ZU member SteelSlasher has launched a Zelda Community Fan Game Project over on our forums! The game, titled The Legend of Zelda: Last Chapter of Hyrule, is being developed for the Wii as a Homebrew game and will also be compatible on PC.

As SteelSlasher has been working on a game engine for around six months, the project looks very promising. However, in order for it to really get off the ground, your help is needed!

There are open roles in three different areas: Graphic Artists, Programmers and Writing Staff. If you’re interested, visit the project thread on our forums for more information, and be sure to keep a look out for more updates on the fan game in the future!

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  • linkdude101

    I want screenies! Is this like a full sized game like Ocarina?

    • Steelslasher

      Full sized, yes… 3D… maybe not 🙁

      i wanted to keep it 2D because there arent many 3D modellers who work for free and the only suitable models are TP's but i think that would be crossing the line in terms of copyright infringement.

      About screenshots, I am hoping to show a tech demo after finishing the sword and basic enemy code until then you'll have to do with random hints

  • Mattrdom

    I would totally help, but I’m useless…………

  • RushLight

    So wait, this is like gonna be a full fan made game for my Wii? Awesome! Should tide me over until Skyward Sword (assuming its finished before then).

    • Steelslasher

      Might take a bit longer than that, nintendo have multi-million dollar suites… but i have… a 5 year old computer, a 6 year old laptop and a wii (i think i need to buy some new kit)

  • Ashmic

    I can help if u want, Im a good artist somewhat and have some flash knowledge

  • Hunter

    I'm very good with story lines and computers… Even though I'm just 14, I can help in a VERY big way.

  • Chainoftermina

    umm, what?! a fan made game for the wii? doesn't…….doesn't a game need to be licensed by Nintendo in order to be able to be played a Nintendo system? and this isn't the NES we're talking about here, it's the Wii! I thought Nintendo made sure that no unlicensed game would be able to work on a Wii, and why would Nintendo license a ZELDA game that they had no part in making, and a fan made game at that?

    but then again I really have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, I'm horrible at all that legal mumbo jumbo.

    • From the first post of the thread:

      "Hi, I am THE SteelSlasher (you may know me by another name but that's neither here nor there), currently I am working on a Homebrew Zelda game for the Wii (it will also be compatible on PC).

      If you want to know more about Wii Homebrew just PM me, or visit http://www.wiibrew.org which has many in depth articles and a vibrant community."

    • Steelslasher

      Loads of NES games were unlicensed so this is definitely not a first

      • Chainoftermina

        that's kinda what I meant when I said "this isn't the NES we're talking about here. yes, the NES could play unlicensed games, but I'm pretty sure Nintendo has fixed that in their more recent consoles. haven't they?

        • Steelslasher

          No, you can still run most homebrew on the latest system menu, its just a bit harder, although it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Robert

    Sounds Cool! 😀

    Hopefully NIntendo don't find out though. o.o

  • Matt17

    awesome, this would be the first zelda homebrew game for wii. I would like to help, as long as it doesn't involve any coding

  • Orgaya

    Last Chapter? What's the story with this one?

  • Stratmoblin

    Are you guys reusing music from the other Zelda games? I would love to compose music for this project. It would be a dream come true for me.

  • CaveCricket48

    I'm new around here, but my friend told me about this project you're working on. I'm interested in being one of your Graphic Designers, and I have a smalle "portfolio" of sprites that I've done for a game mod. If you want any more information or want to tell me something, Email me at

    [email protected]

    And my mini "portfolio" http://drop.io/jkgwggm

  • Alex

    I am very good at making sprites, retextures, replacing colors, etc.
    If you have any use for me, contact me at [email protected]