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No, your eyes have not deceived you. This is, in fact, Eternal Legend’s second Fan Art Spotlight.

The Zelda Universe community is extremely lucky – not only to have such talented artists among us, but to have artists whose talents only increase, amazing us more and more with each work of art that they create.

Eternal Legend’s first art thread was filled with impressive Zelda fan art. We featured this in her first Fan Art Spotlight, which even included an interview. However, I dare say that her new art thread takes things to the next level. Above is one of Eternal Legend’s newest pieces, Skyloft Flight. According to the artist herself, it is her own “imagination […] of Link riding on a magnificent sky beast from island to island within the skies”.

We’ll likely have to wait a while before Nintendo reveals Link’s actual mode of transportation in Skyward Sword, but if Eternal Legend’s depiction is anywhere close to the truth, I certainly wouldn’t complain!

Be sure to check out Eternal Legend’s new art thread and deviantART for even more fantastic Zelda fan art, and check back regularly, as she has told us that “there are more artworks on the way, both Zelda and original pieces”.