While it may not be necessarily related to the Legend of Zelda series, we know that many fans of the franchise have also been eagerly awaiting the release of the next Golden Sun installment – and for good reason.

Although Golden Sun is an RPG series held highly by fans and critics alike, its developers have not released a game under the Golden Sun name in quite a long time. The new Golden Sun title, headed for the DS  on November 29, will be the first in seven years. Hopefully it will be well worth the wait!

Source: Joystiq
  • erasmus

    looks awesome!

    i kindof hope they can fix the RNG abuse this time around though since its possible the battle function will go through wi-fi. <__<

  • Death Killington

    Guess I'm in a rush to actually finish The Lost Age. I beat it like, seven years ago, but I remembered barely any of it. Several months ago, I started to replay it, but my game somehow lost it's save data when I was around that air rock place. Was too pissed off to start again, especially since it took forever for those fucking passwords.

  • The picture is probably how TP Link would look if he lived his whole life in Castle Town.

  • Lunchbox*

    I got like halfway through the original game in one day, and then realized that the used copy I got was unable to save. To say the least IT TOTALLY FUCKING PISSED ME OFF.

    I never got back into the game since, but I've wanted to. Now, I actually might.

  • Muskiok

    HALLELUJAH! I can't wait! I can't wait! Golden Sun is like my favorite RPG ever!


  • matt17

    I can't wait for this. loved the first two golden sun games on GBA. good announcement

  • EDracon

    FACT: The first two games were meant to be one game that is a prologue. It didn't fit on one cartridge so they split it. So, technically this DS one is the main story.

    • EDracon

      I meant epilogue (if that's the one that comes before)

      • JordanChi

        a prologue would come before, whereas an epilogue comes afterwards.

        • TheMaverickk

          The original two games weren't a prologue. It was simply that the game story had to be split into two games.

          If there was an actual prologue to the Golden Sun games it would be the opening portion of the game where you play as young Isaac and Garet, on that dark and stormy night.

          Both Golden Sun and Lost Age make for one connected story. Dark Dawn is a sequel since it tells a different story from the first, but continues from the world set up at the end of the original DS titles.

  • Moochy

    DDR! xD

  • Chad

    Golden Sun Second favorite game in the world. XD

  • Keith

    *takes out wallet and hands it over to Nintendo* Fine, you win, Reggie.

  • Silver

    OMG ITS KAGAMINE LEN! XD thts wut the character looks like…