Playing the Song of VICTORY?

While you’re clicking on Ganon’s ugly mug for Best Villain as mentioned in our previous post, why not take the time to vote for the newest handheld Zelda as Best Portable Game of the Year?

That’s right, our beloved Spirit Tracks is up against two different Assassin Creeds and two different Call of Dutys and it needs your help!

Visit Computer And Videogames’s 28th Annual Golden Joystick Awards and help give our green-clad one a fighting chance!

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  • Aquanam

    I would vote but there is an age limit to voting 🙁

    • strongfan

      I KNOW! Prepubescent teens have opinions too!

  • mufosta

    I've played both call of dutys and they were fun, but this is a very amazing game. also not old enough to vote 🙁

  • Rohan

    Wow, I can't believe Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn't a nominee for best soundtrack, that's really disappointing.

  • I haven't played Spirit Tracks yet, but I can still say it–and basically everything else–exceeds Call of Duty. While Assassin's Creed is also an enjoyable game, it still doesn't come close to the Zeldas. So vote for Spirit Tracks!

  • Death Killington

    Spirit Tracks is definitely not best portable game of the year. If anything, it should be a contender for worst.

    Seriously, that game is fucking awful.

    • keiferm

      Halo Noob.

      • Death Killington

        I don't play Halo.

    • Link

      Hey don't say that many people like this game and I don't think you could do any better.

    • Poe Princess Mara

      Oh shut up. ST pwns. I'm definately going to vote for it.

      • twilit mask of time

        ST IS a great game. IT's by far the best portable zelda experience we've had and it is easily one of the only difficult zelda games in a long time

  • Ashmic

    im stating my opinion first off so don't FREAK out people

    yes im for any zelda game, but spirit tracks was rushged, i loved the fact that the technology is coming along in the legend of zelda, it makes me happy, but ALOT of it looked lazy and rushed, like, Idk if they do that on PURPOSE or if they're lazy, like malladus? Did they make that last boss (SPOILER)

    did they make malladus look like beast ganon for a reason or were they like, wow im sick of this lets make him look like ganon we don't care? were they just pulling a majoras mask, a parallel universe with the same looking people? idk we'll probably never know..

    anyways, i can't really say much, i don't have a DS, but when using it I hated it.

    • lifesavers2

      Why did you say spoiler after you made the spoiler?

    • strongfan

      I loved the game, IDK but I liked it's feel I guess. But I agree, it did feel rushed. Don't even get me started with the godaweful wrecking phantom and that spirit flute

  • LuX

    I usually would follow your advice and vote, although I think it is a good game, Zelda should be nothing short of spectacular and this wasn't, not for me.
    In general game terms like all Zelda's it's amazing, but in Zelda terms this game is a terrible insult to the rest of the series, I think it's the second worst game in the series (not including CDi) Zelda 2 is the worst for me, side scrolling just didn't do it for me.

    • keiferm

      Improvement from Phantom Hourglass, and is one of the most original zelda games in a few years, A whole new Hyrule, and thi leads to dozens of new Zelda games as the Master Sword effect is now ruined.

      • keiferm

        In Future Timeline.

  • matt17

    ok, done. voted for ST. almost didnt see it at the bottom

  • demonoid

    Assassin's Creed all the way.. spirit tracks and all them stupid, phony, crappy looking DS games suck. It's the worst thing that happened to the Zelda franchise. You should be ashamed to call yourself a true LoZ hardcore fan. Link looks like a freaken white boy (which he isn't.) with a condom on his head. Jesus christ.. and ZU, stop saying beloved and don't waste your time on these games.

    • BlueEyedBeast

      Wow.. You should just get up and punch yourself very hard in the face… I have reasons for saying this but why should I waste my time saying them to YOU.
      I didn't like ST too much either but what you said was…….. SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU PUNCHED YOURSELF YET!?!?!

    • Ferisan

      " You should be ashamed to call yourself a true LoZ hardcore fan." Right back at you, dumby.

      A TRUE fan of the series doesn't have to love every game, but a true fan knows to appreciate a game with it;s faults and virtues and still support it and the rest of the franchise. And you are not a true fan, actually you're just the example of the complete antitesis of what a true fan is. You're an Angry little fanboy, not a true hardcore Zelda fan.

      • Ferisan

        Ooooh, im 22! That makes ME SU SMART LOLOLOL.. Um no, that actually makes you dumber XD Ah you mean crappy games no one cares about? Making games =/= you being someone important or your opinion holding weight. And people who actually make games that are not crappy lame attempts dont waste their time commenting on fansites, so whatever games you make must be really bad. 😉

        And wasting my energy? Not really, im not the one hanging around in a site I dont like trying to make myself sound important by OMG TELLING MY AGE AND BECAUSE I MAKE 'GAMES' YOU GAIS ;D You can be 25 and still act like an immature 14 year older, like you kindly proved just now lol.

        I love it how fag/b-tch is the best insult you could come up with. Guys like you are soooo predictable. XDD

    • Ferisan

      Also, ZU can report and say whatever they want. They report on every Zelda game because it's A ZELDA FANSITE, DUH! You don't like it? Then go to another website or DEAL WITH IT.

      • Spoken like a true "hardcore" fan, Feri.

        • Ferisan

          Seriously these silly fanboys, what are they doing in my fandom? Hating a game =/= hardcore fan, this guy is sooooo lost.

          • Haha, yours and mine (fandom) both. 8D

            And, yeah, soooooo lost.

        • Ferisan


          lolol this guy is such a joke. His games must be worthless if HE is the one wasting his time replying to us hahah xD

          • I just wanted him off here after what he said about us, and called you. But I can see you're unflapped by this. Well, it is better to simply laugh at and pity someone rather than judge them. So, bye-bye critical comment! 🙂 Ah, much better.

  • Merkku

    Like anybody would know if you don't put your real name.

  • Merkku

    Spirit Tracks was also in the Best RPG category. Weird, Zelda isn't an RPG.
    Voted. Haven't played any of the other portable games on the list so why not vote for the one I played and liked. 🙂

    • LuX

      Zelda is an RPG (Role playng game) you play the role of Link, or more specifacly yourself as Link is you.

      To be honest every game on the planet is an 'RPG' you always play some sort of role.

      • Merkku

        What I consider an RPG is where you make your own character and make choices throughout the game that properly affect what happens. Link has a (tiny bit of) personality, and his yes/no answers really affect nothing. Zelda is adventure/puzzle, not role playing.

  • Kevin

    Seriously, what a negative comments about ST. It's a freakin' awesome game… No, not the best in the series, but the temples are very creative and fun, and the train is better than the boat. Story isn't bad either.

  • kittenmuffins

    Spirit Tracks was a definite couple of steps up from Phantom Hourglass and I absolutely loved playing ST. Sure it can't compare to Twilight Princess or Wind Waker, but it does kick butt in the handheld category.
    I'll be voting in its favor. 🙂

  • Chad

    Even though I wann't legend of Zelda to win chances are ST it isn't going to. The amount of people who play assassins creed and call of duty rivals Legend of zelda along with the people who aren't satisfied with ST there's a good chunk of people against Zelda!

  • Twilit Mask of Time

    I have to say why are there TWO COD games on this list, they weren't THAT great, and definitely not enough to have both of them on there. It would be like having pokemon heart gold and Soul Silver as seperate entries, that's bull****. Also, how ISN'T Clash of Heroes on this list. Seriously that was one of the best games on the DS PERIOD. I have to say its a tough vote between Assians Creed and Spirit Tracks for me on this though.

    • AC or Zelda? I think it's pretty clear. But I just want to give you a head start; I'll hold him down while you run, that sort of thing.

    • ThatOneGuy

      I think it said on the website that you could vote more than once, so just vote for both.

  • Link

    How old do you need to be to vote?

    • Ferisan

      At least 16 :3

  • Zeldafanboy23ify

    i bet the people making fun of st is actually one person

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