We know what you’re thinking: Skyward Sword isn’t even out yet! How could Zelda Universe possibly have a walkthrough?

Well, we don’t yet – but we want to let you all know that we’ve gone ahead and created our Skyward Sword Walkthrough page as a placeholder for when our eventual walkthrough is available. We also want to let you know that we are entirely committed to writing a walkthrough for Skyward Sword as soon as the game is available, as we did with Spirit Tracks.

We highly suggest you bookmark the Skyward Sword Walkthrough page if you think you’ll want a good walkthrough to help you through when you get the game – we’ll try and write as fast as we can when it comes out, so you guys don’t need to get stuck!

We’ll make an announcement on the front page of ZU as soon as the first portions of the walkthrough are made available, so stay tuned!