Since The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was unveiled by Nintendo at their E3 keynote last month, once of the biggest topics of discussion and debate among Zelda fans has been the art style of the new title. Miyamoto compared the game’s graphics to a “moving painting” much like the art of Impressionist painters such as Paul Cézanne, and while some fans are thrilled about this change, others are disappointed at the deviation from Twilight Princess’s more realistic graphical style.

With all of this controversy, we decided to poll you, our readers, to find out your thoughts on the art style of Skyward Sword, and the results are now in! This time around, our poll received more attention than ever before – a total of 4,257 votes were cast!

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Do you like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Impressionist graphical style?

1st (49%, 2,066 votes) Not sure. I’ll wait until I have the game to pass judgement.

2nd (44%, 1,867 votes) Heck yeah! This is the best looking Zelda title of all time.

3rd (7%, 318 votes) No way! This is the worst thing to happen to Zelda since The Wind Waker.

According to the poll results, most of you are waiting until you’ve played the game to develop your opinion, but nearly just as many voters are excited about the new art style! Surprisingly (considering all of the debate), a very small number of people who voted are completely opposed to the new game’s graphics.

For our next poll, we’re giving our readers the chance to decide what we give away in our next contest! When we announced that the Bank of Hyrule had reached its most recent goal of $100, we asked you to tell us in the comments what you would like us to give away. Now, we’re taking your best ideas and putting them up in a poll for everyone to vote on, so head on over to the poll on the right sidebar to let your voice be heard!