In all the fuss about the Skyward Sword, some fans have managed to overlook another exciting matter- the upcoming remake of the classic Ocarina of Time. The game is hailed among many fans as the greatest in the series; it brought the Zelda universe into the 3D realm, and it also implemented a lot of  gameplay mechanics (especially in its item usage) that other adventure titles continue to emulate to this day.

But aside from the graphical improvements that have already been confirmed, the gaming public is still largely in the dark in terms of changes in gameplay. has compiled a wishlist for the remix of the classic game which includes a lot of things players would love to see. Some look much more likely than others – new implementation of item selection, at least for the Iron Boots, is almost a sure thing – but they all hold merit in themselves.

While most would consider it doubtful that large changes like horseback combat (in addition to the old staple of the bow and arrow) will be implemented, we can still remain hopeful that these things will be considered. Who wouldn’t love to have the old Ocarina of Time MIDI-like soundtrack converted to a full bodied orchestral experience? The 3DS, despite its size, surpasses the N64’s capacity for music simply because of the storage size of the old cartridges – this makes a new soundtrack a real possibility.

For the full video and the rest of the wishes, see the source!

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