User Lint22 recently submitted this diagram, which compares the graphics of Skyward Sword to those of the last main console Zelda game, Twilight Princess.

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While the graphical styles of the two games are obviously different, is Skyward Sword graphically superior to its predecessor? Does it represent not only a step in a new direction, but a step forward for the Zelda series?

We want to know what you think! Art styles aside, is Skyward Sword graphically superior to Twilight Princess? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

  • lifesavers2

    1st and I liked TP graphics, but it looks like SS is better. I dont know what I should think about SS untill I played it. Imagine the possibilities if they were combined! And to think this was an E3 Demo!

    Oooh I cant wait untill the next console Zelda! I wonder what the next console could do! Ooooh, will it be full body motion controls or virtual reality? I like the second one more but the first seems more plausible. OMG!

    Back to the point, I dont know what to think. Since SS is for Wii and TP is for the Gamecube (technically), we shouldnt be arguing becuase of course SS has superior graphics. If SS was for the gamecube, it would probably be inferior to TP (It might look alot like WW). The art styles are completely different so I guess theyre superior in their own ways…

    If you dont like SS graphics get over it. It (probably) cant be changed.
    Im sure we will get a beefed up TP on steroids sometime in the future.

  • Leftyrock91

    You know, I think SS is superior to TP. The demo might not of been all tha great, but that was just it. A demo. Heck, that place won't even be in the final game. So I think the game will look way better than Tp, and besides, i didn't like the mature look of TP.

  • Lucas

    I really do think think that skyward sword graphics are superior to twilight princess because the TP graphics had something boring to it. Skyward Sword brings it to a whole in level.

  • RushLight

    I love the SS graphics, Wind Waker was my favorite game so I love it that its cel-shaded again. And I do indeed think by the time it comes out it'll look better than TP.

    • Feri-san

      SS is NOT celshade. It's impressionistic/watercolor shading. Only thing they share in common is that they are bright looking. (WW moreso than SS though)

      • It is Cel-shaded. just in a different style.

      • twilit mask of time

        yea it's still Cel-Shading technically, but it IS much more detailed, intricate cel-shading though. For example, PH is Fauks-Shading, but it looks alot more like windwaker than SS. So different techniques can create the same art style, and the same techniques can create different styles

    • Renato

      Skyward sword is NOT cel-shaded. Do you even know what cel-shading is?

  • Princess Mara

    I'm not an expert on visuals but I definately prefer the SS graphics. TP had great graphics but they were a bit dull. SS has much brighter, more beautiful graphics.

  • Dawnfire

    I don't find them to be superior– only different. Really, from what I've seen so far, I'd measure them to be about the same, except utterly different in style. I'm fully willing to admit that with the superior power of the wii, the game is higher quality. But because of the graphical choice, that is harder to see. TP did an excellent job looking realistic, and I admit freely that I would have liked to see some more vibrant areas of the game. But the SS style is not meant to look like higher quality, it's meant to look impressionistic– so comparing images, not polygons, I find them to both to just look good.

    Comparing WW with SS, SS wins hands down. Comparing TP to OoT, TP wins hands down. Comparing SS with TP? Well, that's a lot harder to do, at least when your talking about which looks high quality vs. personal choice of Zelda styles.

    They are going for different things and both are new enough to look great, so it's hard to say one looked better when they both did a great job achieving their goals.

    I also believe that when it comes time to play the game, it may turn out that there is an obvious superiority to SS. I don't think many people are too concerned with graphical superiority, so much as what style of Zelda you prefer. SS is on a more powerful system– it would be silly to think that TP would match it in power, and would give Nintendo very little credit. To me, that's all sorta beside the point.

    Regardless, both look great.

    • Thareous33

      Finally! Someone I can relate to opinion-wise. People should not deem that anything is superior over another. They are merely different however they may seem. There is only one exception, which I will not mention or even allude to because it might offend some people. At any rate, the graphics are unique in their own special way. And that is why neither should be judged lesser than the other.

  • SS is definately superior, if you ask me.

  • Sorry, but TP's image is far better looking. The SS creation is just.. a mess. At first glance I have trouble figuring out what the hell I'm even looking at. Maybe it's just the awful colours.

  • Ashmic

    Skyward sword is more superior, In Twilight princess all they did was image map a picture onto the models of characters, in Skyward sword they made a whole new engine, so obviously with the time taken SS is better from the sheer hard work.

    :] studied brief 3D

  • Zeldadudetp

    Just because SS's deku baba looks better does now mean that the game looks better.

    • The Deku Baba is being used as an example of improved resolution, detail, texture, etc.

      • Zeldadudetp

        It isn't improved, it's just a different art style.

        Not much of a difference except the first one is more colorful. More color doesn't mean more detail.

        • perhaps you should read the text on the diagram.

          • Zeldadudetp

            Yeah. I did. 3D leaves.

            Even with more polygons, Twilight Princess' deku baba still looks more realistic. So, I would say that TP is graphically superior.

          • arkazain

            More realistic doesn't mean graphically superior.

          • Zeldadudetp

            Neither does 3D leaves.

          • Yeah, they do. It's like you just choose to be ignorant. The Deku-baba in TP is just a bland model with a nice texture on top. The SS model has actual detail. We're not talking about opinion here, these are simply facts.

          • If you keep replying youll smash your comments into the side of the screen.

            @Caratris: The TP deku baba wasnt that bad.

            @Zeldadudetp: What do you want them to do? Use every enemy as a example? The Deku Baba is what you get. No complaining.

          • Zeldadudetp

            Nah. I just wanna see how many dislikes I can get. 🙂

          • Exactly. Caratris is right. This isn't really a matter of what "looks better" based on your opinion, Zeldadudetp. It's a matter of which game is more graphically advanced.

            And lifesavers2, I don't think Caratis is saying that the TP deku baba looks bad. Simply that the SS model is far more detailed. Some might not think that it looks better than the one from TP, but I think it's pretty clear that more time was put into it, or at least more advanced methods of 3d modeling/design.

          • Bendi

            well said!

  • More than a graphic improvement, it only has slighty better 3d modelling work. It makes it slightly better, though I personally think it has little to none more polygons than the original deku baba model in Twilight Princess.
    it DOES have better texturing though. every single model in Twilight shows some rare pixelization of textures.

  • Yes I think that it’s very superior, the details were much more smoother, sharper and less blurry, but that’s really normal, considering TP was made originally for the GCN and not for the Wii and the Wii definition is slightly better than that of the GCN. Still, it’s only the quality of the textures, you can’t compare the styles cause obviously some people prefer the realistic TP over the impressionist SS and some prefer SS over the TP

  • Hálvðanarson

    I've always thought that the graphics on the characters and enemies in SS looked good if not even better than TP.

    But the graphical detail on the "world" we saw on the E3 show was the main thing that worried me, it didn't look good at all. It looked blurry.

    But to point out something I read on a post here on ZU that the world or dungeon if you will, was E3 exclusive. I guess it will look better on the final version when everthing has been tweeked to perfection.

  • James

    Well going by the info on the image comparison then I'll have to say that Skyward Sword is better visually. But I thought so anyway because I love the art style of Skyward Sword.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Is there a point to this? This was a pretty stupid presentation, of course SS has graphical superiority, it was made for the Wii from the ground up, while TP was just a port from GC. Wii has better graphics even if it's only slightly better.

    Anyone arguing that SS graphical power is less than TP is in denial.

    If you want to argue design however that's something completely different, TP has better design, why? Simply because they put more detail into the textures to make them look more realistic, whereas in SS ther'e not really any detail, it's just splashes of color like a painting like people are saying, and because they did that, they left out the detail.

    Short answer, TP has more detailed and realistic looking graphics, SS had more polygons and less detail overall from it's design choice, this should be incredibly obvious.

    I'm sure there will be people who will hack this game when it comes out to put realistic textures back in, Riivolution allows for such and I believe there's a good number of people(not here obviously because most of you are WW lovers) who would want to have an option at putting the realistic look back in, it's just texture hacking and it can be done.

  • My opinion: SS pwns TP graphics. First off, SS is strictly a Wii game without a Gamecube compatibility. The colors are vibrant and fresh, it's just as if you were looking at a painting as stated before. I feel that this game will be extremely impressive and will look even better when we see actual game footage from the finished SS 🙂

  • sweeds r c00l

    SS is the midway point between WW and TP. They cellshaded TP

    • CrazyGoron

      I agree all the way with that. When I first saw the graphics on SS I thought it looked like a mix between TP and WW.

      • CrazyGoron

        But I do still think SS has a better graphic style than TP.

  • Masterraro

    I think that nintendo knows what they do and if they did that difference on the graffics is for something I definitively think that SS has better graffics than TP

  • Luke

    Graphically… SS will obviously be better than TP, due to all of the reasons everyone's already listed. It's made for the Wii, so it'll obviously be better in the graphics section. However, graphics are different than STYLE… I'm not sure if I like the bright, impressionistic style of SS better than the dark yet realistic style of TP.

  • Shadowoflight

    It's Gamecube VS Wii, what did you expect?
    Nintendo games like The legend of Zelda always try to push graphics to a higher level too if it's possible.

    Like the deku leaf for example, can you imagine a realistic Link flying with a leaf? 😉
    Graphics change for a reason, and it's good. I have faith in Nintendo.

  • Link1432

    I'd like to see more of these diagrams on some of the other aspects of the graphics. They're very insightful.

  • Sid

    Looking at it strictly from a detailed standpoint, SS leaves TP in the dust. The Wii's graphical processing capabilities far exceed that of the GCN's, and consequentially the developers and designers have much more freedom in what they can and can't do graphically. The result? You've seen for yourself in the comparative study above. SS delivers a more detailed, realistic look, much more so than anything we've seen before in the Zelda series (remember that I am speaking from a strictly graphical standpoint, not taking into account artistic styling).

    That being said, I believe the controversy over which game is graphically superior stems not from the question of which is more detailed but rather which art style, realism or impressionism, is better. And to this question there is, despite what many believe, no definitive answer. At the risk of wearing out and already over-used phrase, trying to compare the two types of art is like trying to compare apples and oranges. They are so dissimilar in their style, that any attempt at comparing the two ultimately results in a decision based solely on opinion. It is impossible to warrant with fact which of the two is better, just as how it is impossible to warrant with fact whether apples or oranges taste better.

    I personally prefer the realistic style of TP to the impressionistic style of SS. Perhaps it is my nostalgia of OoT, or perhaps it is my belief that the implementation of realism makes a game more relatable to real life, but i just like the realistic style better. However I don't think it is fair to judge the quality of a game based solely on graphics. Story, game design, and game play are the true deciding factors in whether a game is good or not. From what I have seen and heard at E3, all three are excellent in SS, and rather than bickering about which of the two is better, we should all just look forward to the masterpiece that will be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

  • nicoledestiny

    I think it depends on what kind of style you like. Twilight Princess was very dark, one of the darkest if not THE darkest, and Skyward Sword seems very light and not as serious as Twilight Princess. But I think you cant really judge it until we see more grapics. Two minutes of graphics isnt going to cut it.

    • If the story is any indication, I feel like SS is going to get dark really, really quickly. And not in a realistic sort of way like TP or MM, but in some really sick, twisted way akin to the Kirby series.

      I mean, think about it. Kirby is beyond cute. But every game ends up turning into some nightmare drug trip by the end where the cute characters have degraded into mindless monsters hellbent on consuming every being in the known universe. And the cartoony style, when applied to horrible drug trip craziness, is the scariest thing in the world.

  • Steelslasher

    Personally, it all depends on the music, maybe we think TP might be better because the music in TP suited the graphics, it might be that the music will affect our view of the graphics in SS, also, the trailer music for SS is actually in the TP OST so it just shows how unprepared they were.

  • nicktheslayer

    Actually, id prefer if you also showed a comparison to the Wind Waker, seeing as how Skyward Sword is a combination of both games graphics. ALthough Wind Waker my not have been as good looking as tp (In terms of quality, not art style), thats not the point.

    Also, ooh! make more of these with other enemies and such! And link

    • Lint22

      I can make more of these, I honestly didn't think it would strike this much discussion and I didn't think it would be really site news.

      It's actually interesting to see how people have taken this as I never personally stated any sort of opinion. What I was doing was examining all the finer details between the games. The Deku Baba was just one of the best examples I could use as I was able to get some higher resolution images of the two enemies.

      With a bit of work I could probably get some of other enemies shared between the two games. It simply was a comparative study.

      What it comes down to is that Nintendo has actually put a lot more work into the creation of the Skyward Sword models then some people have personally believe they have. People talk about there being no texture on the Deku Baba, but in reality there is… the hexagonal indents in the shell are in fact texture… it's acting much like bump mapping would.

      Although this is much closer to nature. The carapace of the new Deku Baba is much like insects you'd find in the real world;

      So people making the claim that one is more realist than the other all I have to say is that the new Deku Baba is very easily as realistic. It all depends what you choose to reference in real life.

      • DudettThatsAWESOME

        lol, its a good discussion though i guess, 😛

  • Goro

    To me, SS is graphically better than TP.

    I don't why people complain about SS having some blurred textures. Twilight Princess textures had the most blur I've ever seen. Only the character and enemy models looked good. So SS clearly wins this fight with the models have more 3D poly count.

    And to add to the argument of the art style of this game. Just because it looks all happy and colorful, doesn't mean it isn't dark.

    I remember a another Nintendo game that looks kid friendly, but was one of darkest and emotional games I ever played. I am, of course, referring to the Mother/Earthbound series. If you played Earthbound or Mother 3, you'll know what I mean.

    The series is deep, dark, light hearted, and funny. A combination that seems unnatrual, but it works.

    So in closing, just because a game looks childlike, doesn't mean it is.

  • I actually didn't think TP looked that realistic. It was dark, yes, but realistic? Hardly.

    • TheMaverickk

      I agree… I think people confuse "dark" with realistic.

  • link090

    Judging by the two pictures and the descriptions below, It's no contest. SS has it won hands down. With this in mind, there should be no more complaints because Nintendo is going more into the 3D world than ever before. And we all know that 3D has 2D beat in the Graphics department any day.

    • Lint22

      I personally still love 2D graphics… even pixels… old style games like Cave Story and La-Mulana. Muramasa the Demon Sword was also a wonderful game I loved.

      Last week I was replaying Fourswords Adventure on the GCN and was loving every moment of it.

  • Gerudude

    based on what I've seen so far: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


    I find this comparison rather pointless
    1. TP was made in 2006 for the gamecube.
    2. its not about graphics so much as texture and design
    3. of course graphically SS has a better standing as it was built for the wii
    4. TP was much more realistic and detailed in texture but very bland in color
    5. SS looks to have almost no texture, rather it has an Impressionistic look running on a high color template. (much like WW)

  • David

    First, I thought that TP's was more impressive, what with the brilliant lighting and all that, but when you look closer you can see that SS's are way better. The question is though, will this be noticed by players?

  • SS wins in my opinion.

  • I just hope they dont mess the enemies up becuase in the demo everything was fine except the pig thing enemy. It was weird…

    • nicktheslayer

      Do you play zelda?

      The pig enemys started the franchise! You cant have zelda without them, much like octoroks. (Besidess twilight princess, but i guess king bulbin counts)

      • Yah but those weird pig enemies didnt look that weird.

        • Hollow

          I don't think he was bagging bokoblins, just the style of them. I don't like them either. They look like a bunch of pedobears with wierd faces in my opinion. They should change them a bit so they do not look so silly. Just my opinion, don't hate.

  • Well, I know that all we’ve seen of SS has been the demo, but I do prefer TP’s art style because it seems gloomy like MM, but with a hint of maturity. Yeah, yeah, we’re not talking about art styles, and I can’t argue that is TP is inferior to SS in terms of graphics, especially when the proof is in the diagram :p
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see more of the actual SS and not the demo.

  • noahakumu

    I LOVED the more mature duller ocarina of time closer graphics of Twilight princess. It just seemed like such a serious Zelda game. With all these bright colors of Skyward Sword it almost makes the game a lot more "kiddy-ish" and closer to Wind waker. The graphics look better, the bright colors do not. Then again none of us has actually played SS. I AM SO EXCITED FOR SS. That's it…


    Well based off the gameplay I will say that SS looks alot more fluid in the motion than TP. But weather it is really graphically supirior is yes to be seen. The sky definately looks a whole lot better imo in SS. But since it was a demo it may not reflect all that SShas to offer. Right now I would say TP is slightly supirior But who knows maybe with some polish SS might Wow me by the time it comes out. Its too close to call.

  • Link-182

    Twilight Princess looks great for the first while, especially if you've been playing games with graphics worse than it. But if you've been playing the 360, or PS3, it's…not amazing. And if you've been playing TP a while, you kind of don't notice the graphics as much, they are just kinda there.
    There is not after-effect I guess.

    Now playing the Wind Waker, all of the effects and style still gave me an impression of something new and intriguing.
    The graphics still… had an effect on me after I had been playing for so long.

    With Skywayrd Sword I feel like it'll have the same effect, after hours strait of playing it, the graphics will still give me this feeling, like I'm in a new amazing world that looks different than real life and fantastic.

    All I'm saying is, you really need something DIFFERENT than realism to stick out graphically for it to really shine even after you've been playing it for hours and hours. Especailly on the wii, where realism doesn't show too well.

    • lolknight

      My thoghts exactly. You couldn't have stated it any better than this! The reason I agree is that when you are playing videogames, you want to escape to another fantastic, cool world, not a depessive and gloomy one (unless you are playing the masterpiece that is Majora's mask). I love cel shading, and I loved Tp's graphic's too, but as you said, you just can't deny that after 20 hous of playing TP there isn't that WOW factor regarding the graphics. That is all I have to say… PEACE OUT!!!!

      • eliot

        yeah, btw majora's mask were not exactly dark, i think it was even more colorful than OoT, but the colours were used to give you a creepy and bizarre feeling, just like in a psycho-psychedelic dream

        • lolknight

          That's what I meant (Sorry, I didn't express myself very well!)

  • Geo

    TP graphics were far better. you have to remember the wii's graphics ability of much better the the gamecube's. SS was made from the ground up for the wii using the wii's abilities to the max (so I hope) were as TP was made for the gamecube (taking it to the max) then porting it to the wii. but is you take into account that TP is older and made for older tech. It has much better graphics.

  • TheMaverickk

    I think this is only pointing out that in the end people think that no work has gone into Swkyward Swords appearance. Some have called it lazy cel-shading… but in reality it seems that NIntendo has actually rebuilt all the models to be even better.

    The Deky Baba in SS is clearly much more detailed. Just look at the tongues, it's the exact same texture and design, but the resolution is higher and more clear. People have said there is no detail in SS, but there is plenty of details if you ask me. Just because TP used "realistic" detailing, doesn't mean it was graphically superior.

    Personally I'm glad that what we get is something new.

  • I liked Twilight Princesses graphic style, although it was at time dark and muddy.

    Skyward Sword looks amazing though, I loved Wind Waker and SS looks like a nice middle ground between the two.

  • Lancelot-sama!

    i honestly don't understand picking on the whole "TP vs. SS" thing again, although i'll admit SS is superior to graphics but i do like TP's realistic style. in fact, i love both TP's & SS's graphics. of course you are comparing a newly introduced game to a game that released back in 2006, but they both have great styles in my opinion.

  • 209116032

    I don't know. To me, it's hard to determine because the graphic style of the two games are so different, and also for all we know the SS graphics will look different by the time it's released. If were to just see these pictures side by side, I would think the TP graphics are better because of the realism. Obviously realism does not determine the graphic quality. Perhaps the bright colors of SS graphics throws me off a bit in terms of judging them. I definately feel that the SS enemies and Link certainly have more substance to them than the TP style; they appear more 3 dimensional. If I had to judge I would say SS graphics are better.

    • Lint22

      Actually they are both realistic, but towards different sides of the spectrum.

      The Deku Baba from TP looks more rotted/decaying/weedy… that's the impression that is given and it does it well.

      The Deku Baba from TP looks based on a jungle plant with thick poitned leaves, lush green full of life, and with vibrant colours… lots of plant syou'd find in a rain forest would look more like the Skyward Sword Deku Baba.

      The reality is that they both take from reality, but reference different things we'd see in the real world.

  • Cukeman

    Technically? Yes. Stylistically? That's opinion. One thing is clear, TP has greater range of lights, darks, middle tones, and mood. But SS is still cool, it'll be the greatest Zelda control ever!

  • Spaghetti

    @Sanity's Theif: I completely agree with you. I can't really say anymore than that.

  • guesty

    Here is the link to the best video of SS that currently exists (on major video game websites etc) for anyone who may have missed it:

    Make sure you watch it in HD and probably full screen mode as well. I think its important to note the conceptual aspects more than the specifics in what was shown for SS at E3. I think its easy to see where the demo was obviously a thrown together playtest area rather than a polished finalized area of the actual game. The flaws are apparent. But in this video at gametrailers you can see that Nintendo is aware of what this new "painted" graphic style can do better than normal graphics can do, and they are probably only going to improve on that approach as they spend the next year polishing the game.

    Seeing the shadows of clouds rolling over the plains in TP was pretty cool and contributed to the atmosphere of TP alot. But SS takes that concept further with how the forest area lighting works. Even though the demo looks thrown together, the conceptual genius is there so you know they will make it perfect for the final release.

    Something worth noting, people have complained about the look of the enemies, but when they are seen from the players perspective (being attacked), they look much better. I think at one point you can see a yellow Deku Baba when Link is using the Beetle.

    • Lint22

      I'm surprised no one noticed new details from that video … like the gold Deku Baba… Zol/Chu attaching itself and trying to slow down Link. The beautiful light rights coming through the trees… the map for the area also says "Skyward Sword" as the title.

      Always noticing the small details.

    • Lawlilicious

      Epic video.

  • I really like both styles and I think (if you really wanna go this far) they tie in with the timeline well. Like SS is supposedly first so its fitting that everythings young and vibrant looking because the lands young. Then with TP Hyrules waaaaaay older so it fits that everythings weedy and decaying. But thats just me.

    • lolknight

      DAmn right! I never have thought about it until now! Personally, I CAN'T WAIT until SS arrives! Just now I had a wonderful thought: Wouldn't it be great if in SS there was a pretty long side quest, and at the end of it, the reward would be being able to play ALTTP, LA, MM or tWW as an easter egg!? I know that'll probably never happen, but what about the next console Zelda? There would probably be enough space in the disk to do so! Or, if that doesn't happen on the console, how about a 3ds remak or virtual console service? Does anybody think this is a good idea?

  • Thareous33

    Lint22, I hate it that you compare the upcoming Zelda game with my top favorite, Twilight Princess. While I have reviewed and agreed with most of the comments, you have me split straight down the middle. Howbeit, I am in accord with one submitter's opinion more than the rest: that neither are really superior, but really, just unique. Therefore, I am pleased to state that Skyward Sword has it beat in impressionistic graphics while TP rules with its darker style. I do not say that this isn't moot, or that comparing them is bad, but everything does have a difference. Few realize this and judge offhand the appearance. With that put down, I don't criticize you or any one else either. This is an amazing article and I am actually glad that you decided to write it. ;-D

  • linkdude101

    I think a lot of us were shocked as we saw a cel-shaded Link unsheathing his sword after the concept art last year because we thought we'd see TP graphics. I was angry at Nintendo. Then I started realising that SS has way better graphics and art styles. This diagram proves it.

  • GenoKID

    Well, technically the graphics are better, as far as I can tell. TP was designed as a Gamecube game after all. It's been a few years, things have improved. The graphic DESIGN I believe is better, too, but that's only personal opinion.

  • Haeil

    As far as style goes, I'll admit that I was confused and also a little disappointed when I first saw the SS trailer. I'd really been looking forward to "realistic" TP graphics, and was unprepared for what Nintendo gave us. However, after going back and replaying TP, I realized that it wasn't the realism or darkness that I liked. It was actually the lighting. Everytime I enter Zora's Domain in the morning, my breath gets taken away. And after watcing the trailer again (several times in fact), I'm absolutely delighted to see that lighting is also a key graphical element in SS. I love, love, love the way the foresty area of Skyloft has thousands of dappled shadows and colorful light effects, and now I'm even beginning to think that this game is more beautiful than TP. And I can't get enough of that impressionistic sky! So overall, I find both styles unique and beautiful in their own way, but have a personal preference for SS.

    (And just think, we've only been shown a few minutes of footage for one area. Imagine what Hyrule and some of the temples are going to look like!)

  • storngfan

    I agree that graphically, SS is superior to TP

    HOWEVER: I think the deku baba's teeth look better in TP as 2D images compared to the polygons used in SS.

  • PinkZelda

    They're both so different…I personally prefer TP, because it was all so dark and ominous, there was something mysterious about it.
    I can't say I'm a huge fan of the blinding, bright, cheery world of SS; it seems extremely child-like, but amazing gameplay will surely make up for it!

  • Christian

    I think TP is better. I really loved that game and from that moment I hoped Nintendo will give us in the future a HD Zelda. I bet that if Nintendo will make a HD Zelda game with a story line for example The Ocarina Of Time, we will have the best game in history. A mature Link in a huge world with HD graphics with an epic storyline, I will keep dreaming…

    • Renato

      there's no such thing as HD graphics. There are HD images. And what's the big deal about HD? it's only an EFFECT that rises the quality of the image. you should have meant: "A mature link in a huge world with outstanding graphics".

  • nicktheslayer

    Truthfully, i was dissapointed at first, i was really looking forward to seeing a realistic forest with wii graphics, but thenn again, this seems to be great, i think ill love it.

    Hey Lint22, you make another one yet?

    Instead of doing graphics, id talk about the differences between the links, there are some, even though they are very similar.

    • Lint22

      I've done a part to, just finished it earlier tonight. Whether or not ZU posts it though will be up to them.

      This one focuses on another enemy character in the trailer which has been in the last 4 major console releases and I've shifted the comparison study a little.

      I would like to Link in a later one if I make a series of these. I agree though there are quite a few little differences they've done with this new Link. My assumption is to help distance SS Link from TP Link since they are similar in model design.

      • ZU will definitely be posting part two. :]

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  • DudettThatsAWESOME

    TP rocks, but id have to say SS looks better… its not as like, serious looking and stuff as TP, its actually a bit more cartoon like, but not like wind waker, i think its gonna be awesome, and plus, the graphics and stuff (like the deku babas) look like their going to be MUCH cooler, 😀

    • DudettThatsAWESOME

      and game plays supposed to be MUCH better and ur gonna need a wiiplus skin thing for SS. (not that expensive)

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  • Tyler

    You can't really compare these, they are two completely different art styles.

  • majoraswrath

    I hate the ss graphics. I think it was wasteful of nintendo to go back to cel shading when we have enormous possiblities for realisim in zelda. We only got a TASTE of twilight style where as the cel shaded link has been in WW, FS, MC, PH, ST. We have seen enough of this cel shaded style. Twilight princess has been my favorite zelda graphically with majora's and Ocarina in a close second.

    When they give it the zelda feel with these realistic graphics it does something for the game that I find makes it much more enjoyable.

    Not to say I didn't enjoy any of the cel shaded games I just find them to be lacking a certain something the realistic style games have.

    I don't doubt SS will be a great game and loads of fun to play but it would have been better if it looked like the early teaser pictures in terms of art style.

    • Renato

      you idiot, do you even know what cel shading is? skyward sword is not cel shaded, and neither the minish cap was.

  • Dillon SIngleton

    i think the graphics in TP were more realistic and even made the game for more mature people i think in the next game they should add the equipment from TP and ocarina of time with the TP graphics and a bloody and mature storyline.

  • Dillon S.

    i think the graphics in TP were more realistic and even made the game for more mature people i think in the next game they should add the equipment from TP and ocarina of time with the TP graphics and a bloody and mature storyline.
    next microsoft should make zelda for x box 360

  • Thoren_Quill

    To tell you the truth, I prefer the TP deku babas.

  • Alexis Goitia

    Comparing a Gamecube game to a Wii game, real smart.
    Why don’t we compare Skyward Sword to a PS3 game and see who wins.

    • Sienna Hadley

      Twilight Princess IS a Wii game.

    • to be fair the wii and the gamecube are pretty much the same in terms of power