Mr. Train says it's a good deal.

Do I hear a train’s whistle blowing? Or could that just be my schizophrenic tendencies coming up again? Wait, what’s that Mr. Train? You said there’s a sale going on at a major retailer’s website for only one day? You say there’s also free shipping going on at the same place? And you’re saying I need to use fire as a way to solve all my hardships and proble-erm… I mean… So about them Zelda games… is apparently giving a 10% discount on all The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks purchased on their website for one day only. Something about it being part of their daily steals-erm “deals.” All you need to do is find that Zelda game, add it to your cart, and then enter the following promo code during checkout: HYRULE. With the game going at $34.99, a 10% discount will land you at approximately $31.49. I know, this deal is just too good to be true! And to make it even better, the order should include free value shipping. Thanks to this deal, you’ll be able to eat for another day and play with spirit conductor Link for the time in between!

Take it from Mr. Train, he knows where the best whistlin’ deals are and also knows that this deal is ending 80-mph fast (11/13/2010 at 12:00am EST)! So get your engineer hat on, coal shovel, and your method of payment to take advantage of this deal today! Do note that GameStop doesn’t take Rupees as a valid form of payment yet.

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