Julie Gagnon. . . GAgNON?!

Link is one, Shigeru Miyamoto is one, and so is seven to ten percent of the population… But Nintendo doesn’t seem to care. You might call it a prejudice or even a “hate crime” that they would neglect this segment of the population.

But, yes, according to Nintendo rep Julie Gagnon, there will be no “lefty” option for Link. He used to swing both ways, but no longer. That’s right, he’s now only a Righty. Right is “right,” I suppose…

This flies in the face of reason. Wii Sports Resort had the Right/Left option. Could it have really been all that much more difficult to include it in Skyward Sword as well? Is there something about the Wii MotionPlus that prevents it? That doesn’t seem possible as the option is fully available in Wii Sports Resort.

So why isn’t the option available in Skyward Sword?

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Or is it? Perhaps the Nintendo rep got it wrong, or was misunderstood. Merely because the option wasn’t available in the E3 demo doesn’t mean it can’t be included in the final game.

Apart from the No Lefties Allowed hot topic, the other Skyward Sword controls issue is less questionable: Hylians preform archery backwards! In real world archery, one holds the bow with one’s left hand and the arrow with the right. This is not the case in Skyward Sword. Nintendo decided that since the Wii Controller should act as the bow and you’re already holding it in your right hand, it would be too cumbersome to swap Nunchuck and Controller… so you’ll just have to learn to shoot arrows backwards. Sorry professional archery champions.

Besides, did you notice the name of that Nintendo rep?  Julie Gagnon. “Gagnon”…? One letter shy of Ganon! I’m just sayin’…

Source: Ripten (here and here)
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