Part 4 of TheMaverickk’s visual examination series is finally here! This time around, he focuses on our favorite green-clad hero, noting changes both in Link’s appearance and the design of his equipment in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

View the full comparison after the jump, along with additional speculative notes from TheMaverickk himself.

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(Download the full size image here (right click and Save As) >>)

A few additional notes from the TheMaverickk:

“There are a few additional notes I should mention from this study, but I didn’t want to throw in speculation into the created image. Leaving it as a sort of post note.

The first is that Link is missing his riding gauntlet (worn on his sword arm in TP). The metal wrist bracers are the same in both TP and SS, so I didn’t mention this. It’s simply that the SS model is missing that one decorative piece for horse riding which is placed on his sword arm bracer. Speculatively speaking this strongly implies that Epona and horse riding will likely not be in Skyward Sword. This is again speculation, but it is a detail I noticed.

Overall SS Link’s outfit looks new, it doesn’t look worn. This may simply be a result of art style, or it may be a choice based on it being an earlier Zelda game in the Time Line. So the uniform isn’t aged yet or ancient (seeing as how in TP by some divine act he is given the hero’s clothes).

The Hylian Shield is actually closer to the original design of OoT’s Hylian Shield. The phoenix on it has straight wings like the original design and no hole.”

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