this case she is the daughter of “Mario.” Malon even wears a Bowser emblem. Tarin of Link’s Awakening bears even more resemblance to the cartoon style of Mario than Talon does. He even shares a fondness for mushrooms.

Now, in an earlier article, I identified The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia. Some people wrote in to tell me that I was in error. Actually, I was correct; it was the first book C.S. Lewis wrote, even though it is not the first book in terms of the mythic storyline. This raises an important point. We must not only think in terms of the game timeline, but of the publishing timeline. If we think in those terms, we find out that Nintendo made Link’s Awakening before they made Ocarina of Time. We can safely say, then, that Malon and Talon were based off of the characters in Link’s Awakening.

Here’s the interesting part. Those of you that have played Link’s Awakening (and I certainly hope you have!) know that Marin and Link fall in love. The Hero of Time falls in love with someone who is the daughter of someone based on Mario (can you guess who the mother could be?). But when the Wind Fish awakens, the whole island of Koholint vanishes, Marin included (although she “survives” if you complete the game without dying). For our purposes, the only thing that matters here is that Nintendo based Malon on Marin, and that the “romance” aspect of the character was preserved in the transition to Ocarina of Time. In that light, it seems relatively clear that a Malon-Link relationship was intended.

But if we truly want to understand the relationship between Link and Malon, we must move from Koholint to Termina.

Majora’s Mask

The designers said quite explicitly that one of the most important aspects of Majora’s Mask was that it gave you a greater insight into the characters that you had encountered in Ocarina of Time. (Of course, the characters also give you insights into the designers. We know that the carpenters’ grumblings about not finishing in time corresponds to the game makers’ fear of not finishing the game on time.) No doubt you noticed that Malon happens to have two parallel characters in the world of Termina: Cremia and Romani.

Like younger Malon, Romani likes Link (even more explicitly, actually). Like older Malon, Cremia is more mature about it. “Wait, what did you imply, Trahald? Cremia likes Link?” Well, do you still have your Nintendo 64 and copy of Majora’s Mask? Good. Using an old file, make sure you already have the Romani Mask. Now go save the cows from the Poes once more. The next day, join Cremia for the wagon ride. As you ride along, Cremia tells you that she’s lonely, and then opens up to you, even mentioning the marriage of her friend Anju (remember, Cremia once loved Kafei, but he chose Anju). When the thieves attack, loose your arrows into them and save the wagon once more. Now that you’ve saved the milk, Cremia will be rather happy, and will smile and sway a bit, saying “Thank you . . . You were pretty cool . . .” Since you already have the mask, one of two things happens. In one case, she gives you a Huge Rupee. But the other case is very interesting. When the translator mentioned that many people would not even see a large portion of the text in the game, he wasn’t kidding. What happens next is hilarious. It’s best to see it first hand, so I recommend you go see it right now.

For those of you who are lazy, I’ll describe it to you as best as I can. The camera shifts to a unique position, with the horse and Clock Town behind Cremia and Link. She grabs him and hugs him in a, um, rather interesting manner, to say the least. It’s completely not what you would expect from a Nintendo game. With the horse bobbing its head in the background, she pulls his head into her chest. This scene lasts for several surprisingly long moments. When the little scene has finished, a happy noise plays, and a text box pops up. It says, in pink (!) text, “You did it! You helped Cremia!” “You feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Sigh . . .You could get used to this!” Yes, the game actually tells you, using the unusual pink text, what Link feels. Yes, Nintendo actually employed text to convey Link’s emotions. Cremia has (literally) put herself “in Link’s face,” and this has aroused the idea of love in Link’s young brain, but he still does not entirely understand it yet. The implication? Link has a thing for Malon, or will have a thing for Malon.


Ocarina of Time, Link’s Awakening, and Majora’s Mask. Link them together and compile the evidence you find in each of those games. I find that it becomes quite clear that Nintendo intended for Link to fall in love with Malon.


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This retro article was originally posted March 10th, 2003.
  • Lisa

    Finally somone made a point, If i had known all that i could have set everyone clear who does the link and zelda couples…Honestly, I wouldn’t date someone who constantly had to get rescued…..And rutos too fishy, Saria is just a child…Perfect point and thanks for clearing that up for some hard heads.

    • Actually Zelda is not rescued many times, then again, if she's not mentioned she's not captured like in Majoras Mask (Although she's in Link's flashback on top of the clock tower on day 3).

  • Very, very unique. Even your descriptive detail of the Cremia and Link hug in the game. You show how it leans more in her favor, and I can see it.

  • TK

    and in later storylines, twilight princess, link, the descendant of the first link, owns a ranch… now how could link come into possession of a ranch? XD

    • ShadowofLight

      I don't remember Link owning a ranch.

      Fado seems to own the ranch.
      Link seems to work for fado as a goat herder.

      As for the storyline and how characters relate to one another, it depends on how the player experience the game. And I still think that's the way Nintendo intended it to be.

      It's like listening to a song.
      The same song has different meaning to each person.
      If the artist would explain the origin of the song, people will feel dissapointed because they visualized a different story behind the song.

      There are facts and non facts in the game.
      Facts for example is that Link is The Hero of Twilight, Talo is a boy and Midna a shadow being.
      Non facts for example is that Link owns the ranch, and The Hero of Twilight is the outcome of Malon and the Hero of Time because there is no evidence to confirm it.

      The player should experience the game and should live by whatever he or she thinks is true.

      My point is, posting your opinion should never be taken as Truth. Truth is based on fact and cannot be susstained without pure and clear evidence.

    • Yoshi

      well in TP link doesnt own the ranch, he just lives in the town and works for the towns ranch. now rather the ranch in question use to be lon lon ranch and was bought off by the mayor of links village is up for debate.

    • oneeyedhermit

      Totally agree with TK. In TP he lives on a ranch … not in a castle. as well as this, I always get the impression that maybe Link and Zelda are related. maybe I'm only basing that on the fact that they both have blond hair … But I am always curious to know just who Link's mother is. So she mysteriously left him with the Deku tree right? And why do we never hear mention of Zelda's mother, only her father the King? Could it be that Nintendo was trying to take a leaf out of Star Wars' book and subtly hint that Link and Zelda are brother and sister? Could the queen have predicted Ganondorf's betrayal and legged it, leaving her new born in the protection of the Kokiri?

      In which case, Malon would of course be the best romantic choice. =)

  • Mag0Lag

    To add to TK’s point, in the Twilight Princess, Link’s main shown romance is with Ilia, a ranch girl similar to Malon (although without the red hair)

    • Blizzeta93

      I agree with you however the article is most likely talking about Link, the Hero of Time from OoT and MM

    • Epsben

      Illia was the Mayors daughter like Anju, not a ranch girl.

      • Haeil

        Anju wasn't the Mayor's daughter, she was in love with his son Kafei

  • JAM 1

    O.M.G! I always thought that when it came to Link and Malon it was like Sonic and Amy (Sonic the hedgehog) he dose not like her, but after reading this I can clearly say that she may be the one that was made for Link. Althow that may be thur what ever happened to Link’s
    “good freind” Llia?

    • mockingbird8

      Do you know how to spell?! It took me five minutes just to interpret that!

    • Link Elf

      You're mixing things there! The Link that likes Malon (and probably ended up with her in may opinion) is not the same that liked Ilia! The one that liked Malon is from Majora's Mask and the one that liked Ilia is from Twilight Princess. They'two entirely different Links!

  • Corrosive Frog

    TK has beaten me to it. TP is set a few decades after OoT and TP Link’s the descendant of OoT’s. If Link had married Zelda, their descendants would be royalty and I have trouble believing the descendant (grandson or great-grandson) of a hero/prince can end up dirt poor in a ranch within five to ten generations. In our world, it has been 200 years since Napoleon’s reign and his descendants are still reffered to as “prince Bonaparte” even though France kissed its monarchies goodbye a long time ago!

    To me, it is more likely that TP Link is the descendant of Link through Malon than through Zelda, so Link probably had offspring with Malon.

    In one of my fanfics, Zelda had to marry a foreing prince so a broken-hearted Link married Malon but Zelda and Link end up lovers. The opposite can also be true; Link could have married Zelda but have had an affair and an illegitimate kid with Malon. That’s getting crispy! 😉

  • Hunter009

    Finally, someone puts it all together. before seeing this, with all the zelink fans, i wanted Malon to be with Link but was scared he liked zelda. But this made me certian the hero of time likes Malon. As far as zelda goes, i think people are so confident that link liked zelda cause shes a princess and heroes and princesses ussaully get together… that holding hands thing is obisly about the ocarina. All zelink fans inculding my cousins are stubbon idiots.

    • Blizzeta93

      agree. there have been 3 hand shakes between Link and Zelda
      OoT- Z: "Give me tho Ocarina." L:"Fine"
      TP-Z:"Lend us your power" L:"OK"
      ST-*awe-striking view* L and Z hold hands

      • Link Elf

        Yes, but in ST, Zelda really liked Link. She kept staring at him through the window while he trained to become a Knight (depending on the ending you chose)!

  • someone

    Okay, I'm not going to state my position on the Malon + Link debate. I'm just going to say one thing. The Hyruleans are NOT the same people as the Terminans. Malon is not the same person as Cremia/Romani. The guy who dances around Hyrule Castle Town is not Sakon the thief. Ruto is not Lulu, the cucco lady is not Anju, and the fishing pond owner is not the man at the trading post nor the curiosity shop owner. Any evidence towards any theory that indicates the Hyruleans are the same as their Terminan counterparts (aside from Link, the Skull Kid, and the Happy Mask Salesman) should be disregarded.

    • Teengamer

      Um, how should I put this delicately………….TERMINA'S A PARALELL UNIVERSE!!!!!!!

      When they say Cremia's like Malon, they're referring to similar characters from similar worlds.

      • Blizzeta93

        since they didn't go too deep in their characters in OoT, they elaborated them in MM. After all, MM was mostly about your relationship and connections with people.

    • Milla the Icebarl

      It still shows that Link likes the red hair 🙂

  • Tim

    someone (the person above) please consider the following: the reason the characters from OoT look like the characters in MM is because they may be. See, the world of hyrule was flooded after OoT, Creating the great ocean of WW and PH. (in WW and PH they are looking for new hyrule, in which ST takes place.) Since hyrule is gone hyrulians fled to termina (or died) so many of the characters that didn’t have names in OoT may have names and perposes in MM. (termina sounds like terminate, which is obviously the theme of MM). another reason for this is that graffics were not that great 10 yeas ago so programmers didn’t have much of a choice. (the first is more reasonable, kinda)

    to whom it may concern
    OoT = ocerina of time
    MM = majora’s mask
    WW = wind waker
    PH = phantom hourglass
    ST = spirit tracks

    • also to someone it could also mean tat they are decedents of the ocarina of time people dont you think

    • Merkku

      Hyrule floods in the Adult Timeline, not the Child Timeline where MM happens.

    • Nintenfan81

      I don't think I've ever heard someone speak so confidently about crap they don't know before

      No offense, of coarse, but it's common knowledge that Termina is a parallel world to Hyrule


    • Chad

      Except that it is! If Link dies single then there's no new link to take his place which means no new game. Think things through b4 you post something, some people may actually appreciate this article.

      • Gapperman6

        Actually, isn't Link not related to any other Links? I thought it was only Zelda who had to be related to the other Zeldas to stay related to the family. Link isn't related to other Links, and just happens to get sucked into an adventure every time as a completely different person.

        • ILiekZelda

          Ganondwarf…… Gannondorf's son! O.o Also you forgot solving puzzles!

        • BGSchoolcraft

          In Wind Waker, the family shield on Link's wall was said to have been the Hero of Time's. So, if it was the Hero of Time's, and it's the family shield… yeah.
          Though, in the same game, the King of Red Lions says that he doesn't believe the two have a connection. Ganondorf, however, believes otherwise.
          I personally believe there's some sort of bloodline for the hero. Not every generation is a hero though, the gods just use one when necessary.

    • QueenxLink

      Wow you even spelled Ganondorf's name wrong…

  • Teengamer

    Could someone please give me a link or something to the Cremia hug? I can't find it anywhere. It'd be very helpful, and I really want to see it.

    • Lady Alzers

      Right here:

      • ILiekZelda

        Lol for a minute I thought you said "Give me a Link (person) or something to get me to the Cremia Hug?……I really want to see it." Like make Link hug Cremia and watch there fiddling your thumbs. xD

  • zeldafanboy23ify

    you forgot that in tp the heros shade is the hero of time
    and at the end when you learn all the skills he calls you my son
    which could mean grandson but forget that.
    link is a rancher in the game and he even has epona with him
    so that points only to link marrying malon
    youtube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/zeldafanboy23ify

    • someone

      So does the Guard infront of Hyrule Castle at the beginning of ALttP.

      • same someone

        Oh wait, sorry, he calls you just "son" instead of "my son."

  • Anonymous

    Oh, my people really…Cremia was based on Malon and she likes Link, and Malon was based on Marin and she likes Link, what does that tell you? use the brain im not so sure you insuters have.

    • BitF Adict

      What, so were stupid just because we didn't consider that.

    • Anon

      Actually, Nintendo has already stated that Marin was based on ZELDA. So the whole "Marin is Malon" thing is just plain wrong…the rest of the evidence in this article is nothing but opinion basically, and Malon is no more likely to have gotten with Link than Zelda (and probably less likely, since she was not as important as the article writer has made her out to be)

      • ???

        They did? They stated his point, that Malon is based on Marin recently, so you are wrong.

  • Vaati Fan

    To add to Anoymous’ point, Tranhald said quite clearly that the designers said that Termainians are ment to ‘greater insights of hylians’ meaning Nintendo considers them as the same,

  • jticeman

    marlon and link it is so simple if he marryed zelda link in tp he be rich and not a farm boy if he marryed reto he be part zora and it would be impossible to have a child with saria as she never ages

    • BitF Adict

      "Marlon"? did you even PLAY OoT?

  • Jade

    Malon seems to like Link in a way that he doesn't understand.What is true is that Termina is a parallel universe compared to Hyrule.That means that someone in Hyrule is in love with Link…

    • FilipeJMonteiro

      Interesting of you to say that. Yes, the Link we see in OoT (can't remember as much from MM), we see a very inexperienced boy just 'making it up as he goes along'. He doesn't understand love, or any of those feelings. Which kinda makes him look even cooler and cuter.

      I think the child-Link from OoT is one of the best well-written characters because of his very personality.

  • Anoymus

    You'd think after this everyone would just shut it but even now there are people down in the forums saying Zelda and Link are mirrored by Kafei and Anju. It's the dumbest theory ever.

    • BitF Adict

      Dude, whats your problem with saying people are stupid just because they dont think like you?

      • Guest

        But you have to admit. It really is the dumbest theory ever. Well, not the DUMBEST theory ever, but you know, THE dumbest theory ever.

      • ???

        No, he saying hes sick of you guys refusing to open your mind to other theories.

  • From what I have read & believe, the Links in all the Zelda games are not related. They are just heroes chosen by destiny & nintendo just keeps the main hero as “Link” because he is so well loved. For example in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass is there any question that Link and Tetra(Zelda) aren’t going to be together? Well that being said, wouldn’t the “Link” of Spirit Tracks basically be zelda’s brother in that game? And Link and Zelda clearly have a thing for each other in that game too. Just my humble opinion 🙂

  • The relationship between Link and Malon is definitely an interesting one. I mean, she meets this boy-stranger in a green tunic and automatically wants to teach him "her mother's song." She doesn't even know him, yet she feels that they are friends right off. But as far as marriage goes, I doubt they ever got that far. Link left for Termina, maybe saying his farewell, maybe not. His whereabouts after MM are unknown, so perhaps he did return to Hyrule and settle with her, or he simply never saw her again.

    • eliot

      poor link, i think he commited suicide after MM

    • Blizzeta93

      I don't know. Where did he get Epona? when he's an adult, you have to win it back from Ingo. Malon must have given Epona to link

  • sj67

    I bet Malon will come back later in the future for another game. She could be a normal CPU. Or maybe she could be a little secret. Like on a random tree, there could be a M+L carved into a tree. It could happen in a future game……

  • Bla123

    Since when did ZU become this?! I come everyday to see Zelda updates, not to see your coupling preference! I'm using some other website, since all you seem to care about is who Link ends up with.

    • Querulous

      Yeah, you do that, Mr. Troll. You go and have a nice time on some other site while we're just stuck here discussing relationships. Oh, but hey, in case you haven't noticed, there's a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. It says that this is a retro article, and ZU has just been bringing back articles written in the past for our enjoyment. Evidently they're not for you, though, which is fine, but you shouldn't be so Querulous. XP

      • Bekah

        God. Get over yourself. Do you feel better about yourself now after replying to their comment? Just because someone posts negative feedback, doesn't mean they're a "troll".

      • Bla123

        Wow, seriously I'm a troll just because I don't necessarily like EVERYTHING they post? Oh and sorry i missed that disclaimer, people make mistakes, guess your perfect and never do Mr. Querulous. And I will have more fun on another site, that's not so full of jerks like you. So good day to you.

    • Blizzeta93

      Don't worry, I think that this website is "going along like gangbusters". so unless you like waiting 5 months in-between zelda news posts then that's fine.

  • wayofthesheikah

    Couldn't have said it better myself, Trahald. I wasn't originally a fan of this couple when I was younger but I changed my mind after playing through Majora's Mask and watching the Cremia scene, haha. In terms of timeline I also believe that OoT Link eventually hooked up with Malon, at least in the child timeline. Since TP also supposedly takes place in the child timeline, it would make sense that since TP Link's a rancher and has a horse named *gasp* Epona, that possibly TP Link is descended from OoT Link and Malon.

    Either way though, I still would love to see that rumored "ending" scene (if it exists) talked about here that was supposed to be in OoT with Link and Malon riding off into the sunset, even if it's just a beta! I've been looking for any mention of it all over the Internet, but still no luck.

  • HylianPwnage

    I've always loved MaLink. :3

  • Waaht

    You can Youtube the scene he is talking about…Alough I dont think it is as "adult" as it was described. Just youtube majoras mask cremia.

  • OniLink999999

    Is it just me, or does Cremia give Link a 'Pafu Pafu' in that scene? =P

  • Mudora

    I thought Marin was always compared to Zelda. Says so in the instruction booklets… just sayin'. Could be a mistake. But the rest of your article supports the Link and Malon theory. Great articles.

  • Arvidiusdux

    Alright, time to bust shippers’ balls here with some direct logic.
    The first logical flaw is that you are implying that Marin=Malon, and therefore Link’s relationship with Marin can be logically transferred to Ocarina of Time. Two problems with that: 1) you cannot equate Malon and Marin because they are different characters. Furthermore, there’s also compelling evidence that Marin was based off Zelda in the NES games, which, judging by appearances seems rational (to be fair, however, I also think that when Zelink shippers use Marin as evidence for their pairings it is equally irrational). 2) Just because one Link might have had the hots for Marin does not therefore that another Link had the hots for Malon. It’s possible, but using one couple’s attraction as an argument for why another couple should be attracted is just speculation—not evidence.
    (see below)

    • Anomyus

      Yeah, but the developers recently stated she is based of Marin. So you are wrong.

  • Arvidiusdux

    The same problems ensue with your evidence of a romance in Majora’s Mask. Assuming that Link reciprocated both Romani’s and Cremia’s attraction, how can that be used as evidence that he likes Malon? The mirror image issue aside, if I am developing a relationship with somebody, I am not going to therefore fall in love with somebody who looks exactly like them. I also might point out that you’re using evidence of interactions between a prepubescent boy and a young adult as evidence how that same prepubescent boy feels about a prepubescent girl.

    (see below)

    • Anoymus

      Uh huh. Your logic makes no sense. You are supposed to look at it from the DEVELOPER's prospective not Link's. Why would the developer do that without a purpose? There not stupid. They knew this would just further the theory.

  • Arvidiusdux

    In regards to the Gossip Stone, you stated the following: ‘“They say that Malon of Lon Lon Ranch hopes a knight in shining armor will come and sweep her off her feet someday.” This forms an interesting connection with Talon’s earlier question. Link is too young to truly consider marriage at that early age, but when he becomes older he could “sweep her off her feet.” This connection hints towards a future relationship between the two of them.’ Does it hint? What it says is that Malon, like a lot of streotypical little girls, wants a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet. It gives no bearing as to what Malon feels for Link, or more importantly what Link feels for her.
    (see below)

  • Arvidiusdux

    “I am cautious as to whether or not this is true, but sources say that this gossip stone actually referred to a scene that was originally part of the ending, in which Link and Malon ride into a sunset on Epona.” What sources? I’ve searched around a bit, and the only significant reference I’ve seen for it is this article. That matter aside, if we assume it’s true it’s still content cut from the game. You state this fictional scene as evidence of Nintendo’s intentions. Have you considered that they cut it in part because they had intentions different than the ones you state?

    I feel as though the marriage question is immaterial since as Link you could just as easily say no. If Link’s answer was “yes” and that was the canonical choice, then I might give you some credit. But the mere fact that Nintendo offers you a choice which, regardless does not impact the gameplay or characterization, does not mean that Nintendo had implied a romantic relationship.
    (see below)

    • that scene he's implying was a photoshopped image that was around the net.

  • Arvidiusdux

    I don’t think your conclusion holds water since it is supported by idle speculation and assumptions that you don’t provide a logical basis for. Your evidence for Link’s relationship to Malon in Ocarina of Time is mostly substantiated by how Link interacts with characters from other games.

    Your logic is this: Link+Marin, & Link+Cremia/Romani, therefore: Link +Malon.
    It’s just as arbitrary as saying Mike likes Apples on Monday, and Jim likes grapes on Friday, therefore Jim likes bananas on Wednesday.
    (see below)

    • Foxshot

      dude your just thinking too hard. Just look at this: Myamoto wanted to find a Romance partner for Link which started of with Marin, since Marin was just a dream/seagull He wanted to hook Link up with Malon in Ocarina of Time which shows solid proof of this with both the Gossip stone and Talon asking you to marry his daughter. and just to make it clearer they added a sweet little easter egg in Majoras that shows Cremia (resembles Malon) hugging Link which show that Malon and Link are in love with each other so stop with the "Logic" crap because its both boring and confusing.

      • Foxshot

        just play the games dude then you'll see why they were going for a Link and Malon/Farmgirl romance plot. Besides it cant be Zelda because then the triforces will merge and cause a Black Hole in the whole Zelda Universe.

        • Arvidiusdux

          "Besides it cant be Zelda because then the triforces will merge and cause a Black Hole in the whole Zelda Universe. "
          1. I wasn't arguing for Zelda.
          2. Why, "because it can't be Zelda," does it have to be anyone?
          3. What source are you using to base the Black Hole Argument?

          "Just look at this: Myamoto wanted to find a Romance partner for Link …"

          "since Marin was just a dream/seagull He wanted to hook Link up with Malon in Ocarina of Time…"
          Again, how does Marin=Malon?

          • Guest

            Dude, man, I think the Black Hole thing was a joke, so lighten up.

            When you ask for source for Myamoto wanting romance: okay, how do i explain it through text? The wording is a "way" of saying it, so don't take literally as he said he wanted romance.

            Marin=Malon – Well, it's the same essential character archetype. Look at Tatl and Navi. They parallel each other, right? they aren't the same and don't have exactly the same story arc, but they fill the same shoes, so to speak.

            BTW – when you read a poem, do you ever see the poet making an annotation at the bottom officially stating what a metaphor was supposed to represent? No. They expect us to be smart enough to interpret it in an appropriate way.

          • Guest

            So with everything being said, people who write these articles aren't saying "I know this to be true", no, they're saying "based on apt reasoning and close inspection of a recurring motif, I can safely suspect that, yo, this likely the case"

            And you're right, Link doesn't have to be w/ anyone, but since we're on the subject…What's that saying "When God gives you lemons…".

            There are many published books on Shakespeare that speculate about his life and works. Some o' them books contradict each other, right, so that'd my analogy for making clear the articles.

        • Arvidiusdux

          "…which shows solid proof of this with both the Gossip stone and Talon asking you to marry his daughter."
          See generally http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophic_burden_o…. So the fact you hear from a stone that Malon yearns for her knight in shining armor and that Talon tries to jokingly set Link up with her is clear and convincing evidence of an impending relationship? Well then, arranged marriages for the win I guess.

          " so stop with the "Logic" crap because its both boring and confusing."
          I'm very sorry you feel that way. All I can tell you is that while you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.

        • Anon

          you do realize….that you literally don't make any sense? just saying…and how do you expect to live in the real world if you find logic "confusing"?

  • I think Malon has a crush on Link but Link has a crush on Zelda. 0______0

    • Mask of Sorrow

      It's a bit like that Shakespere play.

  • gliderpilotgirl

    I have to seriously disagree with this assertion the developers intended for Link to end up with Malon.
    My argument? The "emotional focus" of the game. The developers are skilled at manipulating the player's ( and Link's ) emotions through cinematics and scenes. ( A trick used by movie makers, as well )
    Anyways, if Malon was truly intended to be Link's winning love interest, I would have expected to have seen more attention on her, like Twilight Princess with Ilia. ( Who I thought represented Saria more than anyone else )
    Cremia/Romani don't count – different circumstances have made them very different people.
    If we are dealing with only OoT / MM Link here, I think this same argument better highlights Zelda as the primary love interest because the game puts so much time and effort into making you "feel" emotions about her. Same with Saria, but she's clearly eliminated.
    Anyways…this is my two cents.

    • Guest

      Yeah, but at the same time, one could easily be like "Me and Zelda? Just business" Y'know? For me, I wanted to save Malon, and just as equally Romani/Cremia. Zelda? I could care less, and here's why: you SEE the effects of Malon's suffering. You don't see w/ Zelda. Plus, she's doing just fine until she's trapped by the BIGGEST RUPEE you ever did saw.

      • Anon

        That's not true at all. You see zelda's suffering plenty. she literally had to transform into a BOY to escape ganondorf…she was in hiding, waiting for link for years, knowing that the situation was partly her fault. that's called suffering. And…the game puts the focus on the princess more, and iF You wanted it to be different, it didn't matter, because that's not what the GAME did. your preference may be malon, but i think we have to accept that she had a small part in the game, which is what matters

    • Anon

      I agree with you there. At least in OoT, its clear where the game sets its focus… but honestly, Link is too neutral to have a real love interest> I do think that nintendo slightly prefers Zelda, but she appears in most games and is the most logical choice for the sake of consistency

  • Taha_Soysal

    There's been quite a few ships heading out to sea lately. Will there be any articles discussing some of Link's more… exotic escapades?

  • SebaZebra69

    I always thought Link's love interest was Saria… or at least young Link's, because seeing an adult interested in a girl that doesnt project more than 12 years would be… uncommon.
    Anyway, in the beggining of MM it says that Link was looking for a friend. Most people beleive it's Navi, but who knows… it may be one of these supposed love interests of him.
    Also, I think Link might have "settled" for Malon because she was the only one he could be with. Ruto and Saria mentioned they couldnt be with him because they were sages, which discards them, and Zelda, too. But Malon stayed the same common farm girl.
    I agree with gliderpilotgirl, though. The game never seemed to put much emphasis on Malon in my opinion, but hey… its an option. And I like Malon.

    • Arvidiusdux

      Hmm… the problem I have with that argument is that it presumes Link has to be with anybody. The Link being with Malon theory that you're articulating is that Link can't be with Zelda, Saria, Ruto, etc. for biological and/or metaphysical reasons. Link therefore will settle for Malon because it is a reasonable option. Well, so therefore is Link settling with nobody. Or Link being gay for that matter. I know that's not what you personally are saying, but I have seen that argument before hand and it's inherently flawed.

      • Guest

        I commented on your other posts there Arvidiudux, and I get the impression that you look out for other's flaws b/c I also do the same.

        People aren't saying Link must end up w/ anyone, but if he did, this is who he should/would/could end up with. And just 'cause anything isn't explicitly stated, doesn't mean it can't be implied.

        But let's run w/ Link getting no one. He would choose to reject any and all advances made by les femmes, and would find love in "other ways". And who would be the one instigating said advances? I'm guessing Malon b/c the in game scenarios, for lack of a better word, "prove" her to make most logistical sense. Besides, everyone else had already made their peace w/in the game.

  • Foxshot

    Great Article.
    1. Link @ Zelda = triforce merging causing a Black Hole in the Zelda Universe
    2. Link @ Saria = Pedophile
    3. Link @ Ruto = Weird deform Human/Fish Zoras which is nasty
    4. Link @ Malon = she gives you a horse, sings you a beautiful song, Gossip Stone tells what she likes 😉 and Her Dad respects you. BING BING BING WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Malon + Link = Perfect Couple =D

    • Mask of Sorrow

      Hey Bing you're late.

      • Foxshot


  • ChainofTermina

    oh, wow. that last paragraph pretty much proves that this guy is a Malink shipper. and that being the case, it's no wonder he seemed so certain that Link and Zelda weren't together in OoT. nice try dude, but I'm not buying. I can be a Zelink shipper if I want. however, I'm not gonna try to convince other to support me. it's a game. I can follow whatever fandom I want. your not going to convert me.

    • Guest

      Does this guy have a sign saying "CONVERT!"? And you can totally be for Zelda and Link if you want, but I challenge you to write an article just as well thought out and presented as this one.

      BTW – I'm not necessarily for M+L or Z+L.

      • Anon

        There are huge problems with this article. i don't think link ends up with anyone, quite honestly. but i'll admit that there is MOUNDS more evidence suggesting romance for link and zelda than link and malon. but there is little at best to suggest anything between link and zelda. but this article is literally an opinion and nothing more. there isn't a single shred of evidence here.

  • Bingo675

    Again, completely agree with the article. Don't forget that when Link talks to Cremia when she is inside the house, she tells him to come back when he's older.

  • WoodenMask

    Not gonna lie here; I don't really see much substantial content in OOT to make Malon "the one" for Link. Honestly, along the romantic lines, Nintendo put as much emphasis on Malon as they did Saria, and Ruto, and Zelda. What love plot, or even hints they put in there were made harem-style where all the girls were after him so the player could ship as THEY felt fit. After all, when you play Zelda, or most any game, the character on screen becomes "me." Yep, they pulled it together nicely so we could all go Link (I) should be with Zelda/Saria/Malon/Ruto. It's a matter of our preference to what personality type we like (no, not even what type of girl; what personality type.)

    For instance, I prefer Link (OOT Link, anyway) to be paired with Ruto, because I feel like they actually got to know each other and became friends. It just makes sense seeing as you carted Ruto around inside a whale, and taking on dangers together. She has a real personality, with more then one dimension. I could drag up in-game references and state that that is clearly who he is supposed to be with, but it would contain as much fancy on my part as this article.

    I ship that pairing because I like the tsundere (or if you prefer, hard on the outside, soft on the inside) character. You ship Malon/Link because you like the cheerful type of character. He ships Zelda/Link because he likes the reserved/perfect woman type of character, and she ships Saria/Link because she likes the innocent/little sister type or character.

    Now, lets all just take a step back and realize that very rarely does Nintendo make romance cannon, and not try to prove our preferences.

    • kirby_freak

      You make a very good point about Nintendo leaving it up to the character.

    • Guest

      This is single handendly the best counterargument against this article and shippers in general that I've come across yet. I've spent time ripping apart people's counter theories, and I can do so b/c I'm usually in neither camp. I'm just usually amazed at some of the ridiculous things people say to defend their frame of mind, but to you, BRAVO and thank you.

  • Ben

    If Nintendo intends for Link to be with any girl, it's definitely Malon. Good Job man.

  • Hálfdanarson

    I wouldn't mind Nintendo to make Skyward Sword or any future game a little more darker and use "love" for all it's worth. Love can be tense and it can be dark as well, especially if it involves death and perhaps revenge. It would be dark and magical.

    Would have been cool to see if Link could hook up with Zelda, because that would automatically make him King.

  • zzzzzzzzz

    anyone else noticed malo and talo in tp?? just thought i'd point it out

  • dunno

    are you sure malon has a crush on link?

    • Mask of Sorrow

      OOT meet Malon as a child.

  • dunno

    then that means links cheating on zelda!

  • i cant beat oot


  • Yoh

    Awesome. Malon ftw.

  • Desu

    Damnit link, i want dibs on Malon!

    Reminds me of a couple who were cosplaying Link and Malon who were actually engaged, was quite cute and romantic (and i was jealous)

  • Teengamer

    Okay, is it just me, or have I already read this SAME article a year or two ago? Oh well.

    I still would have liked you to point out WHY they’d make a good couple, with facts like she gave him her FAVORITE horse Epona, for example. I know you’re just doing the stone cold facts that Nintendo blatantly puts up, but it’s okay to analyze little hints as well.

    Like in this article: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/articles/link-and-love/
    They explain Link’s childhood friendships and the trials and moments the characters have together. Why can’t you do that in this article? Oh right, because this article is COPIED AND PASTED. I swear I’ve already read this, people.

  • Rose

    I hope they make a zelda game with more romance :3

  • slither

    Uh, just wanted to add in here for TP, guys… THERE IS NO LON LON RANCH. In most Zelda games there has been a Malon, except for 1, 2, the DS games and WW (WW and the DS ones couldn't have had because of the ocean, please correct me if I'm forgetting any.) It is replaced by Ordon ranch. Now, Link being a descendant of the two? No, that would be Illia, guys. Otherwise, they would be bro and sis. But, he also happens to gain it, which we can guess he gets together with Illia more than likely and continues it, making the Hero of Time a pure bloodline, which would again fit in with the original Link getting together with Malon. Thought I'd throw my thoughts in there. Great article, by the way.

  • keiferm

    However, in an interview with Nintendo Power, Eiji Aonuma stated that the Link of Twilight Princess is not necessarily a descendant of the Ocarina of Time Link, which indicates that Link's occupation as a rancher in Twilight Princess does not necessitate a relationship between Malon and Link. Also, some fans argue that the Twilight Princess Link does not have to have an ancestry of ranchers just because he himself is one.

  • keiferm

    NOT TO MENTION THE VERY MINOR ROLE MALON EVEN PLAYS IN THE GAME, She has no effect on the overall plot (You can go a while without needing Epona) and Zelda has her name in the title for crying out loud, what does that say?

    It's like Harry Potter being paired up with Lavender Brown, a character only there to mess with Hermione's emotions with Ron.

  • Muri

    You, sir, have won so many internets. <3 You're a shiny beakon of intelligence in this vast sea of stupidity.

  • Pointy Ears

    Wasn't this article posted somewhere else on the web? I swear I've read it somewhere before. This is a nice one, BTW! I always thought it would be Link and Malon together. :3

  • Daveydude

    You forgot: in MM, if you talk to her while wearing the romani mask, she says ''someone somewhere thinks of you as an adult.''

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    Oh, my God, yes! I love Malon soo much, this makes so much sense. Finally someone voices my strong opinion on why she, clearly, was intended for Link.

    Who knows, maybe she'll have a slight cameo in LoZ:SS indicating that… we'll see ; )

    And, as @wayofthesheikah, I'd really like to see that lost cutscene of Link and Malon. I, too, have been searching through the depths of the internet, without luck.

  • Anon

    THANK YOU! Literally like the only intelligent comments here! I was starting to get scared until I saw what you had written! i agree that there is NO credible evidence in this article and the author clearly just "ships' Link and Malon. I don't mind if that's the case, but I wish they would just admit it. i may personally prefer another coupling, but i would never claim to have solid proof that Link freaking hooks up with the girl I think he should be with. I appreciate your intelligent remarks.

  • Anomyus

    Jeez, cant you zelinkers surrender one game? You already have WW, ST, AOOL and PH. Oh, and your logic stinks. Zelda and Link have only had 3 encounters in OOt, all breif. None romantic even slightly.

  • stealth

    Alright, now people, you cant conclude this stuff based on real life logic. Real life is bad cuz this is a video game. Its fiction. How could anyone in real life survive link's adventures? The one true way to look at it? What the developers ment. So u can eliminate logic like zelda/malon or watever dosnt play enough role in the game, cuz that dosn't really matter. if the devolpers ment 2 hint @ it, then realistic logic dosn't matter. Understand? Now remember that Yoshiaki Koizumi (storyline LA writer and character interactions writer in MM and OOt) has confirmed that he based Malon on Marin. Since he wrote the hints for malonxlink, its safe to assume Malon kept the love part in the transition.

    • stealth

      ps: since Nintendo stated MM characters show the unseen side of the OOT ones, so Cremia/romani hints are legit

  • dlex

    well if you think about it.. going off the whole skyward sword be the whole starting point that link being the first link. looking at the ending being cursed that his and zelda's descends would have to fight reincarnations of evil. the first link and zelda can go together and from the looks of the ending they did wasn't very many people on the surface…and i don't remember seeing any redheaded girls links age.(not to go off subject… but the rest off skyloft never came down…hmm..) but the next hero of time has to be blood line to first link. same goes for zelda. so that would make all the following link and zelda's cousins of sorts eww….

    the link in twilight.. didnt use the master sword. there for not making him a hero of time. as keifern said "However, in an interview with Nintendo Power, Eiji Aonuma stated that the Link of Twilight Princess is not "necessarily"(note that) a descendant of the Ocarina of Time Link, which indicates that Link's occupation as a rancher in Twilight Princess does not necessitate (defintion time! 1.to make necessary or unavoidable) (use big word so we dont have to say yes or no or trap the plot) a relationship between Malon and Link."

    he could be a grandson or great grandson. but still if you go off skyward sword and what demise said after the when bye bye. yeah it would be cousins

  • Rararu

    While I do support malon and link because under normal circumstances she is the only girl he could meet and be right for
    1saria doesn't get older
    2he never would have meet ruto and zelda
    3impa and nabooru belong to very secretive races
    Therefore malon is right for him anyway celebrations are usually held in the ranch what's to say their wedding won't
    And for those of you who brought up tp there is a factor you left out
    almost the entire gameshe was by link's side while zelda was locked up in a tower and lila had completely forgotten him
    And you cAn't forget midna's final words before returning to the twilight realm
    I…. See ya later
    Potential hint at an interest there or when she loses her imp curse asking link
    What am I so beautiful you have no words left
    Which she was

  • Bursting-Time-Songs

    I personally agree with this

  • Mortimer Snuff

    There are some strong clues in Twilight Princess that support this as well. Link being a rancher, naming his horse Epona, already knowing Epona’s song. It makes sense. He is probably a descendant of OoT/MM Link and Malon.

    • Raiken Zero

      And in the map, the ancient temple of time is at north from ordon ranch. In fact, Ocarina of time, the temple of time is at north from Lon-Lon.
      Maybe Ordon is Lon-Lon in the future.
      Because the temple is the same.

  • Scissorman

    There are blatant omissions in this analysis, like Marin was originally meant as inspired by Zelda(after all, Link DOES confuse her with Zelda at the beggining of the game), or the fact any possible scrapped ending in Ocarina of Time doesn’t bring light on the matter since there are also scrapped dating sim elements in the game.

  • It’sa me Mario

    Marin is based off Malon in oracle of season whom link meets and in his dream state misses the character he bet before he went adventuring again. He learns the hes had enough of adventuring at the end of Links Awakening and he goes back to Malon.
    Its just a theory but it lines up with the timeline