As the fairly steady stream of Skyward Sword news continues to flow in, we remain dedicated not only to delivering detailed and factual information to you via newsposts, but to helping you get your fill of Zelda news as easily as possible. That’s why our Everything You Need to Know About Skyward Sword page has received another update!

This time around, we’ve added details ranging from voice acting, the timeline placement of Skyward Sword, Princess Zelda, and more! New entries can be identified by the date next to their heading.

Tidbits of Skyward Sword information are scattered across practically every Zelda and Nintendo site out there, but searching through news posts and articles for details, new or old, can be quite a hassle. So don’t do it. Instead, head right over here, where we’ve put literally everything we know about the newest Zelda title in one place for you to read, discuss and share at your leisure!

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  • bennett11


  • Sweet! Thanks so much for this. I'm really excited to dive into more SS details! d=D

    • You're very welcome. :]

  • rach.

    All threee, they're great

  • Majin Kai

    MM is good if you are into intense thinking, OoT is good if you like playing in a semi-linear game, TWW is great if you like a large open adventure with tons of minigames, items and islands. I'd have to say TWW is No.1, MM is No.2 and OoT is No.3

  • LoZymugglegater

    Okay,I gotta say that stalfos looks amazing,especially compared to the moblins.Anyway thanks for getting it all together,I know that must have been alot of work.

  • ALEX23

    does anyone out there think they should change the moblins from sky ward sword/ is so…lets form a strike against nintendo…im pretty sure they wouldnt want to disappoint their fans…come on guys we can do it!!!!! i mean it is supposed to be a core gamer game so what the freak are childish looking monsters dong in there. i know its supposed to be cel shaded video game but but the moblins just dont fit in , I HATE THEM!!!!!

  • DickFace

    well, TWW is awesome, but if Oot your really in for a treat, now MM has a timer the whole time and you can go back in time whenever you want, so pretty much TWW is for exploring a lot Oot is for fun and secrects and MM is pretty much Oot with a timer