Julie Gagnon. . . GAgNON?!

Link is one, Shigeru Miyamoto is one, and so is seven to ten percent of the population… But Nintendo doesn’t seem to care. You might call it a prejudice or even a “hate crime” that they would neglect this segment of the population.

But, yes, according to Nintendo rep Julie Gagnon, there will be no “lefty” option for Link. He used to swing both ways, but no longer. That’s right, he’s now only a Righty. Right is “right,” I suppose…

This flies in the face of reason. Wii Sports Resort had the Right/Left option. Could it have really been all that much more difficult to include it in Skyward Sword as well? Is there something about the Wii MotionPlus that prevents it? That doesn’t seem possible as the option is fully available in Wii Sports Resort.

So why isn’t the option available in Skyward Sword?

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Or is it? Perhaps the Nintendo rep got it wrong, or was misunderstood. Merely because the option wasn’t available in the E3 demo doesn’t mean it can’t be included in the final game.

Apart from the No Lefties Allowed hot topic, the other Skyward Sword controls issue is less questionable: Hylians preform archery backwards! In real world archery, one holds the bow with one’s left hand and the arrow with the right. This is not the case in Skyward Sword. Nintendo decided that since the Wii Controller should act as the bow and you’re already holding it in your right hand, it would be too cumbersome to swap Nunchuck and Controller… so you’ll just have to learn to shoot arrows backwards. Sorry professional archery champions.

Besides, did you notice the name of that Nintendo rep?  Julie Gagnon. “Gagnon”…? One letter shy of Ganon! I’m just sayin’…

Source: Ripten (here and here)
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  • Lex

    This has been reported before, I think. Aonuma commented around the time of E3 that to create an option to make Link left-handed, they would need to include two versions of not only Link but of pretty much all enemies to match.

    • Steve

      so,they where really bored to write some more lines of code..

      • Majin Kai

        some? SOME? Dude, They'd have to re-write a bunch of it. The items, the way he gets up, they way he swims, etc.
        Nevermind all the animations that would have to be redone, the textures that'd need to be re-placed and all the models which would have to be made from the ground up? I dont want to wait another 2 years for SS.

        • ríomhaire

          It wouldn't take two years to mirror animations. I think it's quite lazy that they're not including the option. With Twilight Princess they had to get a quick and dirty solution because Nintendo wanted a launch title. They should have built this from the start with both options available. It shouldn't be a case of adding it, it should have been there from the start.

        • Ferisan

          Let them believe its easy, even if it's not. I for one, do believe it isn't as easy as everyone THINKS it is.

          Twilight Princess =/= Skyward Sword.

          They were built differently. Unless you know how the coding for each of the consoles and each of the games work, try not to assume it's easy just because they could do it with TP.

          Wii sports resort was built from scratch with left handed in mind, so of course it is in. Skyward Sword wasnt unfortunately, so it's kind of too late to add that now. It's not as easy as most people think to make a "mirror" in here. There's a lot of things to take into account, a lot of coding to rebuild, wii motion plus, etc…

          • ríomhaire

            "Wii sports resort was built from scratch with left handed in mind, so of course it is in. Skyward Sword wasnt unfortunately, so it's kind of too late to add that now."
            That's exactly my point. It should have been built from the beginning with both in mind.

          • Ferisan

            Agreed. *nod*

          • Teru-sama

            Wii Sports Resort is a family game. It is filled with some silly (although pretty entertaining) mini-games. So it wasn't as big deal to add leftie mode.
            Skyward Sword has a LOT of enemies, puzzles and objects that are designed for righties. To add a leftie mode, they would have to redesign all of the enemies, all of the puzzles, all of the other items, etc. This would just not be worth the effort to please 7 – 10 % of people, as the die-hard fans would most likely play the game with their hands tied behind their back if they had to.

  • Dzzy123

    This game's still gonna rock!!! Nintendo has never let us down with Zelda, they can't right now after more than 25 years of the series. Something tells me that there might be a lefty mode for left handed people. But in the demo, left-handed people didn't have any trouble with the controls, but we'll just have to wait, and see!!!

    • Volroc

      Cel-shaded Zelda, wow those were all pathetic except Wind Waker,so clearly they let use down 2 time already,& the only good thing bout Twilight Princess was the graphics, other wise the storyline was crappy& the game was WAY too easy… that makes 3let downs… why not a 4th?

    • hah

      have you forgotten the shitish tracks?

  • SomeDude

    "so,they where really bored to write some more lines of code.."

    *Facepalm* It isn't as simple as that. It's much more complicated than it sounds to make a right and left option of the game as they have to change Link's model and have to have to reprogram the enemies to match the fact that link is left handed.

    Also, don't you think people are making too much of a big deal about this? It isn't that hard to just switch hands and play with your other hand as the wii remote and nunckuck conbo is perfectly designed to be able to play with either hand and it's not like left handed people have their entire right hand disabled or anything making it impossible to just swap hands.

    • LeftieGuy

      No. People are not making to big of a deal out of this. If you think it is really that easy to switch, try using your left hand for everything you do. Is it impossible? Absolutely not. However, it is really awkward, and it is stupid and wrong to exclude or handicap a minority for any reason, especially something as stupid as not wanting to do extra programming.

      • RightyGuy

        Seriously? Talking about a game here. The games new control scheme makes minimal button pressing. I'm sure lefties can swing their arms >.> The only buttons pressed are to pause, to swap weapons, and to drink potions. So if you can't use your right hand to do that, (as I know I could use my left) then you really have a few issues to deal with. Just use your right hand for once, who knows, you might like it. If they made it a left handed game that's exactly what I'd do.

      • poppinfresh1029

        Actually i think people are making a big deal. Ive seen people doing the e3 demos lefthanded, it doesnt make a difference. Even if link is still right handed, you dont have to be

    • SuperLeftie

      When I use my right hand on the original Wii Sports, my hand was really shaky, and considering you have to use your hands like a sword and shield, it might affect the enjoyment level for me.

    • Larwaa

      My brother is a leftie, but when he plays with the Wii he does not hold it in his left hand. And no, he is not ambidextrous.

    • Shadow

      Have you ever played a raquet (say, tennis) with your other hand. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SAME DEGREE OF CONTROL OR ACCURACY!!!! So now right handers will enjoy the game the way its meant, whilst lefties will find it a horrible and disorienting experience.

      • Shadow

        *Typo; I meant 'raquet sport'

      • Shadow Darkman

        You should have added that not everyone has this problem. I will enjoy Skyward Sword just fine, plus I had no problem with the controls for Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy so I don't expect any problems.

        • Shadow Darkman

          (I'm not the same user, BTW)

  • Dude05

    Is there a right/left option in Twilight Princess???

    • Shaelyn

      I didn't think there was. The GameCube version was designed for a left-handed Link, but it's also the GameCube. The Wii version mirrored everything to make it right-handed. I didn't think they had an option in the Wii version; I thought it was just right-handed (which seemed silly to me: if they already had the left-handed version complete, why not put the left-handed version in too and put in the option?)

      anyway. point is, I don't remember seeing that option.

  • Oh, and Bastian, I do find Julie Gagnon's name very close to Ganon. It's ironic you mentioned that–I remember thinking the same thing when she was reporting on…something. Can't recall what.

  • Jonah

    I've said this before and I'll say it again: If a lefty option was as easy to include as you think, nintendo would include it. There is a reason why they didn't and you not believing it doesn't make it any less true.
    Also it should be painfully obvious why you shoot the bow backwards and I don't see the point in discussing it.

    • poppinfresh1029

      For ph and st it was easy because they just had to change the hud (i think i used that term correctly)but here they would have to change the enemies programming

  • Death Killington

    "He used to swing both ways".

    ^I lol'd at that.

    • bastian

      At least someone got it.;)

  • Shaelyn

    y'know, if you take the French pronounciation, her name would sound VERY similar to Ganon, even with the extra G. pronounce it like you would "filet mignon"…

    • lifesavers2

      Hmmm. I think is souunds like Gonion.

      Gannon + Onion = ?

      • Shadow Darkman

        Gannon + Onion = GANNON-BANNED

        Solved it for you.

  • Darkstar

    Julie Gagnon is hot lol. A lefty mode would be ideal for me but I can use my right hand too so I don't mind. The game will be epic regardless.

  • Bkarcher97

    A couple of my friends are leftys and they use their right hand anyways.

  • ChainofDoom

    its a game… its nothing like reality, the only thing u do different from tp is that u drag the nunchuck back (i think)

    • X x7

      I know it's a game, and it can be realistic too. Besides, you've probably not played the demo, and the archery in TP was just a point and shoot.

  • Kostya

    TP had a lefty option?

    • SweetLie

      I'm pretty sure it didn't.
      If there was, I would've tried it for kicks.

      I think the writer of the article was referring to the Gamecube version.

  • Ferisan

    Okay, so I got the opinion of someone who knows about game coding and texturing and all that stuff, and like I've always said, AONUMA IS RIGHT. Nintendo is NOT being lazy about SS not having a lefty option.

    Coding a left handed version of SS WOULD take a lot of time, THEY CANNOT DO A MIRROR, LIKE A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK! Commands for a lefty link would have to be recoded, that includes items, actions, etc, commands involve THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of coding, so just imagine how long it'd take to recode the WHOLE game just to have a lefty option. The texturing is the least important thing in this scenario, that'd be easier to replace, but the coding is EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING, especially in a game of Zelda's stature and gameplay. And YES, everything would have to be recoded for a left version, deal with it.

    Also, in a corporation time= money, so of course Nintendo is not willing to just build another SS from scratch for a lefty version. So some fans are willing to wait another 2 years for a lefty version, but guess what? Nintendo isn't. In it's core it's a corporation, so they need to invest money on more new products, not alternates. They did it with TP because they NEEDED a Wii title (it's the same thing with them remaking OOT for the 3DS to have good launch titles for it), but at this height, a lefty SS is just not the best idea or in Nintendo's best interest.

    Just open your mind a little and understand it's not as easy as you make it seem. There's more to a game than just pretty graphics and textures, there's a lot more involved in it, and most of it we can't even understand because we haven't experienced it. It's not just "changed a few codes" it's changing thousands of them.

    Just my 2 cents. Im just a little bit tired of people calling Nintendo lazy or stuff like that when they can't even understand how videogame coding works. I had to ask someone who knew about it to fully comprehend why they couldn't just mirror it, so yeah. :/ It's not easy or simple guys, stop assuming it is, and cut Nintendo some slack in that department.

    • Ferisan

      Also, adding to what someone said, Nintendo could've added the lefty option from scratch, though it would've taken them longer to announce and release the game. However, they didn't include it in the very beginning, so it's kind of too late now to add the left version. People will have to deal with that, unfortunately.

    • LizMara

      I…haven't thought about that…unfortunately. Silly me. lol

      Not that I am left handed or got upset about Nintendo not putting a lefty option or anything like that, but I was pretty naive about the topic of mirroring Link's model. I assume it must have been hell for Nintendo to mirror the Wii version of Twilight Princess.

  • Lefties arent real people anyway

    • David

      Shut the hell up you ignorant racist.
      Seriously, who are you? Ku Klux Klan?

      • He's just another opinionated, misunderstood soul. The world is full of such people–and has been since its dawn–who think themselves higher than most or all, or certain groups even, when in reality, they're not. They just want attention to themselves and their beliefs, because they know evil attracts the eye more than good. And I've looked up the stats for hate crimes today, and believe me, they are more rampant nowadays than the KKK era.

      • Muffin Man

        Handedness isn't a race.

    • Alessandra

      If lefties aren't real people then why do they exist? I'm a lefty and I have no trouble using the Wii Mote in my right hand, I play with the Wii the way it was advertised on TV 4 years ago. Jeez, you need to think before you talk, not everyone is right handed here.

    • Ferisan

      wondering if people had ever heard of "internet trolls". Just ignore it guys, they be trollin'.

    • Retrospect

      Lefties secretly rule the world. Just saying…

      • lifesavers2



  • Topaz Mutiny

    I find it funny that people are now just complaining about not having a "lefty" option, when we've been playing videogames right-handedly (or ambidextrously) for 30 YEARS. Control character movement with left hand, use all sorts of buttons with right hand. What's so different about it now?

    • It's different now because, rather than just using a standard controller that doesn't reflect real life at all, the wii remote is now representing an actual object used in the game – the sword. we've been playing video games right handedly or ambidextrously for thirty years, but not with motion controls that turn our controllers into (stand-ins for) real life objects.

  • buh

    Contrary to what the article says, no, there was no Left/Right option in Twilight Princess. It was one game or the other. Wii was *only* right-handed. Gamecube…well, didn't have motion controls so in that sense it didn't even matter, but yes, Link was left-handed in the game. Nowhere within either version of the game was there an option for changing handedness. And yet, people seem to keep thinking there was…and it's starting to get on my nerves.
    As for the real matter at hand: What Ferisan said.

  • David

    Why? Why!?
    Seriously Nintendo… It's just getting worse. Wii Sports Resort Power Cruising anyone? I could live with Twilight Princess. Link was canonically left-handed anyway. But how am I supposed to play this? I understand that many "lefties" are ambidextrous; years ago it was necessary. I mean, it's sacrilegious to even be left-handed so you've no other choice when Father Brennan's beating you with his cane.
    And I have to say, I'm not TOTALLY useless with my right-hand. But I'm sorry, the nunchuck is NOT made for my right hand. Nintendo have the only consoles I have found left hand friendly. I cannot play Playstation or Xbox. But I can play Wii. Though now with Skyward Sword and the probable abomination that will be the 3DS (playing using the control screen AND the touch screen???). I don't know what to do.
    Well… there's my fifty euro but I don't think Nintendo will care. It seems they never listen to the fans or the public for that matter.

    • RupeeUltima


      Being left-handed means you need more practice with your right hand.

  • Link-182

    Switch hands David. They're not forcing you to play right handed. Controls work the same in the left hand, just the animations will show Link using his right hand.

    • Joey

      Seriously!!!!! hold the Bloody Wii mote in your left hand and the nunchuck in your right… not that hard. Who cares if the animation is right handed.

  • Eli

    Heh…What's funny is that I'm right-handed but I shoot my bow left-handed, so this works out fine for me. I honestly don't think it will be all that difficult for lefties, though.

  • Chaos James

    I'm right-handed and I would still prefer that SS have Link left-handed, I would gladly play with my left hand. Of course, I could adapt to it better then others (I'd assume) since I can use my left hand just as well as my right for everything but writing.

  • Mtn

    "Prejudice?" "Hate-crime?" It would take SO much time to make two models, and even if it wouldn't, this wouldn't be considered a hate-crime, just the way the game is made. This article blew a simple matter way out of proportion!

    • bastian


      It's a joke. 😛

  • Karnage

    the wii remote is not heavier than the nunchuck and using it as a sword is not as demanding as for example writng with a pencil. i am right handed but if i had to use my left hand as a sword i thing it wouldn't be a problem (im not ambidextrous) it's not like you have to wield a REAL SWORD i mean its plastic

  • Ferisan

    Bastian, I generally love you and your articles don't get me wrong, but I do think you blew it out of proportion with the Hate Crime/Prejudice/Neglect bit you added at the beginning. XDDDDD Some people can't get a joke and will pitch a fit because they'll mirror the sentiments in your joke when it's CLEAR AS DAY that Nintendo doesn't do a left option for technical reasons (recoding, etc..) and not because they want to neglect a part of the population xD

    And TP didn't have a right/left option, and the comparison doesn't really apply. Lefty TP Link was for gamecube, which used a regular controller, so it didnt matter wheter you were right or left., it worked either way. In the Wii you use a controller that serves as the item you hold in the game. So really the comparison is kind of irrelevant, no offense 😡

    • bastian

      Thanks for your comment! 😀

      I think people are smart enough to understand satire when they read it. If not. . . oh well. Obviously I don't think Nintendo hates lefties.

      But you're absolutely right (as were the five or so others) when you pointed out TP has no leftie-option. I'm not sure how I made such a mistake. Grrr!

      • Ferisan

        You'd be surprised how many people get jokes and satire flying over their heads it's annoying sometimes xDD but it's okay, we still love you lololol.

        And it's fine, maybe you confused the mirror part.

  • Electricut

    I guess this means lefties will actually be shooting the bow the right way, then.

  • *facepalm*

    ANOTHER example of Zelda Universe posting old news that we found out during E3.

    wtf ZU. Anyway, as Aonuma explained, they would have to create a whole copy of the game to make it left handed as well. While this would work with WSR because it's a relatively small game, it wouldn't with SS because it's a full fledged game.


    • "Another" example? Typically the news that we post isn't that old! Feel free to share examples, though.

      And this was posted now because the bow control issue was only brought to light on Ripten in an article on August 11th. :] We decided to pair it with the "old news" of SS not having a lefthanded option.

      • The backwards bow thing was definitely already known. As for examples: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/zelda-news/aonuma-mohttp://www.zeldauniverse.net/zelda-news/aonuma-fuhttp://www.zeldauniverse.net/zelda-news/aonuma-rehttp://www.zeldauniverse.net/zelda-news/zelda-wii

        To name a few. Not to mention the time when, after Miya-frickin'-moto said that SS would be released in 2011, ZU posted this news: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/zelda-news/skyward-s

        • Jason Rappaport

          We restored your comment from the spam filter, as you can see 🙂 sorry if that upset you.

          Anyways, to respond, it's not really a big deal to us if the news is a bit old – what is important is whether or not the news is interesting and relevant. Clearly this news was not widespread enough; we didn't catch it during E3, so we're catching it now, and I think we did a pretty good job of reporting on it in an interesting and catchy manner.

          Likewise, we try to do the same for everything else. We hold our news correspondents to a very high standard of journalism, but even then, we can't catch *everything* the moment it's out. So when we do catch it, even if it's a bit late, we try to report on it as best we can.

          In the case of many of these things, what we're reporting on is re-statements of stuff that was said during E3, or clarifications that have since been made by Miyamoto or Iwata or anyone else involved in the development and distribution of Skyward Sword.

          Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with reporting on updated statements, and I think you can agree – we want to give everyone the most encompassing information possible, so whenever something is said, we try to get on it, even if it's just a restatement of something that was said months ago.

          As for some of the other posts you're complaining about, such as that last one, we mark those as rumors or unconfirmed speculation. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that they're interesting to report on and think about!

      • HA! You asked me to give examples. So I gave them, also explaining the the bow thing wasn't new news. And now you BALETED my comment? Why am I not surprised? I'm not gonna post the list of examples again, 'cause it probably will be deleted.

        That's hilarious. For shame.

        • No one deleted any of your comments. I'm fairly sure that you didn't post anything at all, because I receive email notifications when people respond to my comments, and I didn't get anything.

          • rach.

            come on, even i saw it

          • It got deleted AGAIN.

          • Jason Rappaport

            If it's got a bunch of links, it's probably being caught by the spam filter, which looks for that type of thing. I assure you that nobody is deleting your comments.

            Now, can we all stop this petty bickering and move on? We understand that you don't like ZU – nobody is forcing you to get your news here, and we try to do the best that we can. However, although none of your comments have been deleted, if this continues I *will* delete this entire conversation and all harsh comments that follow. Our comments area is not an open forum for flaming and making people angry.

          • Jason, I don't hate ZU. I like ZU. I was just pointing something out.

            Sorry if I seemed to get mad, but I THOUGHT that y'all were deleting them. Surly you can understand why I would be annoyed.

          • It turns out that your comments *were* being caught by the spam filter, so I ventured into the icky spam heap and fished them out. I just restored the first one, since the other was just a repeat. Hope that's alright, and I'm sorry for the confusion.

  • LoZymugglegater

    Wow,I feel sorry for all the left-handed zelda fans.

    • Hala

      Yep, it sucks being Left-Handed D:

      • ZeldaUniverse

        left handers are good baseball pitchers 😛

    • lifesavers2

      Yay, someone gets us!

  • Shadowknight1

    While I wish that they HAD put in a left handed option, I have to agree with something a friend of mine said when this topic was brought up. Any competent swordsman should be equally good with his left or right hand. As for the "backwards" archery, that's the way I did it for Wii Sports Resort and I set the records on that game in my house. Not a problem for me.

  • Cam

    I guess ambidextrous people like me are lucky…
    I'm going to be a whiny biz, but I just read in the comments that the left-handed people didn't have trouble at the demo with the right-handed controls….so why couldn't have Link remained left-handed? I'm going to assume right-handed people wouldn't have had a problem had Link remained left-handed for the demo.
    Link has always been a lefty, a small detail, yes, but he's always been the left-handed hero (its a matter of tradition for me I guess).
    If they can add the option to switch, that would be great, but I'm not going to expect it.

  • A bit harsh there. At least they dont make up news like some sites do lol
    But people are looking for skyward sword news in any form so it makes sense to post. If they catch wind of it a bit late, who cares, as long as it gets posted.

    and judging by the number of comments here, people care and were interested. and thats all that matters

  • Xenithar

    I noticed that Link shoots the bow like a left-handed person would since the wii-mote/bow is used in the right hand. Meh, as long as it works in the game it's no biggie to me.

  • Repius

    quote: "In real world archery, one holds the bow with one’s left hand and the arrow with the right "

    That's not true. In real world archery there are bows for both lefty and righty, and what is more important is that you don't choose between the two versions based on your left or right handedness but on which of the two eyes (left or right one) is predominant for you

  • Vulpes bicaudata

    "You cannot tell because I'm wearing a mask but I am smiling also." "Why?" "Because I am not left handed either."

    Anyway, I understand the handedness thing, but not the archery thing. Why couldn't the Nunchuk be the bow and the Wiimote the arrow?

    • ríomhaire

      They figured people wouldn't want to have to swap the remote and nunchuck in their hands in the middle of the game, which is probably true for 99% of people.

      • ríomhaire

        Oops. Ignore my previous comment, I misread your comment. They have the remote as the bow and nunchuck as the arrow because it feels more natural that way. The remote is the long shaft of the bow and you hold the thumbstick and z button on the nunchuck similar to how you hold the arrow.

        Also because the remote will have the wii motion plus attachment and they wanted to use the more precise motion controller for the bow for aiming.

  • By_Farore

    Just that if the controls are easy enough to allow lefties to play as righties, why couldn't Link just stay left handed and let the righties get used to it? Whatever hand we predominantly use, it doesn't mean the other one is meant to play dead. That's the only question I ask myself. Because I like how Link tends to be left handed without a cause. I also believe he can easily get used to use his right hand without a problem.
    ..Besides, would've added to the challenge to let Link be a lefty and have all his enemies as righties. I've had some sword fighting lessons and it -does- become a little complicated, if not simply awkward, for a right handed person to swordfight against a left handed one.

    And no, Gagnon doesn't sound like Ganon, unless you have a French accent I haven't hear yet. And without getting too much into detail, it basically means 'to win'. Or even 'let's win'.

    ..I mean oh yes, Ganon's wife is hiding with Nintendo, forcing Link to become a righty and make him complain about not being able to be himself anymore. It was a perfect plan, putting that extra 'g' in the name, but the Zelda fans prevailed and saw through her disguise.

    On a serious note, I -am- slightly bitter that he's a righty now. As a right handed person myself, I feel as if someone was letting me eat a big, fat, juicy steak, but cutting it down for me because learning how to do so myself would be too much work. My left hand can wave that Wii remote without a problem. I liked Link being special in a useless way (since he's just a lefty, not a 'lefty hero that also has a curse that makes everyone look down on him because lol left is seen as devilish' thing I'm used to seeing when a hero isn't right handed.)

    Wouldn't mind a game where he uses his right hand because that's how he was taught and not born (still not a great idea to have random people holding the sword with their left hand in a troop for example, so he got used to it, for example). In my case, it's really a… 'caprice'.

    -By Farore, the right handed 'Wii-mote left hand-held' frenchie that didn't see through Gagnon's game.

  • Revthemoronoftime

    I'n left handed and thought that I played the wii left handed, but apparently I don't xD My right handed friend plays it exactly the same as me with the numchuch in my left and the remote in my right.

    No I am not ambidextros (And no I cannot spell)

    • It's all right, dude, you almost had it. As a matter of fact, you were just one letter short. If you had put a U between the O and the S then you'd have gotten it right, and it would come out like this: ambidextrous.

      (I'm not trying to insinuate that I'm a superior spell; I just wanted to help him out.)

  • fantasysign

    Oh well, it makes sense they do the archery thing backwards. It could be annoying switching the wii remote to your left hand every time you wanted to shoot something down and what not.

  • lifesavers2

    HAHA lefties win at something.
    But, then again, yall get the rest of the game. Darn.

  • lifesavers2

    Well, I mean, I am really into swordplay, and having even a theoretical sword in my right hand feels weird..
    I mean, I understand if the coding is hard, but even if they release a lefty version alot later for 100 dollars, I'd be fine. But I realize they probably wont do that.


  • Shoot arrows backwards? …What? I can't picture how that'd work. And I'm a leftie.

  • HeroofTime

    I'm a lefty but I still kick ass with the right hehe =P

  • Jarmihi

    Wait a minute…. Reverse archery IS left-handed archery.

  • Volroc

    personally i find nintendo pathetic for this, seriously they make us wait sicne 2006 for another control zelda (4YEARS) and in those 4years some idiot couldnt think "hey wait, we have left handed players, and link is SUPPOSED to be left, should be take the time to make it left& right handed"

    to all you right-handed assholes who are saying left-handed people have to go right, well why cant you go left? i mean Link is left-handed, & the only reason hes right handed cuz a bunch of right-handed people couldnt handle the left-handed link in the TP beta.

    im ambidextrous,but i use my left more cuz its more fun,plus in real life when i use a sword,i switch between hands, so if their going for realism in swordsmanship then they need to put a left& right handed option, cuz i dont know a single swordsman who doesnt switch between hands, and anyone who doesnt fails at swordmanship.

    all of ya, need to stop trollin on the lefties, & kissing nintendos ass bout everything, they couldve done this, they chose not to cuz they were lazy.

    personally i love the Zelda franchise, but as each game gets easier& easier, i think they shouldve stopped at Majoras Mask, many of whom hate the time limit cuz they couldnt handle a good challenge.

  • Gerry

    I seriously don't understand why Link has to be a righty anyhow, the animations will all work the same. If he was a lefty in SS, I don't understand how I, as a righty, would have any problem controling him. Left is still left if I swing left, right is still right if I swing right, same with up and down. I don't understand why they figure they have to make him righty, just because 90% of people are righty. I don't think anyone would take a look at a lefty Link and think " I don't know how to control this, do I play left handed? I cant play this."

  • Oracle_Link

    Lol, my mom's mom's side of the family's name is Gagnon. Quite a random comment you threw in at the end.

  • Shadow


    Link himself has been left-handed from the start, and I despise whichever ignorant 'righties' insisted that, given the choice of one or the other, right should be chosen.

    YOU HAVE BETRAYED MIYOMOTO (although I'm sure he's probably to blame for allowing the lefty feature to go away)
    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you have betrayed me. :' (

    • Left-handed with what? His shield? Because I only have seen his sword in his right hand, even in Ocarina of Time, the first 3D Zelda game, and LoZ, the first Zelda game ever. So I don't recall Link ever holding a sword in his left hand, except when he needed both to support a giant blade, like Biggoron's Sword and the Great Fairy Sword.

    • Shadow Darkman

      "AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you have betrayed me. :' ("

      Butthurt, much?

      (Not the same user)

  • Rich

    I'm actually very happy – I'm generally right handed but I've always been a left handed archer – this suits me to the ground. Swords are almost always held in the right hand regardless of handedness because it allows you to protect your heart easier with a shield.

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