The mailbag questions have been pouring in so fast that I’ve had to step up production! Thanks to NintendoCapriSun for his recording!

The mailbag will be back again soon, so remember to send in your (Zelda-related) questions.

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  • ChainofTermina

    well of course the Master Sword is Sentient, who do you think that girl (Adelle) is?

  • Keith


    Haha always good to see him! :] He's so freakin' funny. <3

  • lol

    Think that guy needs to get a job

    • Keith

      Fyi he does have a job. Sorry to rain on your parade. ;(

  • Yay, NintendoCapriSun! I was afraid he might run out of things to do, but he kept up that awesome role and never ran out of things to do. He must have done this a while to be that cool in front of a camera, which I could never be.

    TP really is a great game, and yes some themes did appear to be taken from Ocarina of Time, but I don't think Nintendo did anything improve upon the latter. As it is, OoT is still the top-ranking game of all time, to my knowledge. Nonetheless, Twilight Princess will always be the better one for me, because of its tones that differed it greatly from its predecessor.

  • lifesavers2

    Yay me!

  • im a troll

    this just proves how much zelda people need to get a life

    • Sorry to hear you mince words like that, you malicious swine. Obviously you have no life, or else you'd be doing something worthwhile. And I don't think that down-thumbing someone makes a point–other than your a sadistic jerk-off.

      Well, time for an eye-opener. Zelda is just a gaming franchise, and you, my frenemy, are overreacting. Whether you do this for the fun of it, or as a hobby, it sure does bring out your true colors, which are black and shaped as a heart. So don't presume you can come on here and "prove" something is better than anyone by posting this garbage.

      I won't say that I hate you, but I despise your motives of advertisement. Just imagine how this would look on a billboard. Would it reflect ill character on us or upon yourself to every driver-by? We only come on ZU to share our views and look at the news. Maybe you can do the same, but comment in milder terms also.

      • Commander Link

        dude his name is "im a troll" dont feed the trolls. hes probably laughing now cos he got to u -.-

        • Nitemares

          Thareous is the bodyguard of the robot with no personality named Cody and who is that dude with the sai hahahaha talk about pathetic

          • Nightmares is a troll, he just wants attention, and he does not care how many negatives he gets, he just comes on here for the news, and he loves your attention, make sure you give it to him, plus he wears glasses and a hat backward, and he looks like a nerd, that is why he targets other nerds, and his period button must have stopped working, or he hasn't discovered it yet, harharharharhar talk about pathetic.

  • Scott Walker

    You and your sai make a good point. I think the "wings" on the cross guard of the Master Sword point to it's ability to travel from location to location when not wielded. Also, the fact that the sword was powered with light was probably the work of the goddesses, though the Twilight Realm is a hierarchy, the Goddesses still have dominion over the land, if not the Sword itself, which was forged in their lands.

  • fantasysign

    lmaoo, nintendo & pixar collaboration and Gabriel's angelic choir. Now that would be a sight! (And sound, lol.)

  • What in the world are you talking about? When does the Master Sword "move"? I may have just missed that part, but for as far as I can tell it never moves.

    It is placed in the temple of time in Oot and in the "young link timeline" it is not used to vanquish Ganon so assuming people forgot it's worth they relocated and left it behind. Eventually it became a ruin and we find it in TP (in ruins).

    In the "adult link timeline" hyrule castle is rebuilt (because Ganon destroyed it) and they build a monument with Link's statue and underneath they place the Master sword.

    I don't know exactly where or when Alttp is, but it would make sense if it were after TP (where the sword is placed back in the ruined temple) because in Alttp all that is left is the sword and pedestal because all the rest is covered in forest.

    Apparently the sword is sentient according to SS, but when in the Zelda history has it moved? Do you agree or am I way off?

    • I agree that if the sword could speak in other games then indeed it is sentient. Only it is not, so how could it? This begs the question of what happened to Adelle–how did MS become insensible? So much more vitally, does it now require the prayers of the sages to run it?

      There, now there are fifteen.

  • Valdek

    hey! for one i can’t view any videos on here, just putting that out there. i doubt its a problem for ZU because everyone else apparently can watch, maybe its my computer. just saying in case there is a problem with the video link for other people. two, don’t feed the trolls

  • siena

    wait was the blonde NCS?!?