While former Fan Art Spotlight artist Lules decided to capture Skyward Sword Link in action, Feri-san seems to have taken a creative approach to our hero’s death-defying cliff dive from the end of the E3 trailer.

She also has knack for portraying Link outside of his human form, as shown below! I can assure you that the rest of Feri-san’s work is just as charming and impressive as these two pieces – she even uses photo manipulation to combine Zelda cosplayers with the enemies and worlds of the games! But don’t take my word for it – check out her art thread and DeviantART.

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  • Chainoftermina

    aw, that wolf picture is adorable. I looked at her Zelda gallery and all of it is amazing. I want to fav them all, but that might be a little weird….

    • That wont be weird but thanks a lot! Im glad you enjoyed what you saw!

      • Chainoftermina

        your welcome XD. I love the "Mr. Twilight" comic. I loled.

        • Im glad to have been of lulzy service :B <3

  • That's nice, i'm gonna check her other works!

  • Definitely saw this coming! <3 Feri

  • Omg my stomach literally flopped when I saw this ;~; Thanks so much Sugaaaar, I'm so honored <3<3<3 Thanks for the feature! <3

  • Mina

    She's such an amazing artist! *3* ♥♥♥♥♥ I'm so happy to see her work featured!! ~~

  • Nice picture

  • Wow, the Skyward Sword one is AWESOME! Love it!

  • You're very welcome! Thank *you* for being such an amazing artist. šŸ˜€ <3

  • awww……I like that wolf one…..I guess the one who drew that thinks Link is that armored stalfoz's son

    • Im the one who drew that and no, I don't think Link is the Hero's Shade son lol. It was just a random picture with little to no story behind it. :>

  • Wow, Ferisan's work is remarkable–and probably why we're remarking on it. ;] My favorite is the one above, the perfect picture to post for her(?) work. The Light Wolf and the Link pup are so lovable together. It makes me want to have yet another go at Twilight Princess. So, I think I will. 8P

    Ah, this really brightens my day. Kudos for getting featured, Feri!

    • Thank you Thareous, I'm honored! ;w;!! <3<3

      AndyesyoushouldplayTPlol 8DDDD xD

  • Feriiii, congrats <3