Hey all! Doubtlessly you’ve all noticed – since we did a site upgrade a while back, walkthrough pages’ tables of contents have redirected to themselves, rendering the walkthroughs unviewable.

I’m happy to report that as of now that bug has been squashed – the culprit was a hook in WordPress (the software that powers ZU) that made pagination impossible in subcategories. Because of the way we organize our content, all of our walkthrough pages were affected by this bug.

We found a fix on WordPress.org, applied it, and it looks like everything is go once again! With that squashed, I’m happy to report that Ciroton has been hard at work on our Wind Waker Walkthrough, and the next section will be going up tomorrow. Look forward to it!

  • Thareous

    Wow, that is a terrible thing to happen. I sure hope it didn't damper the fans’ gung ho about the games they strove hard to beat. they might have been getting frustrated because the only link (haha, link) they have in beating it was down. But lo and behold, out ZU staff has fixed the problem once again! Great going, guys!