Mr. Train says it's a good deal.

Do I hear a train’s whistle blowing? Or could that just be my schizophrenic tendencies coming up again? Wait, what’s that Mr. Train? You said there’s a sale going on at a major retailer’s website for only one day? You say there’s also free shipping going on at the same place? And you’re saying I need to use fire as a way to solve all my hardships and proble-erm… I mean… So about them Zelda games… is apparently giving a 10% discount on all The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks purchased on their website for one day only. Something about it being part of their daily steals-erm “deals.” All you need to do is find that Zelda game, add it to your cart, and then enter the following promo code during checkout: HYRULE. With the game going at $34.99, a 10% discount will land you at approximately $31.49. I know, this deal is just too good to be true! And to make it even better, the order should include free value shipping. Thanks to this deal, you’ll be able to eat for another day and play with spirit conductor Link for the time in between!

Take it from Mr. Train, he knows where the best whistlin’ deals are and also knows that this deal is ending 80-mph fast (11/13/2010 at 12:00am EST)! So get your engineer hat on, coal shovel, and your method of payment to take advantage of this deal today! Do note that GameStop doesn’t take Rupees as a valid form of payment yet.

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  • It is nice to be informed of limited time deals but… it is still cheaper on Amazon at $18 at this moment.

  • keiferm

    I got it the week it came out thanks to Gamestop preordering! Yay! I'm sure most of the guys here have the game already.

  • Derek, you should own an advertising company. 😉

  • Dennis

    friggin sellout. you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • querulous

      And you have no shame, for whatever reason? Please, if you're going to complaim, don't cuss. I mean, look at my name. I can be as bad as anybody when comes to grouching, but I never turn the air blue. Only amatours swear. So, I guess the question begging is…are you an amatour?

      • Dennis

        And you have no shame, for whatever reason? Please, if you're going to complain, learn to spell. I mean, look at my name. I can be as bad as anybody when comes to spelling, but I never turn the air blue. Only amateurs don't know how to spell correctly. So, I guess the question begging is…are you an amateur?

        Empty words, exactly like your comment.

        • querulous

          Words did form my comment, yes. But they're only as empty as you choose for them to be. That is, you could have chosen to answer the question rather than choose this vacant route.

          • noob

            you hav a gud point, hehe

          • Querulous and Noob, shut up. You both are a pair of biased fogeys who just want to fan the flames for a quarrel. Dennis only stated his opinion, and at least it can be respected. You try to make him appear as the jerk when really you two are jerks. This entire debate–if it can even be called that–is not moot. So again, show some regard and just beak it.

          • noob

            wow…now im wiht this gy, lol

    • Derek

      Well, actually there is nothing to gain from this. No affiliate links, no asking us to post this, etc. While it can seem like a direct advertisement (and mind you, it is some form of an advertisement at least), there's plenty of sarcasm to show the mocking nature of this deal (really, it's only $3.49 off). But if that's good enough for someone to buy, then fine. In the end of the day, its Zelda related news, so I posted it.

    • Joko tree

      I'm sorry I tell bad jokes ok, but I am not a sellout.

  • Beer and Zelda

    Spirit Tracks was bad. About 60% of the way through I realized I was playing it just to finish it, not because I was having fun. After I beat it, it took me quite a while to come to terms with the fact that I actually hated a Zelda game.

    • ThatOneGuy

      Really? Spirit Tracks is my 4th favorite Zelda game and my favorite portable one. The dungeons were challenging, the boss battles were fun, there were TONS of sidequests, and the soundtrack is amazing. I'm just going to take a wild guess here (forgive me if I'm wrong) and say that maybe you still can't get over the fact that Link is in a train. If that's true (again, forgive me if it's not) than I would just like to point out that there have been even more advanced technologies in Zelda games than the train, like the remote control bombs in Minish Cap or some robotic enemies/bosses (ex. Armos), so I don't get why people complain about it. If you don't like it for another reason, than what is it? I can't possibly think of anything else wrong with the game, except for it maybe being too short with only 6 main dungeons.

      • noob

        andrew lee ann norman?

      • Beer and Zelda

        I will admit I wasn't a huge fan of the train. Not because of the technology itself, but just because the game felt like it was on rails (forgive the pun). At least with the boat in Phantom Hourglass you could chart your own course. Now it did get better after I unlocked more of the tracks and got a little more freedom in where I wanted to go, but I still didn't like it. I also didn't like having to draw out paths for Zelda. The thing that really sealed it for me though was the Spirit Flute. I don't want to blow into my system to play a game. As if that's not bad enough on its own, the mic is so sensitive that just the background noise in the house would trigger it sometimes while I was attempting to play a song.

        You are right about the side quests though. That is one thing they got right. I loved all the collectibles and the escort missions.

        • ThatOneGuy

          I could kind of see your point, I guess. I know the answer to this question may be yes, but was I really the only one who doesn't hate the spirit flute? I thought the idea was pretty neat, although I could understand why other people wouldn't want it. For me, it allowed me to play songs even faster than I could with the Ocarina on the N64, and just felt more natural. The Lokomo duets never really gave me trouble (I know you didn't mention that, but a lot of other people seem to complain about it). If you’re playing on a DSi, then I think you might be able to lower the sensitivity on the menu, and if not, then maybe there is a way somewhere in the game? I don't know, the other mike-using games I have it somewhere, but I haven't checked with Spirit Tracks since it was never a problem for me except while in a car when the windows were open (then again, when that happened it meant I didn't even have to blow into the microphone).

          • ThatOneGuy

            (I had to split my comment into 2 parts, because it was too long)

            For controlling the train, I remember reading in an interview about this game that there was originally going to be a system in the game where you could put the tracks down wherever you want, allowing you to go wherever and explore, but when they tried it out it didn't work, so things ended up the way they did. As for controlling Zelda, it's true that they probably could have thought of a better way for it, but it seems like it was the only way you could have Zelda and Link doing separate things at the same time, which was necessary at many points. Moving the trail that Zelda follows along the screen also let you see ahead without having to put yourself in danger by just dragging the path around the room, and then canceling the action immediately afterward, which I found helpful at some points. So I see why you wouldn't like some parts of the game, but I still don't think it's actually worth really hating.

  • Purple Link

    Game stop doesn't except rupees as payment YET.

    • ChainofTermina

      They do in India. HEYOOOO!

      …..they DO have Gamestops in India, right?

      • Pashqualli

        Yesh, yesh, friend, they do. Tonsh and tonsh of Gameshtopsh! One at every shtreet corner, in fact. I alternate from one to the otter every time I go. I live in Bongbong, you know, veeeery big town, very big. But, you know, it not anyting like it ushed to be, becaushe everyting ish being turned over and shold to Urudu, you know.

        • bradley

          Wow, that is very interesting, my friend. I'm sorry to hear about Bongbong, by the way, you know? Tragic.

          Congratulations. Now, GTFO!

        • QueenxLink

          lol whats with the Indian accent?

  • ChainofTermina

    ….{very interested tone} What else did Mr. Train say? 8D

    • Joko tree

      Hmmmm I'm quessing "I'm hungry,Derek may you please pass me the coal." or "That is one hot chick (blows whistle)."

  • How about a dime (since it's 10% off)?

  • QueenxLink

    I finished Spirit Tracks in January…

  • Lozzy

    You're right. It's worth a lot more than that. Spirit Tracks was an awesome game, stop bashing it.

  • TrustMe101

    I really want to play Spirit Tracks – it looks way fun – but I just don't have the money to buy a Nintendo DS with it… :

  • Joko tree

    Dude didn't you die.