Link in Deutschland (Deutschland not pictured).

It was certainly expected, but we now have confirmation from Official Nintendo Magazine that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will appear at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. If you live in Deutschland or are close enough nearby, now is your chance to get your hands on a the new Zelda game!

But the question on everyone’s mind is: will this be a new and improved demo? While we hope we will see something new, we won’t be surprised if the demo featured at GamesCom will be the exact same demo seen at E3. That one seemed to perfectly depict all of the new features of Skyward Sword, so it would be strange to see a brand new demo, unless it accomplishes all of those same goals.

One thing is certain: we cannot wait to see what Nintendo brings to GamesCom!

GamesCom opens for the press on the 18th and then for the public on the 19th.

Keep your eyes on Zelda Universe for any new information we learn from the event!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
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  • P.U.B.L.I.C

    Awesome…i cant wait to hear anything new from skyward sword!!!=p

  • So, this is just a demo release of Skyward Sword, or what? Well, if this is right, then that is awesome. I might not live in Deutschland–or anywhere near there–but I can't wait to see what this "game" consists of.

  • Gvan

    Will there be anyway to watch it like on the web or G4 or something?

    • Dzzy123

      Maybe not, but chances are gameplay videos will somehow pop up on the web, almost everything does.

  • HoZweMu

    I live in Germany 🙂
    And i'm at the GamesCom!
    Hopefully there is something new of Skyward Sword…

  • calamitasx

    Wait, in Germany? In Cologne?! Wow. I live rather close to that, so I might even go there…

  • Merkku

    Would be so fun!! Germany's not even far. Dang if I only had the money… It feels worse when it would be theoretically possible to go but I just can't afford it. :C (…but it would probably be a bad idea anyway to go and get myself lost alone in Germany.)

  • X4Dennis24

    yes, hopefully a new trailer, i wasnt even sure Nintendo would be there.

  • Valdek

    hmm, epic. well, I’m not going to be there, since i live in USA, proud of it by the way:) but have fun all of you that are going to be there, try to get some footage for the rest of us to see:)

  • I'd also love to see a new trailer! Trailers that reveal next to nothing about the plot of the game frustrate me. :[