1And they got married and lived happily ever after.” Romantic love is important to people not only in real life, but in stories and myths. The Zelda games, however, seem to lack any kind of fully developed romance. But the fan fiction, art, and discussions the games have spawned are full of references to romance (yet ironically, you would be hard pressed to find references to dungeon puzzles). Even if the main topic of the fan fiction or fan art has nothing to do with romance, people slip in hints as to who they think Link should hook up with. Most people ask the question, “Who should Link hook up with?” But I like to ask the question a bit differently.

Asking the question, “Who would I rather see Link fall in love with?” brings in too much subjectivity and bias into the picture for my tastes. A question I prefer to ask is, “Did the game designers point towards a relationship between Link and one of the ladies?” Periodically I will write articles looking at the games with that question in mind, by looking at each “potential love interest” in turn. First up is, of course, Zelda.

A bit of groundwork

Before we see if the game designers actually intended for Link and Zelda to have a thing for each other, let’s make a few things clear. For one thing, the timeline theories are critically important to any discussion of this topic. When writing about romance, most of the Zelda fan sites seem to perfectly ignore the fact that there is more than one Link and more than one Zelda, even though those sites tend to hold very strongly to that idea in other parts of their pages. Now, an important part of the Zelda timeline is that each Link and Zelda is descended from a previous Link and Zelda. This means two things. First, Link and Zelda do both marry someone and have children. Second, each generation of Link and Zelda can’t marry each other, because that would end up being, well, rather sick.

To designate which Link and which Zelda I’m talking about, I’m going to add numbers to the end of their names as is the custom in writing about historical figures. But as games are released, those numbers can change. Keeping in mind that it doesn’t include The Wind Waker yet, I’m going to use the suffixes used by the ZU timeline, just to keep things clear.

Love in the 2-D Era

Nearly everyone, when dealing with the romance, focuses on Link I-in other words, the Link that appears in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. This is probably mostly an effect of the transition to 3-D, along the lines of what I talked about in one of my previous articles, “Link gets a personality.” But if we want to know what the designers intended, we must look at the 2-D games too.

Adventure of Link is the last game in the series chronologically. The game features Link III and Zelda IV. In it, Zelda IV is asleep for the whole game. But at the very end of the game, when she is awoken, she gives Link III a kiss as the curtain descends in front of them. It’s very much a cliché, and Zelda IV and Link III didn’t exactly interact beforehand, but it is fairy tale romance all the same. Of all the games before the 3-D era, Adventure of Link is the only one with even a real hint at romance between Link and Zelda. But the ending to that game is a kind of fitting finale for the Legend as a whole.

A Different Question

We now turn to Link I and Zelda I. This is, of course, the potential Link-and-Zelda couple that gets the most attention. The term “shipper” is usually applied to someone who thinks that Link I and Zelda I should fall in love. But again, they are asking the question, “Who would I rather see get together?” It’s a fine question, but it’s almost entirely subjective, so a more important one is, “Did Nintendo intend to hint that Link I would fall in love with Zelda I?” Since the shippers are asking a different question, most of their arguments turn out to be quite, well, lame for our purposes. Need an example? “Zelda gave Link the light arrows and the Ocarina of Time, which is more useful than anything any other girl gave him-therefore he likes her!”

To be blunt, that sort of logic doesn’t even deserve to be taken seriously. Or about how about the argument that “Link took risks to help her and to save her; therefore he’s in love with her.” No, Link is like that because he’s a good guy, helps everyone out, and is in fact chosen by the Triforce for his courage (even if “love” is part of the equation, let’s not forget that love is not restricted to romantic definitions-in fact, the ancient Greeks had four words for different kinds of love). Likewise, the idea that Zelda was used as “bait” for Link because Ganon “knew that they were in love” is similarly flawed. In addition, it ignores the fact that Ganon wanted the whole Triforce, and Zelda had part of it. “Who would I rather see get together?” is a decent question, but it doesn’t get us as far as “What did Nintendo hint at?”

That Scene in the Sky

There is practically only one scene that could possibly be hinting towards a connection between the two of them. And that is the scene that takes place immediately after the defeat of Ganon. Link I and Zelda I are standing in the middle of the sky, and Zelda tells him that they must return to their own time. Link must hand back the ocarina. He does so, but he lets go of it only reluctantly. That is the moment that some have interpreted to mean that Link and Zelda are “holding hands,” that they do not take their hands away because they are enjoying the moment in which their hands touch. This is a possible interpretation, but I find it quite unlikely based on at least two things you can find in the context.

First, the battle with Ganon. Link has just had a harrowing battle with the holder of the Triforce of Power, not to mention what came before that. Now imagine Link’s emotions. You, the courageous warrior, have just gone through terror upon terror and have finally slain the horrible beast that brought curses and monsters onto Hyrule. Now it’s all over, and you’re standing in the sky, weirdly enough. Yes, your quest is complete. Yes, you’re ready to head home. But what you went through was an incredibly powerful experience, to say the least. You saw things you never imagined when you lived as a Kokiri. And now you are now surprised that you now have to give back your ocarina, a precious instrument that has taken you through many troubles. You know what you must do, but you don’t want to do it. You have a hard time letting go of the ocarina (for a semi-parallel example, think of how, in Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo had such a hard time giving up the Ring). So, you hold on partially because you don’t entirely want to give it up the ocarina, and partially because you’re still in shock and wonder at the moment. You certainly aren’t thinking about romance-you’re thinking about what has gone on before, what has changed, and what will become of you (and the ocarina). You’re not going to break the dramatic pacing and just chuck the ocarina into Zelda’s hands and say, “OK! Enough of that! I’m headed home! Let’s seal off the way to the future for good! All of the stuff I just went through wasn’t a big deal, so I won’t pause to reflect!” Likewise, Zelda wouldn’t just rip the ocarina out of Link’s hand upon contact. “Hey! That’s MINE!”

Second, the theme of the game as a whole. (This ties in very much with the previous point.) Time was obviously Link the First’s major theme. The idea of the passage of time was stressed constantly throughout Ocarina of Time. The theme wasn’t just about the passage of time per se, but the consequences of the passage of time, mostly those consequences that have to do with friendship. In fact, friendship too is a big theme for both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. There is a kind of sadness at loosing the friends and innocent wonder of childhood. Of course, how these themes are developed is a topic for another article on another day, but I might point out that the words of Zelda (disguised as Sheik) were often used to convey these themes. It would be far more in keeping with these themes to interpret the “scene in the sky” in a non-romantic way. This is a big moment-the story isn’t going to take a diversion and hint at romance, but instead is going to conclude the theme begun from the time Link was said to be “the boy without a fairy.” Link must pause now, as he returns to the old days, and gives up entirely this new life which he has been leading. And he must give up adulthood, and the fast road to it.


Link III and Zelda IV, the final characters in the Legend, did fall in love. That much is clear. But what about Link I and Zelda I, which people seem to care about more? There is only one scene that could plausibly be interpreted as hinting to a romance, and even that interpretation is unlikely because of the context. Those who actively want to see romance between Link I and Zelda I will interpret the scene as such, but that is the result of asking the wrong question. In the end, it is even more unlikely that Nintendo was hinting towards a Link I and Zelda I relationship, given what we know about Link’s other possible love interests. Of course, that lies beyond the scope of this particular article. When I take a look at those characters, I think it will become even more clear that Zelda I is not “the one” for Link I, at least not in the eyes of the game designers.


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This retro article was originally posted February 24th, 2003.
  • Anonimus

    Lol ,The image is funny as hell


    One scene that can be interpreted as love between Zelda I and Link I:
    After killing Ganondorf (not Ganon), when the castle is falling, Zelda leaves a trail of hearts behind her.
    Just saying.

    • Zybera

      Not really… I mean ZeldaxLink makes no logical sense anyway…

      But that means nothing because it was just the designer's way of refilling Links life after beating Ganondorf's first fight.

    • Smoes

      Hearts are a means of restoring health in Legend of Zelda and Zelda dropped them because link got hurt.

      With the logic you're using you could just as easily say that the Cucco Lady cares for Link much more then Zelda because Zelda only gave him hearts but the Cucco Lady gives him a heart piece which not only restores health like the hearts Zelda gave him but also increases Link's maximum storage of health making him more resilient to harm. Using this logic the Cucco Lady must love Link a lot.

      • Pathologik

        In regards to the hearts as a means of love: Yeta and Yeto.

  • Taz

    You're forgetting when child Link went to go find Zelda in the courtyard at the end of the game. That is the final scene of the game frozen in timeless sepia. I'm curious what you think of that.

    • Smoes

      That was actually explained by Eiji Aonuma. He said that Link and Zelda's meeting as children after Ocarina of Time was the cause of the Twilight Princess timeline. Adult Zelda stayed in the future after Ocarina of Time and only sent Link back, starting the Wind Waker timeline.

      So, child Link went to the courtyard to warn a Zelda who hasn't met Link yet of the future Gannondorf will cause if he is not stopped. This leads to the scene in is shown in Twilight Princess of Gannondorf's execution.

      This also explains why, at the end of Ocarina of Time that Zelda is shocked to see Link and Link has such a serious expression on his face instead of them both having a happy reunion. Zelda is shocked because in this timeline, she hasn't met Link yet and Link is serious because his journey isn't over until Gannondorf is dead. There is nothing remotely romantic at all about this ending, at all. It's Link finishing what he started and making sure Hyrule is safe.

      • Blizzeta93

        Thank you!! that's exactaly what i got from playing the games.

  • Headphoneguy

    If it was true that Link 1 and Zelda 1 was in love, why would Link choose to go back in time and not stay with the one he loves?

    • Blizz

      Like he had a choice…

      • sj67

        Saving the world might be a little more important. I don't know maybe it isn't……………..

        • Headphoneguy

          Didn't he go back in time to live the 7 years he missed?

    • Nyu-chan

      To obviously go back to save the others.

  • kaepora21

    Honestly I do not understand why so many people want to read romance into the Zelda series. There is no evidence of any love interest for Link for good measure; being a hero does not allow for one to grow involved with another so closely. He is completely altruistic because of a higher sense of morality, not because of affection. Saving Hyrule is his goal, not falling in love. Even the curtain falling in AoL is not evidence enough to support a romantic ending. It is simply the ending of an act, and a curtain is highly appropriate to draw a parallel to the theater that is Zelda.

    I'm not against speculation (I LOVE trying to interpret Majora's Mask) but I think one requires at least some form of lingering suggestion in order to craft a theory. Building one's own wishes and hopes into a series without foundation is exactly that: unfounded.

    • Guest

      That won't stop the fanbase. Remember, Link was created as an essentially mute character, with no real defining traits of a personality because the creators wanted to players to 'be' Link for the time they were playing. And, let's face it, one thing that's on a lot of peoples' minds is romance. So, you have a character that, while you're playing, is you, and then you have all of the secondary characters that, to the fanbase, are possibly love interests.

      It's not a matter of every Zelda player ripping the game apart to find any hints of romance. It's just that the shipping players see Link(them) and the character that romantically interests them the most, and next thing you know, you have manwhore!Link.

      • Emilie

        I love your comment!XD I don't get why it was thumbed down? I think too that it's to us to decide for ourselves.

      • kaepora21

        That's fine, but it isn't what the game is about. It isn't difficult to work in or even suggest a romantic relationship somewhere in the game. The fact that the developers actively denied to include such a relationship should make it an open and shut case. The franchise is not determined by what people think should happen, it is a story written by others and should merely be understood, not created by its fans.

  • Bingo675

    Completely agree

  • sj67

    That could be a part of a game. There could be a game about Link's son at young age try to save the world from Ganon's son. The father (Link) could of died so his son had to save the world. The mother of the son could be Princess Zelda, or another girl. But kinda showing that they did fall in love in the past. I don't know. I am kinda againts it but it could be a good idea for a new game for nintendo.

  • brawlmasters2

    At the very end of the game Young Link goes back to visits Young Zelda.
    Now if that ain't proof then i dont know what is

    • Zeb

      Thats cause he wants to warn her of Ganondorf.

  • Lyokokrill

    But Zelda 4 and Link 4 lived hundreds of years AFTER Zelda 1 and Link 1. Zelda 1 was already dead by the time Link 4 was around.

    • sj67

      That a little confusing………..

    • BitF Adict

      Well, that Zelda is said to be in a sleeping spell for hundreds of years.

  • I think Zelda was grateful every time Link saved her kingdom, but they never shared a true romantic moment, at least not as the games show. Like the article said, they had to marry to keep their future lines going. So it could either be Zelda or another girl Link settled down with.

  • The Link and Zelda from Spirit Tracks are the only couple who could potentially be in love. That seems to be pretty well established in their relationship.

  • Arvidius

    I wrote a rebuttal, but unfortunately have to split it into multiple comments. I apologize:
    A good article and I don't necessarily disagree with the premise. However, I am having difficulty with some of the logical conclusions used to support it. I might be a bit ignorant here, but where does it say that each Link has to be descended from a prior Link, and Zelda from a prior Zelda? Throughout the series we are only given glimpses to Link’s extended family, and one instance of a sister: we don’t even have information to deduce the names of his parents—much less the fact that he was in fact descended directly from a prior Link. Furthermore, if we take your conclusion to the extreme in that there is a dynasty of Links, doesn’t that: 1) give Ganondorf the rather opportunity to simply kill the entire family and wipe out the “Link” bloodline and 2) give a rather medieval message that heroes are chosen by blood? (see below)

  • Arvidius

    . I think what I have a problem with is the notion that the lack of a qualified hint of romance, or at least ambiguous hints of romance, shows that the game designers did not intend a romance between the characters. Firstly, on a purely logical basis, offering the absence of something cannot constitute proof for the presence of something else. Secondly, I think that people can look at all the scenes you described and conclude that the game designers intended something else. Finally, I think we actually do have an idea for the game designers’ intent, or at least Shigeru Miyamoto’s thoughts on the pair in an interview he did with Famitsu regarding Ocarina of Time:

    Famitsu: Does Link have a girlfriend?
    Miyamoto: If it was Princess Zelda, it would be great. However, this time Navi is jealous of Zelda. So within the story, Navi feels something for Link."
    (see below)

  • Arvidius

    But we’ve spent too much time on the empirical question as to whether Link and Zelda exhibit romance in Ocarina of Time. I think the fact that we can have a discussion as to whether Ocarina of Time is a love story, or a tale of growing up, loss of innocent, death,–or both—shows the genius and appeal of the game. What’s more is that neither interpretation is wrong. During this era, Link essentially served as your in game avatar—your graphical representation in the world of The Legend of Zelda. Since Link is in effective a blank slate for your convenience, it’s up to you to decide his thoughts, feelings, and actions. Therefore, if a player concludes that Link has romantic feelings for Zelda, then I think that demonstrates the strength of Ocarina of Time’s design in immersing the player to such an extent that they make those conclusions. Similarly, if a player interprets those scenes differently, it merely shows the versatility of a game rendered in polygons that we can have discussions regarding theme. This leads me to my final point.

  • Arvidius

    Contingent to any discussion about Link and his loves, or lackthereof, is the debate as to whether Link is the player, an independently existing character, or a meld somewhere in between. In Ocarina of Time, Link was the player I think, but he became more of a character than he was in the NES or SNES games. Now we have games like Wind Waker, and especially Spirit Tracks, where Link and Zelda have a much less ambiguous romantic relationship that is formed with or without the consent of the player. I think most of these discussions regarding “who Link should get with” are silly, they do revolve around a very important and evolving theme in the Zelda Universe—whether Link be player or character.

  • Hyrule’sWisdom

    When Ocarina of time Link is fighting Ganon in the final battle, whenever Link gets hit Zelda always screams. I guess this could be a sign she cares about Link….

  • Arvidiusdux

    My response since it could not be placed in the comments section: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/forums/general-zelda

  • Mask of Sorrow

    Also Saria, Malon and a ton of women in AOL (The last one was this stupid theory I thought of after I watched The Legend of Neil)

    • Arvidius

      I confined the other candidates based upon those I thought were plausible. While I thought that Link and Saria had a great emotional connection, and it's a great anchor for the first part of OoT, I think there are some basic biological factors that would have to be overcome, most notably Link adopting pedophilia since Saria can never physically become an adult. I know it wouldn't be pedophilia in the strictest sense of the term, but it would still be…weird. Regarding Malon, I never thought based upon their interactions in the game that you could place her in the same bracket as Midna, Marin, or Zelda, but who am I to judge?

  • ShadowofLight

    There were some obvious hints, like in Twilight Princess.
    Overall, I think anyone who cares should use his or her imagination.

    • Sam

      Exactly what obvious hints? Princess Zelda was harldly in the game. The only hint of affection between her and Link was when she showed the light arrows.

      • I think that teaching Link her Lullaby is some token of affection. Why else would she give it away if not for taking a (non-romantic) liking to him?

  • dabongo

    this is the biggest thing Zelda fails on in my mind. your supposed to save the princess and sweep her off her feet. Instead he always goes back home looking like a sterile pheminin monkey with his tail between his legs.

  • TrustMe101

    Just like how we don't have a lot of evidence of Link and Zelda having a romantic relationship, there's no evidence that they are related. No where in the games has it said that they were related in any way.

  • TrustMe101

    To be honest, I like the idea of Link and Zelda together. ♥ But just as the article said, there's multiple Links and Zeldas, so they can't have married each other multiple times. Besides, Zelda is always a princess, so do you really think that her parents would let her marry a "peasant"? No, she would most likely marry a prince. Link has never been a prince.

    • Elienkae

      If he saved the world though I think they would make an exception 🙂

      • TrustMe101

        True… 😀

  • ThatOneGuy

    "…each Link and Zelda is descended from a previous Link and Zelda." Each Zelda is a descendant of a previous Zelda, but the Links are just randomly chosen, and are not related. Like in Spirit Tracks, the Zelda there is openly stated to be the grandchild of Tetra and Windwaker Link, but the Spirit Tracks Link is not related at all. But this article was written 6 years before Spirit Tracks, so it's impossible for the writer to have known that. Also in some games there is romance between Link and Zelda, like (once again) Spirit Tracks, where they hold hands at the end, but I don't think all the different Links got married to their Zelda, though many of them did.

    • Anonymous

      Ok . . . I agree with that logic but in OOT ganondorf said he will fight all Link's descendants. Wouldn't the Links be related then?

  • StephenStills

    I don't think Nintendo really intended a romantic connection between Link and Zelda. They might have added a few hints at one in, but that seems more of an "Oh, let's tease the fans," kind of thing. The only REAL romantic connection I've seen in any of the games is between Link and Midna.

    • You never played Spirit Tracks have you? Biggest ZeldaxLink game so far…

      • QueenxLink

        Yeah, Ik, at the end…

    • QueenxLink

      Midna was an IMP through the entire game… Ok he could have created a bond of frienship with her but fallen in love? I don't think so…

      • StephenStills

        Well I mean at the end, it seemed to me that they both secretely loved each other. Especially when Midna became "human" again. And no, I haven't played Spirit Tracks, so I have no idea of any romance from it. Aww, now I really need to play Spirit Tracks!

  • The Wolfess

    This article needs to be expanded to include multiple scenes, exact quotes, and more than two games since you are discussing the two major characters. To say that Link and Zelda don't have romance between them based on one scene in one game is just as illogical as saying that there is romance between them because of gameplay-related elements. Without sufficent support beyond what is here, this article sounds more like "IN YOUR FACE ZELINKERS!" Appologies, but as it is written right now this is a biased article.

    • LuX

      Whats the point of looking at other games when we're discussing OoT Link and Zelda? There never together in a game again. Except Melee :S

      • Urmother

        Wtf? They were in every single Zelda game together.

      • CIE

        …….what? They were never in a game together again? When are they NOT in a game together? I could probably count them on one hand!

  • LuX

    The scene in the sky could be seen as you said it yes. But you seem to be missing a major fact, body language. Whilst the N64 couldn't create grand physical emotion like consoles now, there was still one thing you ignored. Link and Zelda's eyes. He was looking straight at her, not the Ocarina, he couldn't care less about it, his interest was completely on her. And she looked down and too the side, again not at the Ocarina, more of a 'shy' response towards Link's gaze.

    Now i'm not really making an argument for or against their 'love' I'm just stating that you missed the scene's finer points. There lingering hands for me certainly isn't the biggest clue in this discussion.

    But wether they had feelings or not is not important, they never got together that we saw.

  • wayofthesheikah

    Haha, I remember when I was younger I was a ZeLink shipper, especially in Ocarina of Time. But as I grew older, my perspective changed. Anyways, I wholeheartedly agree with this article, there' s not much evidence at all in OoT that could hint at a ZeLink romance. If anyone should have ended up with Link in OoT, I think it would be Malon. There are a few examples to support this view also.

    For example, if you talk to one of the Gossip Stones (I think it's one of the ones in the Sacred Forest Meadow, but I could be wrong) with the Mask of Truth on, it'll state that Malon "secretly wishes for a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet," or something to that effect. Link I kind of does that when he rescues Lon Lon Ranch from Ingo in the future. Also the cutesy "Fairy Boy" nickname could be interpreted as flirting I suppose, depending on how you look at it. But I think the strongest evidence is in TP actually. SInce it supposedly takes place in the child timeline after MM and Link II is a rancher, it could be implied that Link I and Malon hooked up years before. Also the Epona II of that game could be a descendant of Epona I from OoT. (Oh, and I'm also a MidnaxLink TP supporter. There were a ton of tiny moments in the game that implied this relationship, and I don't know but they just seem to go well together, haha.)

    Again though, these are just my own views. In the end I think, like other people have said on here, that it's all about fan interpretation. Remember, Link is supposed to represent the player, as Nintendo has said at various points over the years. It wouldn't be a far stretch using this point of view to suggest that maybe Nintendo wants the fans to make their own judgment call as to who Link should end up with? Either way, it's still fun to debate! =)

  • sj67

    Who are the other two people in the picture?

  • Blizzeta93

    SPIRIT TRACKS!!! SPIRIT TRACKS!!! First there was that "incident" in Zelda's room. NOT TO MENTION THAT ZELDA PRACTICALLY HUGS LINK AFTER SHE GETS HER BODY BACK, And DIDN'T ANYONE SEE THEM HOLD HANDS? . If any game had a romantic relationship between Link and Zelda it was Spirit Tracks.

    • ThatOneGuy

      Finally! Why does everybody ignore Spirit Tracks! It was as amazing as any of the other Zelda games yet it seems that no one here has ever played it! Anyways, you're right that game shows the romantic relationship between Link and Zelda more than almost any other Zelda game because it isn't trying to be subtle.

    • Link and Zelda were both children in Spirit Tracks. Neither had "blossomed" yet, so to speak.
      How a hug is romantic or sexual I fail to see. I hug my friends, I'll wager you do as well.
      If one thing can be concluded, it's that Link and Zelda over the course of their adventure became GOOD FRIENDS.

  • Cookie

    I think Link and Zelda's love is a constant "what can never be". In many instances they have appeared to deeply care about eachother, wheather it is love it has never really been said or show to such a degree where we could all firmly say, yes in this game they do etc.

  • starbolt

    who needs romance any way come on?! its pointless that zelda marries link
    then the decendents will be related and the love interest is over

  • starbolt

    some times there friends some times there strangers whats the real point they wont just make out in the end

  • I wonder how Skyward Sword will end, Zelda and Link are both present again. the Director of this game is the guy who made PH, the Oracle series, the minish cap. All of those games that featured a lot of ZeldaxLink scenes. Not to mention the Spirit Tracks team is working on Skyward Sword as well. 😀 I can't wait!

    • TrustMe101

      Whoot whoot! Yay for Spirit Tracks team! 😀

  • starbolt

    well link decends from some guy but zelda is always a princes,s link is either her friend,guard,stranger,or met some place
    also theres multiple hyrules and other places
    so zeldas arent always related but link some times decended or is a radom guy who knows how to fight take mm for instace he's done the saving the land thing before

  • QueenxLink

    Who would I rather see Link fall in love with? Me, of course! ♥

  • ShiekSpiritWolf

    I don't recall hearing that all the Links are related. In fact, I think I read somewhere that all of them are not related in anyway.

    • QueenxLink

      Yeah to me, every Link is different…

      • QueenxLink

        Except of course, Link from the Oracles and OoT & Majora's Mask.

  • Wow. I could not disagree with you more. At the VERY least, it's clear Zelda 1 loved Link 1. Link 1 still doesn't have much of a personality, but a LOT of the things she said as Sheik were suggestive.

  • ChainofTermina

    This old argument again? well, seeing as how I'm way at the bottom of the second page and it's unlikely that a lot of people will see this, I'll keep it short. as far as OoT goes, I'm a Zelink shipper. no, there is no evidence in the game to support that, but I still like to pretend anyway, because it's fun. WW I'm also a zeink shipper, mostly because there isn't really any other girl in that game that's a available for him. Spirit Tracks has an ending that is pretty much Nintendo saying "THERE! ARE YOU HAPPY, FANS? WE GAVE YOU A DAMN ROMANCE, SO QUIT BUGGING US!!"

    TP, I used to think it was Ilia and Link, because of all the cutscenes that made that rather obvious in my opinion. but recently I have begun to consider MidnaxLink because that does make a LOT of sense according to the story.

    • "WW I'm also a zeink shipper, mostly because there isn't really any other girl in that game that's a available for him."

      Why's it gotta be a girl? In this day and age, I would hope more people would be open-minded.
      Further more Tetra is totally a lesbian.

      • ChainofTermina

        Tetra is not a lesbian. there is no evidence of that. there is however evidence of her being romantically interested in Link, like all the winking, and some dialogue could even be considered flirting. also, she seems so upset and expresses her deepest apologies to Link for him and his sister being caught up in her mistakes. plus, Link seems to give off the impression that she likes her too, like being so determined to help and save her.

        If Nintendo wants to make a Zelda with a homosexual Link then sure, fine, more power to them, but so far, there isn't any evidence of that, as opposed to numerous pieces of evidence of him being interested in Zelda or some other girl depending on the Zelda title.

        • ChainofTermina

          at the end of the 1st paragraph, I meant "he likes her too" sometimes I just can't type

          • Gerudodude

            LMAO @ Tetra is totally a lesbian!

          • ChainofTermina

            yeah well you shouldn't because she's not. I really don't where this idea is coming from. is it because she's a Tomboy? well, guess what? JUST BECAUSE A GIRL IS A TOMBOY, THAT DOESN'T AUTOMATICALLY MEAN SHE'S GAY.

          • Gerudodude

            Who cares if she is or isnt…omg.

          • Fiercest Deity

            We do! Nintendo do! The world do…er, should! For they partake in scads and oodles and jillions of wicked and depraved and decadent perversions. Lesbianism and gayism is amongts them! There is no escaping their pull, their lure, their trap…so fall into Self! Give way to temptation! Let sin rrrrrrrrule our trivial lives! Become enslaved to the demons that cling to our souls!

            Or, repent, read daily your Bible, and practice Love, Patience, and Kindness to all your kin and neighbors and peers.

            Thank you.

          • Gerudodude

            @ Fiercest Deity "Judge not les ye be judge"…I wonder if you do everything the Bible says…? Then practice what you preach in your second paragraph. =)

          • Fiercer Deity

            And I wonder if you believe everything it says: 1 Corinthians 6;9

  • Ulises

    "This reminds me of us…" this is what Zelda tells Link when she plays the Song of Time in Majora's Mask. What's more the whole scene is somehow… romantic.

  • linkpwns13

    I dunno about you gaiz, but I thought Twilight Princess had a bit of a romantic ending, on Zelda and Midna's sides.

    • Same here. Actually Zelda and Minda had several moments in TP that could be interpreted romantically.

  • Everyone's always so obsessed with who LINK should pair up with.
    Have you ever even considered Zelda's feelings? Huh?!

    Why should she be forced to couple with some smelly peasant who happened to be fated by the goddesses to save her and/or her kingdom?

    (Anticipates a million thumbs down)

  • Note: When personal attacks are involved it stops being a debate and starts being a fight. Cleaned up several fights, don't do that.

    • ChainofTermina

      I had to re-post my reply to the person who replied to my original post, and I can't see how it's personally attacking them. if it is, could you tell me how so maybe I can re-word it, as I don't mean to personally attack them

  • Over9000Gingers

    It's quite obvious that Link and Malon get together in OoT/MM. And in ST, it's obvious that Link takes a liking in Zelda. ST is also the end of the WW timeline. I hope for a major love interest in SS, but I hope it's not Zelda, and it's most likely going to be a poor woman in Hyrule. Possibly a red-head? And there isn't a big love factor in Zelda games because it would take away gameplay and just, obstruct the game in a way. Oh yeah, Link has an obvious crush on Ilia in TP.

  • OniLink99999

    Personally, I'd like to reference the scene in Majora's Mask, after you get the Ocarina (I'm suprised you didn't remember it). It's a rather heartful goodbye between the two.

    Zelda states: "Even though it was only a short time, I feel like I've known you forever. I'll never forget the days we spent in Hyrule…And I believe in my heart that a day will come when I shall meet you again…Until that day comes, please…Take this…I am praying…I am praying that your journey be a safe one…" Then when she's teaching you the Song of Time, she states "This song reminds me of us…" Then afterwards, the game states "This melody, lingering on the edges of your mind, is a song of memories of Princess Zelda." Also pay attention to the character's manerisms in the scene (go watch it if you want =P).

    Now, is it just me, or does that not point to at least some level of romantic feelings between the two?

  • Hero_of_Pie

    At the end of Spirit Tracks, Link and Zelda hold hands and watch sunset.

  • Dark Angel Fox

    I'm really sure I've read this somewhere before… Maybe it was Zelda blog? Anyway I already know the outcome.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Hey, look you guys…. we kinda have to think a little harder and broader than we are right now.

    Yes, I'm going to admit, I would be excited at some Link and Zelda relationships, but we have to face what's spelled out right in front of us. You have a choice- the sugar or the truth- and quite frankly, I want the truth. And, I'm pretty sure that that's what Link and Zelda want too.

    What I find so beautiful in the Legend of Zelda series is the fact that I see them in a situation of forbidden love. While I do not base my entire mindset of the game play on it, I see them as two young souls who love one another, but know that they could never be together. Well, they could, but they would rather protect the land of Hyrule, rather than ignore the people and act on selfish impulses (utilitarianism, you can say). Many may compare this fact to that of Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, The West Side Story, etc, but there is only a tidbit of events that would compare to this, as most of those stories end up with the lovers together at one point, but are either separated, dead, or some other tragic event happens in the end.

    The Legend of Zelda isn't a preset Love story, Fairytale, or a Tragedy, but rather a clean slate that's left open for the player to decide. I can only respect Nintendo for doing such a good job on creating a game that is left so open for the player to create their own little side stories and quests, much like that of the end of Ocarina of Time. It ends right at the fork in the road (which forms the split time line, but that's not relevant as of right now), where Zelda either remembers Link (along with the rest of the people) or she does not, and hence a whole new friendship has to form (which must be rather hard for Link). I personally would like to see the fact that Link IS remembered, but I also like to imagine it both ways and see how different the results could turn out. It just really amazes me how intricate the games get, and yet, how simple they really are.

    It just goes to show that humans really do try to create order to everything there is. And, it's O.K., it's human nature, but we do have a tendency to try and make everything that we see as chaos, orderly…whether it's for the best or not…well..that's debatable…. Religion/faith/opinions/facts aside, we're trying to use our own nature to order The Legend of Zelda, when in truth, I believe, it's not meant to be the same set order to every single person. We're over thinking it people…that's all…

    All in all, it just means that I have to give Nintendo that much more props for being so creative and intelligent in their design. So simple, yet so hard to comprehend… but I mean come on, we have SO many more things that we over think in life that it's pretty ridiculous, actually.^^

  • The Dark Wolf

    "During this era, Link essentially served as your in game avatar—your graphical representation in the world of The Legend of Zelda. Since Link is in effective a blank slate for your convenience, it’s up to you to decide his thoughts, feelings, and actions. Therefore, if a player concludes that Link has romantic feelings for Zelda, then I think that demonstrates the strength of Ocarina of Time’s design in immersing the player to such an extent that they make those conclusions." Arvidius, I agree with that completely and along with a bit more, but I disagree with other points such as that Link and Zelda were not descendents of other links and zeldas. I'm not Nintendo so obviously I can't say for sure, but I think Oot, MJ, the oracles, and LA, (and maybe a few more) are the same Link. Other Link's and Zelda's are clearly descendants (notice storyline events, statements, and the triforce symbols on the hands and signs on the houses). However, I believe the games say enough for themselves.

  • The Dark Wolf

    To be honest, I prefer Link and Zelda and some games clearly show that pair as previously mentioned (and I thought I remembered Link searching for her as his purpose for traveling between OoT and MJ, but maybe that's just me). And yes, there are others, definitely Marin, maybe Midna in TP is a close friend, but you have to be a moron not to notice his relationship with Ilia, and let's not forget Saria, another friend in OoT. It can't be Navi or Tatyl because, though there's some connection, that's physically impossible (I mean, let's be real here). You have to look at each game individually here: I think TP is obviously Ilia (which does bug me), Awakening would be Marin if she wasn't a dream morphed into a seagull, AoL, OoT, MJ, the oracles, and the toon Link games are all clearly Zelda and Link or descendants of the two. What Nintendo masterfully does is maintain a sort of romantic connection that, since nothing ever fully happens and they never fully unite, is allowed to carry on to the next game, whether it's the same Link and Zelda or not. If they finished it, it would be gross or simply not make sense to carry it on, so Nintendo must leave loose ends.

  • zaldayus

    man, after all that crap for link, the least zelda could do after sitin up in her tower is give him a handy lol

  • I wish you had mentioned Link and Zelda from Spirit Tracks. They're together during the entire quest, and then they hold hands at the end. I don't know exactly what that means, but it may mean 1 of 3 things:

    1 – They've been through a lot together, and now that it's all over, they can finally be alone with each other to try to figure out how they're feeling for each other. Then, they hold hands.
    2 – As Anjean says before leaving, Zelda must protect the world and Link must help her. The fact they hold hands must be a pact they're making, as how they are going to be the protectors of that land. Tough times may be ahead of them.
    3 – After they've been through the whole adventure, Anjean tells them to work together. The meaning of that is both what I've said above and that she thinks they're right for each other.

    What do you guys think?

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Those are all very valid reasons. I don't think I could set my mind on just one of them, as I would wish for the others too. I wish #1 would have been the option, but then again, I'm sure the meaning was gravitated to #2. The poor souls have given all they got to defeat what has just unfolded, they've been through losses in the process, and now it's time to settle down and keep the land safe. They know that they could not work without the other one there, so I think that it would go back to what I wrote in my entry, which is that they have to put their personal interests aside and protect the land of Hyrule. The forbidden love aspect comes back into the concept, and -while it's heartbreaking- it makes a good, gripping backstory. They're both very selfless kids/teens/young adults throughout the games, as they give up their childhoods to save the people and stop evil, and I respect their characters for that.

      Very valid reasons these are, and those could all be true, as Nintendo left the ending open for all of us to imagine our own endings. And, I think that the Final Scene in Spirit Tracks really gets me, for personally, it means that Zelda is still within the castle doing her Princess responsibilities, while Link is out protecting the land elsewhere. Even if they really did want to get into a major relationship, they would be separated and needed in different parts of the land. Rather sad to think about, but it just goes to show how strong they must be to be able to understand and act in the scenario they're in.

      • Each one interprets the endings the way he/she likes, I guess.

        The meaning of the part where they hold hands is still a bit confusing to me. But given their relationship throughout the adventure, I'd say it's possible to be either one of the reasons I pointed, or a mix. Although, I don't think they have a forbidden love thing. I'll get to that below.

        About the last cutscene, where Zelda waves at Link, I believe what has been happening in the last few days (and what will keep happening) is that they became good friends, they see each other many times, and while they're protecting the land together, they still have good moments with each other.

        Maybe, it's really up to each player to interpret it their own way. Granted, without deviating from the facts, the undeniable aspects, throughout the plot.

  • All the Links don't have to be related. To me, they're just alike because the designers want so, and it saves a lot of time conceptualizing a new Link for every new game. Link already has enough versions.

    Zelda, we know all of them are related. Now Link, I don't think so. What's more, his name can be whatever we want. He's called like that because he serves to "link" us to the world and the people in the game.

    I'm guessing at least the Links from The Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks end up marrying each game's Zelda.

    What do you guys think?

  • Arvidius

    @ TiagoJMonteiro

    "Zelda, we know all of them are related."
    Do we? On what source are we basing this?

    "I'm guessing at least the Links from The Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks end up marrying each game's Zelda."
    I think it's reasonable to assume they have a relationship in Spirit Tracks, and you can make a less solid, but fair, deduction for the same in Wind Waker. But I don't think you can take it for granted that they get married. I am not discounting the possibility, but you cannot assume they do just because they held hands after an adventure when they were kids/teens.

  • keiferm

    Provided I had written this article, I would've pointed out a few more important things:
    1) Not every Link is decended from Link and Zelda (Look at Twilight Princess, Link is a farmer and Zelda is a Princess) In Wind Waker King of Red Lions says "He has no connection with the Hero of Time" So thats more evidence against the "Marrying your relative theory" I think the Adult timeline (specifically WW PH and ST) does a better thing with romance and how explicitly it is shown than the Child timeline.
    2) All things considered, who else does Link I have that special connection to? Let's cut out people he cant marry due to species issues,Ruto, Saria (She's an eternal child, Kokiri) Then there are shippers who Ship Malon and Link, but Link barely interacted with her. Then, let's go back to the whole "Not every Link is related to Link 1" Thing i said earlier, Thwy are always separated, and never in the same castle or live as Relatives like Royalty is supposed to. There is more evidence but I'll stop here.

  • Digdogger48

    Link already has too many girls that show even the slightest interest: Zelda, Ilia, Malon, Ruto, Medli, Great Fairy, Marin, Hena, Din, Nayru, AND Saria. (I may have missed a few)

    • ZeldaGurl_

      I don't think that some of those girls really think of Link as that. To me, I think that Saria liked Link deeper than friendship when you first start out the game, but when she found out she was a Sage, she turned down the though at the realization that it would never be.From then on, I think she justed learned to love Link as a brother and best friend. I think that might be a reason against the relationship between Link and Zelda in OoT as well, but then again, she's the seventh sage, the big mojo or whatnot, so I don't know…. The same goes for Medli, although I don't think that she ever liked Link for that, as she had the Prince on her mind so much.

      The Great Fairy was rather humorous, actually, but I think it was more of a teasing. And to say that Link fell in love with a fairy just wouldn't add up to his ancestors. Half of the characters that tease Link in this sense don't seem like "possible" ladies, as they are not Hylian (Ruto especially). Hena would make sense, as well as Illia, and Malon, mainly because they're of the same race.

      I personally don't really care, so long as Link was happy. Whether I like the idea or not, I like the fact that Link would be happy…unless it goes all back to the forbidden love, and simply settles down with someone else because he knows that him and Zelda could never be.

  • On “Tetra is a lesbian” or “Nintendo should make a homosexual Link,” this will never happen for two reasons. The first is, to my knowledge, Nintendo is a video game company, not a political activist. I don’t know how the LGTB rights movement is faring in Japan (if there is one at all), but for Nintendo to do this would be taking a stance on a polarizing, incredibly political issue. It’s not good money for them and it alienates most of their conservative clientele.

    The second reason is that, while Link HAS had a growing personality, he is still supposed to be something of an avatar. This isn’t nearly as pronounced as before, but who hasn’t imagined they were the Hero of Time, traipsing through Hyrule and fighting monsters? I know there are a lot of female gamers, so obviously they can’t EXACTLY “be” Link the way a male player can, but in any respect, it is simple, observable fact that there are simply more heterosexuals in the world than homosexuals. By a very wide margin. So as long as Link is supposed to be—even a little bit—an avatar for the player, Nintendo won’t make their character homosexual. Having all of their heterosexual players (the vast majority) play as a gay man in a game where romance usually isn’t much of a theme, would be forcing this identity upon them rather than allowing their own identity to shape the character.

    I don’t want to spark a fight here, I’m just pointing out the rarer obvious reasons why Nintendo won’t make a gay character for one of their most beloved franchises in the foreseeable future.

  • sj67

    What about the girl for Lon Lon ranch in Majora's mask. I thought they got married, had a kid, and the father (or the kid, I am not sure) died in the lost woods. I remember reading that in the Zelda timeline.

  • Teengamer

    I know you haven’t done Minish Cap, Four Swords, Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks yet, but I think those are the games which really do hint a pleasant relationship between Link and Zelda (Spirit Tracks especially). As for Ocarina, I think Malon is a more suitable match, since she actually interacts with Link and helps him on his journey. Saria would be great too, but she’s a sage and she doesn’t exactly grow up. 😛

    So yeah. Hey, is this the 100th comment? Sweet! 😀

  • Dark Wolf

    Sj67, if you read that, it was all made up. There is never one bit of that mentioned in any games. All of you, Link is clearly always a descendant of previous Links. The original received the triforce of courage and passed it down. That is why every Link (who is not shown getting it in-game) has it on his hand or on a sign by his house or something. In TP, if you look over Link's door, you will see it. In both oracle games and in the toon Link series, it is on his hand. In OOT and ALTTP he receives it.

  • daniel

    I had this handheld-atari-like Zelda games (it was green) and looked kind of similar to DS nowadays (remind you that this handheld was more than 20 years old) I had it when I was in the third year of primary school.
    this game was awfully difficult it had two screens just like DS top and bottom. and link only needed to kill the enemy (a guard) at the right end of the screen, every time i killed one guard, Two stairs emerged from the right and left corner of the bottom screen to fight a dragon on the top screen. If you picked the wrong screen you'd ended up fighting a dragon on the top screen using your knife instead of an axe (1 hit from an axe equals to 10 knife hits).

    anywayy…. long story short…. after my mum had finished the game (what did you expect? a third grade finish a classic handheld game? not until he reaches 20 he won't) I could swear that link went to see princess Zelda on the top of the castle, held her hand and a big love was right in the middle of them (another classic cliche ending) so for me at least, Zelda and Link are lovers. until TP was out, I think Midna is way hotter than Zelda, maybe it is just me

  • Ganondork

    It's anyone's guess, I for one think he married Malon and settled down and that is why Link is a farmer in Twilight Princess but even that theory has some flaws, but that is a good think about Legend of Zelda, It let's us use our imagination and create our own story.

  • Boom

    I have to argue the point of link and zelda falling in love because it would be gross and that it would cause problems for the future offspring. Due to the fact that we don't know the distance between some of the timelines, who is to say that it has not been several hundreds of years. meaning that, if they had multiple kids, as well as the who war and infidelity thing, then who's to say that the offspring of their offspring couldn't have gotten so separated so as to have absolutely no idea as to the fact of being related to one another.

  • CIE

    First of all, I would expect the writer of the article to have done a little more research than what is here… because there are huge inaccuracies. For one, the Links in every game are not descended from each other. The brother-sister argument has been shot down time and time again, and yet you don't seem to get it.

  • CIE

    Another thing, you base your argument basically on ONE scene–the one in the sky. There are plenty more interactions between them that hint at their possiblity (not saying that it happens, because despite the fact that I think they are portrayed as maybe having feelings for one another, I DO NOT believe they get together…it seems to be one of those things that won't be acted upon), so let's give credit where credit is due. You even have other characters comment on the two. Ruto, for instance, senses that he's looking for her, hinting at some jealousy before assuring him that she's safe.

  • CIE

    Most of the ending scenes are incredibly cinematic and just the way they have the characters interact (the way Zelda approaches Link after she reveals herself as Sheik in disguise, the way they look at each other when the castle falls, the way he puts his hands against the pink crystal thing when she's captured) are devised to make you feel some connection. It plays like a movie, and you are supposed to feel those tense parts. None of it is concrete, but I do think that there was intention as far as the way they went about it. Just contrasting it with the serious non-action in TP gives you a lot to work with. Link I and Zelda I were obviously familiar with each other and obviously felt a bond. I don't think you presented enough to really get away with your conclusion and I think that you were a bit biased here.

  • Ultimate Zelda Fan

    Everyone please listen.
    I want Link and Zelda to fall in love but it wouldn't work.
    You see all the Links are related and so are all the Zeldas
    If Link in one game married Zelda then the future Link and Zeldas would be brother and sister!
    I think Link married someone else in all of the games.
    In ocarina of time Link's parents died when he was a baby but the mother could've not been the older Zelda because then Link would have grown up as the prince.
    If you disagree I will respond!
    Link probably married a regular girl, a commoner probably.
    Link and Zelda just can't be together.
    But I will admit one thing in Link to the Past the last words Link's Uncle says are Zelda is your . . .
    Which could mean they are brother and sister.

  • Aspion

    okay listen up this is important… link and zelda DO love eachother yes.. but they cannot marry they must forthoughtfully live on with different souls. Why? because if they mated and had a child then they would not be able to carry on the long living result of the world not ending so because of ganandorf unless he is somehow locked away forever link cannot carry on his unstoppable tradition quest in finding zelda,,, training together, stopping ganondorf from getting the triforce. and live on… why because they need to be together to defeat him and if they die they will leave their son/ daughter to defeat him but since link and zelda are gone zelda cannot help link continue on his quest for the unmistakeable triforce..

  • Matt

    I came here for stuff about anju aka cuccu lady not link and zelda