October is finally upon us, and what does that mean? Changing seasons, pumpkins, candy, ZU’s awesome Halloween-themed layout… and a new poll!

Last month, we asked for your opinion on the rumors that Skyward Sword will ship with Wii MotionPlus. After 2,108 votes, the results are in!

Do you think Skyward Sword will ship with MotionPlus?

1st (74%, 1561 votes) Yes
2nd (26%, 547 votes) No

With such a wide margin between choices, it looks like most of you believe – or hope – that the upcoming title will in fact ship with MotionPlus, which will increase the interactivity of the game by leaps and bounds, making 1:1 sword control a reality.

This month, we’re shifting our poll’s attention from the newest console Zelda title to Nintendo’s latest handheld system. Scroll down that pretty little sidebar to your right, and let us know if you plan on buying a 3DS!