Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve added two great sites onto our list of friends on the sidebar: Final Fantasy World and Nintendo Pipeline. Both of these sites are run by great people, and we look forward to working together with them in the future as affiliates! For those who don’t know, affiliates are direct partners of Zelda Universe that often work together with us on projects and other neat stuff, and are good friends of ours in general.

Final Fantasy World is a UK-based site that is to Final Fantasy what Zelda Universe is to Zelda. They’ve been around since 2005 and have been steadily growing since, and feature over 40 pages of unique information about the Final Fantasy series. They’re also familiars of Final Fantasy, one of our other affiliates – so check them out!

Nintendo Pipeline is a forum-based site with a great layout and nearly a thousand members in their growing community. They’re looking to expand their site out with news and other really interesting features. Although their forums are for primarily Nintendo-related discussion, they do have other sections similar to ZU that allow for off-topic discussion. However, Nintendo is a broad topic, so there’s plenty to discuss on Nintendo Pipeline.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and we hope you enjoy these sites – and the people on them – as much as we do!