It's true - everything is 3D these days

Are you a connoisseur of fine art? Are you starting your own art museum? Do you like Zelda?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above questions, then we’ve got news for you: TheMaverickk, whose Skyward Sword Comparative Studies we have been featuring, has chosen to reveal to us some of his work from within the fine art arena. Already well established as a great goto for creative and unique work, TheMaverickk has set the bar even higher this time.

Pictured is a relief pixel painting done in honor of the classic Moblin from the original The Legend of Zelda for the NES. Though this particular piece (and some of his others) are done in a complete duplicate-sprite style, TheMaverickk does create his own original pixel-style paintings.

About this piece, he had this to say:

That image shows one of my paintings, one specifically Zelda themed… I do relief pixel paintings for the most part right now. Some are pop art and I completely duplicate sprites from games, other times I create my own painted sprites to express some emotion or material.

I’m a strong believer in the fact that sprites are very much works of art on their own. Even though we remake things so often and try to revamp graphics and everything, truth be told, pixel-art has its own artistic merit. I mean even though a character may look blocky you are still able to identify it.

He mentions that he has another Zelda-themed painting up his sleeve that he might reveal to us at a later time, and we–for one–certainly can’t wait!

Stay tuned to Zelda Universe for another of TheMaverickk’s “Skyward Sword Comparative Studies” or even another of his pieces of fine art! He has a level of dedication to the art which should not be passed up!

Source: deviantART
  • Great job, Maverickk! Way to get featured! 8D

  • im a troll

    wow… this is how zelda looks like? no wonder everyone says that zelda has terrible graphics!

    • X x7

      This is an old Zelda game sprite you retard. If you're gonna say something wrong don't say it at all.

      • im a troll

        i was being sarcastic you dip****
        zelda still has terrible graphics compared to all other game systems. bet you didn't know that the wii only has 8 GB where the new xbox elite has 250 GB. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT THE WII HAS GOOD GRAPHICS IF IT ONLY HAS 8 F***ING GB?!

        • X x7

          Because all you people care about is graphics! You don't even care how the storyline OR the gameplay are! You just care about the graphics! You're probably one of those people who think that Ocarina of Time is a bad game, aren't you? Just because of the graphics?

        • lifesavers2

          Storage Space has nothing to do with Graphics.
          You dont need graphics for a good game.
          Alot of people still think that Ocarina of Time is way Better than any Modern Warfare or Halo game.

          • Hey, im a troll, if you know that GB is supposed to be capitalized then why aren't the beginning words the same? Oh, and don't use the excuse that your shift button is broken, because you still have your Caps Lock, AND YOU USED IT ABOVE! XP

        • Shaelyn

          yes I did, and I also know that's in reference to hard drive space. all that means is you can save more game file data. it has nothing to do with how well the system runs or what graphics it can handle.

          yes, the xbox does have a better graphics process with more RAM. no, it does not matter. all that matters is how enjoyable the games that run on them are.

          are you getting a good kick out of this? I'd get bored of reading the same old responses after a while. it's not like anything's going to change here.

        • lifesavers2

          Oh, and also, why would anyone want to pay so much extra for so much you can't use. Microsoft is just forcing you to pay for all those GB for the new XBOX.

          Also, Alot of people have trouble filling up an 8 GB Ipod with Extra large apps.

    • LoZisSo69

      Psh, you probably have never played a Zelda game and experienced how awesome Zelda is.

    • Anannymouse

      Why the hell are you on this site anyways if you hate Zelda!??

  • X x7

    Well this is pretty good, and I think that TheMaverickk deserved to be featured. Way to go!

  • Chad

    That is too good to be a painting! It looks like a bunch of blocks stacked on top of each other

    • X x7

      He said he does paintings of pixelated images, and he also does pop art, which is what this thing is, I'm pretty sure. If it is a painting, this should go to some science center to figure out how it was made!

  • bastian

    I want this piece of art! Now!

  • Linktomyass

    Dont feed the trolls

  • Cukeman

    I love those graphics, pure awesomeness

  • Ulises

    Looks really cool, congratulations.

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