In all the fuss about the Skyward Sword, some fans have managed to overlook another exciting matter- the upcoming remake of the classic Ocarina of Time. The game is hailed among many fans as the greatest in the series; it brought the Zelda universe into the 3D realm, and it also implemented a lot of  gameplay mechanics (especially in its item usage) that other adventure titles continue to emulate to this day.

But aside from the graphical improvements that have already been confirmed, the gaming public is still largely in the dark in terms of changes in gameplay. has compiled a wishlist for the remix of the classic game which includes a lot of things players would love to see. Some look much more likely than others – new implementation of item selection, at least for the Iron Boots, is almost a sure thing – but they all hold merit in themselves.

While most would consider it doubtful that large changes like horseback combat (in addition to the old staple of the bow and arrow) will be implemented, we can still remain hopeful that these things will be considered. Who wouldn’t love to have the old Ocarina of Time MIDI-like soundtrack converted to a full bodied orchestral experience? The 3DS, despite its size, surpasses the N64’s capacity for music simply because of the storage size of the old cartridges – this makes a new soundtrack a real possibility.

For the full video and the rest of the wishes, see the source!

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  • If I ever play this remake (which I definitely plan on) then I hope they'll fix Link unable to ride Epona when young, and make it where he can use his sword astride her. Also, I'd love it if they made it in the Master Quest version so that you won't have to, when searching for the Megaton Hammer, run about those thin stairs to reach the chest. That had to be the most frustrating part, even more than the Water Temple–or at least for me.

    • ChainofTermina

      I hope Link can use the boomerang as an adult. the fact that he couldn't just seemed…..odd, to me.

      • I don't recall that…I just remember being unable to use the slingshot with Adult Link. But you're right; that is very odd.

        • ChainofTermina

          yep, you can't use the boomerang as an adult. I thought that was really weird since the first one I played was Wind Waker where you can use all items as a kid and then I played OoT and I was like "what? I can't use the boomerang? how is that a child's weapon? slingshot, sticks, beams and masks I understand, but a boomerang?" it was very odd indeed.

          • Oh, yeah, yeah, now I remember all that. I recall the first time I got a mask as Adult Link and I was so excited. I figured "Maybe this is just like in Majora's Mask where they gave you certain abilities." Hah! What a massive mockery that turned out to be. Oh well. Maybe they'll right it in the 3D remake. Trust me, that would make so many more fans be drawn to the game even more.

  • Goro

    You know what's funny? Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game to bring the series to the 3D realm and now it's going to be the first one to bring Zelda into the stereoscopic 3D realm. Haha.

    • Lyokokrill

      Haha! That's cool. I never noticed that before!

      • Shadowknight1

        Wow, me neither. Awesomeness says I.

  • ChainofTermina

    whaddia mean people have been overlooking OoT3DS!? are you kidding me? I've been hearing MORE about that thing than Skyward Sword. the entire mailbag that just went up had nothing BUT OoT3DS questions. where have you been dude?

    • Muskiok

      Well, er, this is a Zelda site. Since OoT 3D is only 3DS Zelda game so far, that makes sense. On the 3DS news sites I monitor, the don't mention it much at all. So there is a point to be had here.

      • ChainofTermina

        oh………….well, okay, that makes sense I guess. he was talking about the rest of the world, okay then. nevermind!

  • I can't wait!! 🙂

  • ootoverrated

    zelda ocarina of time is overrated!

    • lifesavers2


      I get that people think TP is better, and I kind of do myself, but don't forget
      that OOT was made, like, 12 years ago.

      • John

        I myself like playing OoT the first time through better than the first time through TP, but TP is more fun to replay.

  • Shawn Mitten

    OMG I cannot wait for Ocarina of time 3DS it is going to be just as life changing as the original, I am not looking for much change, just for the updated graphics, either way I will love the game. I hope the soundtrack stays the same, they can add some but they better keep all the original music.

  • ZeldaTrollerPwner

    I would LOVE to see new dungeons and horseback combat, I dont just wanna play and beat the exact game (besides the graphics and 3D thingy) over again for the third time, so Zelda fans who did play it get new features to try and new Zelda fans can play the same game, but with more things!

  • majoras mask fan

    I just hope all the ura zelda feature are in it and I mean all of them

  • majoras mask fan

    In my opionin I like play throu maoras mask more then tp or oot

  • majoras mask fan

    Oh if all the ura zelda duongens are added in I hope that one of them has bombchu bags as a item

  • Nao-kun

    tbh, I'm more excited about this then Skyward Sword

  • kokiri star

    if this just ends up being a graphical improvement i dont think ill buy it…altho i belive nintendo will probably update the story slightly to fit in with more recent games and fix any inconsistancys and plotholes (one would hope). Especially seeing as this game has been released once on n64, twice on cube, and again on wii itll NEED to be brought up to date…include the gameplay advancements of TP with the epic scale and charm of ocarina and ill have my perfect game.

    p.s i know ill enjoy the games but i really hope SS and OoT3DS get exceptional critical reception as im fed up of seeing people considering Call of duty and Wii sports as the peak of modern gaming (albiet in different ways).

  • Megnoman

    I hope all Ura Zela/Zelda 64 content will be present except breakin pots and not having them reappear, thats stupid