With all of the news surrounding Skyward Sword, you’d have thought we’d forgotten about our favorite games on the N64, wouldn’t you?

Well, our Majora’s Mask page has just received quite an update. Even with the game’s age – it’s up to ten years this year – we’re still updating the section all the time! This time, we’ve rewritten our entire Bombers’ Notebook section with even more detailed information on every entry in the notebook from Anju to ???. For those of you familiar with our old guide, written back in 2008, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the level of detail in the new guide.

So, why not dust off that old Nintendo 64 and replay this old classic? With a guide this helpful, you’ll relive every moment in the game to fulfill your nostalgic mood.

  • waventura

    Nice review! But I play my Ocarina of Time on my PC. 😀 and it works just as fine and play it whenever I get a chance to!

  • Yoh

    It's Majora's Mask, dude.

  • ZoraMikau

    It looks great phantommajora. 🙂

  • twliightlord

    best zelda game 🙂

  • Thareous33

    This is awesome, Phantommajora. Makes me wish I still had the game. Alas, it was my brother's when I played and beat it. In fact, I did this is '08 or '07 and used the Bombers' Notebook to help me out. From what I remember, this has been simplified to a greater degree. I love this improvement!

  • Valdek

    epic, i will go play it, since you said so. but no dusting off required.