Even Link can't figure it out!

As an opening, I’m sad to inform you that this will be my final post as a news writer as I’m stepping down from this position to give room to more vibrant people. On the bright side, I think this is a good place to end it. I’m a theorist myself (and moderator of the Theorizing forum section) and of course, I love reading about people’s views on the timeline which is, arguably, one of the biggest mysteries of the Zelda universe.

A few days ago, a long-time ZU member named Lex wrote a pretty lenghty timeline document (40 pages) describing his timeline theory. Now, that is way over the average length, which I’d estimate to be around five pages or so. You’d think that a 40 page document would include every single, tiny little thing that Lex was able to find in the Zelda games, but that’s not the case – the document only focuses on the most important issues and describes the continuity of the Zelda series in an easy-to-read sort of way. All the games’ stories are included, so even if you haven’t played all the games you’ll be able to grasp his timeline simply by reading it.

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Lex’s timeline document is what I believe to be one of the longest timelines by a member of this site, but Zelda Universe is not a place for long timelines only. A couple of months ago, I held a contest to see who could make a timeline theory that was elaborate, yet easy enough for someone who is completely new to theorizing to read and understand – on a single page. Not an easy task, but it was best achieved by member River Zora.

Why do I mention that? Well, I want to point out not only that that Lex’s timeline is very impressive, but also that sometimes, one page is enough. Timelines come in many flavours. Some have The Minish Cap before Ocarina of Time, others don’t. Some have multiple chronologies, others a single chronology… and some of them are 40 pages long, whereas others come on a single sheet of paper.

The variation that we see in timelines makes me hope that Nintendo never unveils the Master Timeline. Should they ever do so, the timelines that we write, read and debate would become mere wish lists. Wish lists to a Santa Claus who has no intention of rewarding you for your hard work, but who will instead just tell you “no” in a rejecting voice that would bring children to tears. This would leave the children wishing that they could go back to the times when they were rewarded for their puzzle-solving – a puzzle that seemingly had not one, but several solutions.The timeline is the biggest puzzle in Zelda, bigger than anything you will ever encounter in any of Link’s many adventures.

And may it stay that way.

  • ZoraMikau

    Great article Hombre, even though it is your last for awhile. 🙁

  • 40 pages :0

  • Ah man, I am so sorry to hear this from you, Hombre. I have enjoyed your articles, as well as everyone else's. They introduce a freshness to the mind which is somewhat different than theirs. Regardless, I have just one plea for you: don't resign from the podcasts anytime soon. You've been one of my favorites because you bring the freshness from your articles and mouth it with the words on the script. So long as I'm listening to them, I'd like you to be on them. :'(

  • TheMaverickk

    That is one article, it plays a good part of being fairly open to other possible time line orders too.

    Personally although some people see Ocarina of Time as being the "Imprisoning War" … I really don't think it was. The events of Ocarina of Time were not really a war at all. Ganondorf essentially took Hyrule without much of a fight and ruled over it.

    I personally think the Imprisoning War might be another instance altogether where Ganondorf has been resealed in the Sacred Realm and hides within it to fight Hyrule. I mean the Imprisoning War involved a league of Hyrule Knights. The Sages worked together with them to in order to seal all the openings that were being ripped open by Ganon in order to attack Hyrule. That wasn't what occurred in OoT at all.

    I think that there's are stories to be told after Wind Waker and Twilight Princess… and just because Ganon has been stabbed in the head or the chest, that doesn't mean that he's dead forever.

  • Some Guy

    40 pages, wow. Don't you have better stuff to do with your spare time. I like Zelda also but this is a new fanboy low.

  • GenoKID

    I can't see how one can use forty pages, unless he quoted a lot. Obviously I haven't read it yet. And I agree with Hombre; the "master timeline" shouldn't be released, at least until the series ends for good. But I'd rather have the debates and ideas expand as they do, and I think Miyamoto and Anouma know that it's part of the game in a way, part of its mastery.

  • That Guy

    It was a pretty good read actually, but he didn't come to any overall conclusion which kinda made it pointless in the end.

  • veeronic

    skyward sword > ocarina of time

    beyond that I have 2 theories;

    Child; oot > majora's mask > twilight princess > ?? > legend of zelda? > adventure of link > a link to the past? > link's awakening? > oracles?
    Adult; oot > windwaker > phantom hour glass > spirit tracks > ?? > minish cap? > four swords > four swords adventures

    child; oot > majora's mask > awakening > oracles > twilight princess > legend of zelda > adventure of link > a link to the past
    adult; same

  • mario_master

    the only confirmed thing nintendo has ever told us is
    other than that we have no idea where the other games are placed and the split timeline theory has been both confirmed and denied by nintendo

  • Esestemcoot

    My Theory. Feel free to poke holes. Warning, it's a bit long.

    :OoT Child/MM>TP>FS/FSA>ALttP/LA>OoS/OoA>LoZ/AoL
    :OoT Adult>TWW/PH>ST

  • Esestemcoot

    OoT was stated to be the first when it came out. TMC was (i think) stated to be older than that. SS is stated to be first for now.

    OoT splits the timeline where Hyrule is flooded in TWW and saved in MM.

    Due to the Door of Time not being opened, Ganondorf was (probably) sentenced to death by the current (Child Timeline) Sages. (These Sages were killed by Ganondorf in the Adult Timeline hence why you need to awaken new ones.) This leads to TP. He is killed in TP.