Remember what I said a while back about Gippaloo’s My Little Epona? How sometimes, something is so cute that it begs to be delivered to the masses in as timely a manner as possible? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s happened again, and today’s Fan Art Spotlight shines on a picture of Majora’s Wrath.

“How can this be?” you ask. “Majora’s Wrath couldn’t possibly be… adorable.”

But what if, I reply, it decided to take a little day trip down the cross-game interstate to the land of The Wind Waker?

Don’t you just want to take it home? Well, you’ll just have to take that up with PaRaD0X in his art thread.

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  • Hah! You have no idea how surprised I was to see this got the spotlight! Thanks a lot for the recognition, I appreciate it VERY much!

    • You're very, very welcome. :]

    • Waker of Winds

      This looks pretty cool, it reminds me of a Wind-Waker style Midna that I saw.

  • X x7

    you could call it cute, but then it looks like itd whip your face off.

  • Twilight King


    • Waker of Winds

      You have the same user name as I used to have for my email…

  • marcel

    nice! but i don't remember this third eye, was it there in the game?

    • Yep. Definitely was. Although, it's technically a -fifth- eye isn't it..?

  • ZoraMikau

    That's great, I also saw you Kafei drawing, you should get active again on ZU, then we can appreciate your awesome art more. 🙂

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