The fifth and final installment in TheMaverickk’s visual comparison series has arrived! He takes a slightly different approach this time around, comparing Skyward Sword‘s graphics not to the visuals of previous Zelda games, but to the world around us.

This comparative study also includes a brief examination of Skyward Sword‘s visuals as a whole, comparing its graphics to the type of Impressionist painting that inspired the game’s art style.

Hit the jump to view the entire comparative study, along with commentary from TheMaverickk himself.

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On his final installment in the series, TheMaverickk had this to say:

This study had less to do with comparing Skyward Sword against past Zelda titles, and more to do with analyzing visual elements of the game and how the real world has influenced them. That these elements contribute a sense of realism despite the fantasy world in which the tale of Zelda occurs. Also to show that the world of Skyward Sword isn’t too colourful when you take a look at how vibrant the world around us really is. As well I wanted to give people a better sense of things like the graphical engine, which emulates the impressionist art style. Explaining and detailing the effect of such a painting style.

There really isn’t much else I can say about it, it’s just a nice way to tie up the whole study, and reflect on what we may see as being realistic, and nor realistic. Skyward Sword seems to exhibit many traits that reflect the real world, of course this is a matter of peoples perspectives on what they consider realism. People can discuss that amongst themselves and come to their own conclusions based on the comparison shown. It’s just something gamers should consider, especially as graphics hit a tier point in terms of what we can do and produce.

Be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of TheMaverickk’s visual examination series, as well as one of his own works of art, and stay tuned for another of his paintings to be featured sometime in the next few weeks!

  • It's amazing how much Earth inspires things to be incorporated games. Every time I read one of the Maverickk's articles, I come to respect our planet a little bit more. It really is better than living on Mars. ;]

  • Merkku

    Very nice. 🙂 I've been wondering, when people say SS is too colorful, have they never been outside? Or maybe they complain about too many colors in the real world too.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Well, some shapes are somewhat realistic, but it's really the vibrancy of colors and lack of detail that makes it unrealistic, if someone seriously tried to tell me SS is a realistic looking game, I think I could only laugh, it is clearly NOT, it may have some elements based on realism, but they do not stay that way

    • Sanity's_Theif

      BTW I go outside all the time, so don't throw that one at me, it's clear that SS cranks up the colors, denying that is foolish, plus the main problem is lack of detail which is what GT was referring to as "blurry graphics" I assume, there's really no need for lack of detail

      • Chad

        Those "Blurry Graphics" as you call them are the brush strokes that make the game seem like a painting!

        • Sanity's_Theif

          I didn't call them blurry you tard, read my post, I said GT called them that

      • Ferisan

        um, impressionism is supposed to lack detail. It was a main characteristic of that art movement. SS is based on impressionism, so you'll have to deal with it.

  • Pirgah

    I like this Comparative study, it really points out one of my chief concerns with video games nowadays. They always seem to have to much brown and gray in them, which makes the world a bit boring to look at. The Vibrant colors of Skyward Sword give the game a very nice new feel.

  • What a ridiculous "study"…. Oh look… There's a tree in SS… But there's a tree in real life – See?

    Look, there's a sky too!

    • It is not a comparison of which objects exist both in Skyward Sword and real life – it is a comparison showing that the vibrant colors and designs used in the game are not too far off from how things look in the real world. It is a response to the criticism that Skyward Sword is too bright or colorful.

      TheMaverickk is not trying to make a point that there are trees or a sky in both SS and real life, but that *their appearances* are similar.

      I felt that this was pretty obvious after reading the text in the examination.

    • Death Killington

      Best damn comment on this article.

      • CHACHA

        I hear ya. This one was wack XD

    • BlueEyedBeast

      Looks like someone just looked at the pictures and doesn't know how to read.

  • matt17

    well, I guess skyward sword will be cartoonish-silly after all. you can see it in the trailer when link balances himself on that rock in the lava

    • Shadowknight1

      I'd like to see YOU try it.

  • I have no issue with the art style, color or its references to realism. my only issue is that the colors are bit too much on the vibrant side. much to the point where its burning my retina to look at it any more than 5 seconds. They just need to tone it down a bit so it doesn't have the same harmful affect as staring at the sun directly without sunglasses.

    • Ben

      Don't go outside your eyes will melt unless of course you live in a city.

  • sdsdsd

    Why are only the sensible comments thumbed down?

    • smbmaster99

      because graphics aren't everything

      have you not played OoT or Goldeneye 007 for the n64? Both were, and are amazing games that had graphics that are looked down upon

    • Ferisan

      Because some of them lack founding/knowledge on how the real world looks and how impressionism works, apparently.

  • Princess Mara

    Most of the people complaining about the SS graphics probably spend ALL their time indoors playing what they consider to be games with "real" graphics, when if they just took a look at the world outside of a town/city they would see that not everything has to be dull and grey to be realistic. The vibrant colors used in SS are actually my favorite thing about the graphics because in my opinion (big emphasis on "opinion") they look much better than the browns and greys used in TP.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      It's the lack of detail, not the color vibrancy really, though you'd have to be a fool to say SS does not have higher color vibrancy than real life overall

      • Ferisan

        I kind of agree and disagree with this comment. Some parts of the SS world do have colors you can easily find in the real world if you travel and see the right places, though some other elements do have some added vibrancy. It's part of achieving the "painterly feel" I think, and also to "exaggerate" the characteristics of things to fight/slash them with the sword. They have to stand out.

    • BlueEyedBeast

      Yeah, I'm guessing they're just people that enjoy the Xbox with all it's "realistic" war games.
      Hm. I actually like TP and SS's graphics equally but on different levels. It's difficult to compare the two when they're so completely different.

  • Ferisan

    Yet the internet community is the one that complains the most about every little thing and the one Nintendo pays attention to in the long run, isnt it?

    After all, most of the changes they are implementing are in reply to the internet community saying the Zelda formula is running dry, not the casual gamers who only care about how fun a game is.

    Back to your comment. In that case then you, and those with opinions like yours are a minority as well, like the rest of us, and your opinion doesn't reflect the majority either (not without founding either way).

    Most casual gamers don't give a shit about the graphics I assure you, they only care about how fun the game is. :/

    Not saying you're wrong or anything for disliking the style, we all have preferences, but it just irks me when people go "THE MAJORITY DISLIKE IT SO MY OPINION HAS A BASIS".. Have you asked "the majority"? I don't really think so.

    And for the record, to the people I've shown images of the game and who are nothing but casual gamers, they liked it quite a bit so im sure either most people wont care about it, or will like it, but we can't really say things as a fact unless we undertake a global poll involving both the online community and the casual gamers.

  • Paffe

    Me Too!!

  • Link-182

    Graphics are beautiful!
    And all you closed minded realistic graphic junkies who think it's too colorful, why don't you just turn the color down on your TV when you play it? Its not that bloody hard to do…
    And if you think it just plain sucks then don't play it.

    • FreeArrow

      i agree with link-182 100 percent

  • majoras mask fan

    As long as they graphic aret bad unouph to make the game unplayuble I don’t comlain about them

  • mario_master

    wow did not relize that

  • jack

    going to be the best game ever to hit planet earth. enough said.