Any of these guys Link's lost friend?

With the recent clarifications and revelations from Eiji Aonuma, we have updated our all-in-one page on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with that relevant info.

In case you missed it the first time around, one of the most intriguing new tidbits is that there will very possibly be a dungeon wherein Link loses his sword and must avoid enemies while trying to solve puzzles. Also there will be field sections which will be structured a bit more like dungeons with puzzles and bosses.

And still more intriguing is the quote from Aonuma that part of what compels Link to travel back and forth between Skyloft and Hyrule is his quest to find a “lost and valuable friend.”

You can check out these changes here or via the banner at the top of the news stories.

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  • Thareous33

    Ha, so there is an update on Skyward Sword! (Though this really isn't new…)

  • Frank

    Can I take this opportunity to point out an error in the original article? At one point, it states: "While the Nunchuck does control Link, thanks to the addition of Wii MotionPlus, now you can thrust forward with it causing the shield to bounce projectiles back towards enemies. You can also shield bash enemies "

    The nunchuck receives no additional benefits as a result of motion plus. Motion plus is a gyroscope that plugs into the bottom of the Wii remote, allowing it to sense its own rotational movement. As it is attached the the Wii remote, it has no way of providing any superior functionality for the nunchuck (it can't sense the nunchuck's rotational movement). Furthermore, there already was a shield attack in the Wii version of TP. It was hidden skill #2, as seen on this page:

    • Frank

      Any reason you've not changed this yet? Have you not got round to it or do you not believe me?

  • non

    ya now how in wind waker when u loose your you sneak around in barrels. i cant imagine link doing that again in SS. mabye you can be a stealthy ninja 🙂

  • Nick

    yeah, there's already been a dungeon where link loses his sword. nothing new there.

  • X x7

    is there really a need to post a new article every time that something new is changed ZU?

    • If we didn't post about it, how would you know? :]

      We like to keep our members/readers updated on new content, pages, etc. It's being added for them to read, after all.

      • X x7

        well yeah, but EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING. Especially with this where we already knew this.

        • How did you know that this specific page had been updated before we posted about it? o-o

          • X x7

            no, the news about it. You dont really need to make an update every time a page is changed. People just happen to go on it and say, hey, its updated. Imagine if they did that on Zelda Wiki.

          • X x7

            and i dont wanna get into an argument about it. you do what you want. Im just sayin…

        • SOME people didn't know. Im sure some people were very happy to read this. Don't be so self-centered. Sugar (I can call you that, right?) and Jason and them dont have to do what they do. Its not like they have to do this. They don't even get payed. I am very apreciative of their hard work. (And I show it by spending half of my day on ZU.)

          So STOP COMPLAINING and stop being so cocky.

          • X x7

            I'm not complaining I'm just saying it's somewhat of a waste of time I'm not trying to annoy you AND it's not big news at all! it's an update on a page that people will figure out themselves when they go and read the stuff! IMPORTANT news should be posted on here like articles, interesting videos, and info just released about skyward sword!

          • Of course you can call me that. :] Thanks for the appreciation!

  • X x7


  • lifesavers2

    What was that?

    But it looks like you did that X x7…
    There wasnt much time between when you posted and when "I will Spam" posted.

    • X x7

      why would I do that that's just a waste of time
      and will everyone STOP THUMBS DOWNING ME?!? I didn't do anything wrong and yet everyone is hating on me!

  • linktastic

    zeldauniverse is kinda late cause i already saw the interview of aonuma saying this before zeldauniverse even posted it…