In a quite frankly traumatic new episode of Zelda: The End of Time (I hate Darknuts so so much) we complete Level 4 with the help of guest commentator JoshJepson!

To watch the series from the beginning, just visit our Zelda: The End of Time playlist.

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  • Great as usual! These are so fun to watch.

  • Keith

    Yay! JoshJepson! 😀

  • words

    How come you dont do these with the game creator doing guest commentary while you are playing through it? A non-Nintendo made Zelda game would seem alot more interesting if there was more background given into the thought process and creative process of the team that made it.

    • Pineconn

      Hey, I'd be game. :p

  • ewrty

    nintendocaprisun next!!!!!

  • matt17

    part 10? whatever happened to the other parts?

  • Pineconn

    Yo Cody, check out this video of the same room. Check out how the player kills the Darknuts:

  • darknut

    i plaid this and beet it alreddy. it was eezy. what it was you had to do was hit the darknuts on the back and thye wood be stuned. if you wer in theyre way to long they wood turn around and hit you. the thing is is that you didnt move out of the way in time.

    just sayan,,,

    • Joko tree

      I found it very difficult and if it wasn't for Cody I wouldn't have got past the first level.

  • Headphoneguy

    I really hate those Creature-monster-potatoes

  • Joko tree

    Good old Cody always bringing joy into peoples lives.

    • Joko tree

      Exept in his rants