Always a Princess, Never a Queen

Article By The Wolfess

“Oh! I’m Sorry! I got carried away with my story and didn’t even properly introduce myself. I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.”

– Zelda, Ocarina of Time

“Princess Zelda”. Almost every Zelda game contains some reference to its namesake, the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. Whether she is masquerading as Sheik or Tetra, if she is there in person or in spirit, or if we see her in the game or in a flashback, Zelda is always “Princess” Zelda. It’s as if Nintendo made the word “Princess” her first name and “Zelda” her surname.

I will admit that I am quite the Princess Zelda fan, and often find myself wondering why we see her acting in the role of the Monarch, and yet still bearing the title “Princess”. Ocarina of Time bears a single reference to the King of Hyrule—Zelda’s statement in the garden that Ganondorf swears fealty to her father, but she doubts his true intentions—and in The Wind Waker we actually get to meet one of the Kings of Hyrule, but that’s about it. Twilight Princess shows Zelda at the throne, head of the army with sword in hand facing the invader Zant. Spirit Tracks shows Zelda holding ceremonies and running the country under advisers. Neither game mentions a King or Queen. Just Princess Zelda, ruler of Hyrule.

Why is she only “Queen Zelda” by act, and never by title?

Since the Zelda universe gives us few real answers to this question, I found myself examining one of the most powerful Queens in Western history who, oddly enough, found herself in a very similar predicament as our fair Princess: Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Elizabeth’s story is as follows:
Her older sister, Mary, was on the throne of England when Elizabeth was still a relatively young princess of 21. This places her, I would guess, at about the same age as Twilight Princess’s Zelda. Mary was increasingly unpopular with the people of England, and most of her supporters were Catholic. At the time there was an intense religious war between Catholics and Protestants—and Elizabeth, Mary’s younger and despised half-sister, was a Protestant. Not only was she a Protestant, she was also next in line for England’s throne, and therefore the center of many Protestant traitors’ plots.

In 1554, at age 21, Princess Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower of England. In an undefined year, at age 21, Princess Zelda was imprisoned in a tower in Twilight Princess. What an odd coincidence.

On her way to trial just prior her imprisonment, Elizabeth was greeted in London with the sight of the rotting bodies of traitors hanging at various points of the city to serve as examples of a traitor’s fate. This was a fate Elizabeth was well aware she could share.

The English princess was in the tower for two months, during which time she was threatened with death every day by either official or unofficial means. Her room in the Bell Tower (the specific section of the Tower she resided in) was small but comfortable. It was on the first floor and had a large fireplace with three small windows. At first Elizabeth was allowed to walk around the walls of the Tower for exercise, but this was soon discontinued when the head guard discovered that the Princess was receiving visitors. (Can someone say “Zant discovering Link’s visits to Princess Zelda”?)

Elizabeth was already unwell when she entered the tower—pleading illness when called to the trial, which was partially confirmed by one of Queen Mary’s own physicians—and toward the end of her two months in the Tower the stress took its toll. She became pale, suffered with stomach upsets, and lost dangerous weight. Luckily she was loved enough by the people that killing her would not only make Mary more unpopular, but it would also reflect badly on her new Catholic Spanish husband, the King of Spain.

Woodstock Manor

On the King’s advice, after two months in the Tower Elizabeth was transferred to a small castle called Woodstock Manor under theguard of 100 men. She was still a prisoner, but no longer under the immediate threat of beheading. If King Phillip and Queen Mary had their way, Elizabeth would remain a prisoner there for the rest of her life, or until they could prove without a doubt that she was a part of the plot. Woodstock Manor was in bad shape then: cold, wet, and filthy. Princess Elizabeth was as much in danger of catching and dying from pneumonia as she was of being charged with treason. She remained there for the next ten months.

After Elizabeth was freed, poems written by her were found all over her room. For example, the following poem found carved into her window with a diamond:

by Princess Elizabeth

Much suspected by me,
Nothing proved can be,
Quoth ELIZABETH prisoner.

This poem is pretty self-explanatory. The image of Princess Elizabeth carving these simple lines into her glass window with a diamond day after dreary day is rather romantic, and one can assume that it helped her to keep her sanity and brave face amid fear, ill-health, and constant threat of death. If you explore Zelda’s room in Twilight Princess you will find an open journal with hand-written text in it, suggesting that she also used writing as a mental aid.

Another poem was found written on Elizabeth’s wall, though some say it was written with charcoal on the shutters of her room:

by Princess Elizabeth

O FORTUNE! how thy restless wavering State
Hath fraught with Cares my troubled Wit!
Witness this present Prison whither Fate
Hath borne me, and the Joys I quit.
Thou causedest the Guilty to be loosed
From Bands, wherewith are Innocents inclosed;
Causing the Guiltless to be strait reserved,
And freeing those that Death had well deserved:
But by her Envy can be nothing wrought,
So God send to my Foes all they have thought.

In this sonnet, Elizabeth speaks of how troubled she feels, calling upon “fortune” to free her because she is innocent. However “fortune” is envious and nothing comes of it, she says, and so she calls upon God to cause everything her enemies had wished on her to happen to them. Long story short, Elizabeth was freed after a year (total time) of imprisonment and became Queen at age 25 in January 1559, about 4 years later.

This is where Elizabeth’s story drastically differs from Zelda’s. At this point Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth I, and as far as we know Princess Zelda remains “Princess” for the rest of her life. There are some key differences in Elizabeth and Zelda’s lives that are notable in this discussion:

  1. Elizabeth had a widely known and discussed family and history of succession, a rather quick series of successions in recent years as there were two royal siblings’ deaths before her ascent to the throne.
  2. Her imprisonment was caused by another monarch, a sibling at that, and not by an outside invader.
  3. The reason for her imprisonment had to do with suspicion, treason, and sibling rivalry. She was not a prisoner of war.
  4. Elizabeth’s writing was a quiet act of defiance, and a way of keeping herself mentally strong. Keeping notes on enemy activity that might be useful would have been counterproductive.

We know little, if anything, of Zelda’s family or even of the royal dynasty of Hyrule. There is no information on the line of kings and queens, or the bloodline of the Royal family. As far as we know, Zelda also has no siblings or cousins to speak of. This information put Elizabeth in line for the throne, ending up with her eventual succession even though she was not intended to or reared to become Queen. Perhaps these records are not kept in Hyrule, judging by the fact that neither the people in the market places nor other political leaders met in Hyrule’s provinces discuss it.

If this is the case, Zelda’s claim on the throne isn’t as solid as Elizabeth’s was in the case of an unsuspected ascension. If, during the war, the king and his first one or two successors were killed, though Zelda is his daughter and therefore acting ruler she would not have the “paperwork” to claim the throne itself. Princess Zelda, therefore, would act as a steward while the council, or other ruling body in Hyrule, decides on an appropriate permanent ruler.

Princess Zelda, imprisoned in Twilight Princess

The second difference was who imprisoned her, and the third was cause of imprisonment. Elizabeth was imprisoned by an older half-sister who hated her because of suspected treason, and released because she was innocent of the accusation. Zelda is usually imprisoned by the ruler of an outside, invading force simply because of her position of authority in Hyrule. They would have no reason to release her. In fact, they would have every reason to kill her. The only reason they might keep Zelda alive is if she serves some purpose for the invader’s benefit.

The fact that Princess Zelda is the one they choose to imprison and use as collateral suggests that Zelda is indeed the head political force in Hyrule, or at least the political figure with the most power and/or influence. This detracts from the theory that Hyrule had a King or Queen prior to the invasion, except in the case where one is mentioned. We can often assume that the King/Queen was murdered. This also tells us that Zelda didn’t have any siblings, because they would have been kept alive in the case of an invasion and also imprisoned. Since Zelda is the only royal prisoner, we know she is an only child.

The fourth difference involved the writing of the two Princesses. In Twilight Princess, Zelda is shown keeping a journal. Because of the nature of her imprisonment it is highly likely that she kept notes on security patters, intelligence, and other useful information about the enemy she may happen to hear. If Elizabeth had done this she would have confirmed her captors’ suspicion and caused her own death. Her writings were likely more to maintain sanity, whereas Zelda’s could have served dual purposes. It’s interesting to note that in Ocarina of Time Zelda, as Sheik, passes on important information to Link through poems before playing her songs.

Elizabeth was educated along with her siblings, and her writing and speeches are evidence of that great education. Likewise, Zelda’s writing and speeches are evidence that she received a royal education. Whether this was simply because she IS a Princess and therefore should receive a royal education, as was the case with Queen Elizabeth I, or because she was indeed groomed to take over ruling Hyrule upon the death of the King/Queen is unclear. It is a possibility, however, and if she received a royal education because she was intended to take over the throne eventually then we are back where we started.

My theory is merely a suggestion that you can keep or take, but it is at least food for thought. Throughout Queen Elizabeth’s rule she was hounded by parliament to get married and give birth to an heir. She managed to dodge these petitions and demands because there was no law that required her to. What if, in Hyrule there was a law in place that restricted a woman from taking the throne without a husband to ensure an heir? If this were the case, then Zelda would be unable to take on the title and position of “Queen” until she marries, thereby leaving her “Princess” Zelda and acting steward of Hyrule until marriage.

Earlier, we discussed the possibility of lineage records not being kept for the royal family. If this were true then the royal line of Hyrule would be dependent upon direct succession. In Adventure of Link we learn an interesting and significant story about the royal family, called “the legend of Zelda”. The following legend was taken directly from the Prologue section of Zelda Universe’s Adventure of Link page:

“It is said that a long ago, when Hyrule was one country, a great ruler maintained the peace in Hyrule using the Triforce. However, the king too was a child of man and he died. Then, the prince of the kingdom should have become king and inherited everything, but he could inherit the Triforce only in part. The Prince searched everywhere for the missing parts, but could not find them.

Then, a magician close to the king brought him some unexpected news. Before he died, the king had said something about the Triforce to only the younger sister of the prince, Princess Zelda. The prince immediately questioned the princess, but she wouldn’t tell him anything. After the prince, the magician threatened to put the princess into an eternal sleep if she did not talk, but even still, she said nothing.

In his anger, the magician tried to cast a magic spell on the princess. The surprised prince tried to stop him, but the magician fought off the prince and went on chanting the spell. Then, when the spell was finally cast, Princess Zelda fell on that spot and entered a sleep from which she might never awake. At the same time, the magician also fell down and breathed his last.

In his grief, the prince placed the princess in this room. He hoped that someday she would come back to life. So that this tragedy would never be forgotten, he ordered that every female child born into the royal household be given the name Zelda.”

We never again hear of a prince in Hyrule, and every female child born to the royal family is named Zelda. It would make sense that a law eventually be put in place to assure that the next “Zelda” would be born.

In order to assure that the next Zelda, and next heir to the throne, is born and the royal line continues the current Princess Zelda would not be allowed to become Queen until she marries and produces an heir to pass the name and the title “Princess” on to. At this point, she would take on the title “Queen Zelda” while her husband rules as King and chief ruler of Hyrule, and her daughter is “Princess Zelda” until the event of the child’s mother and father’s deaths and her own marriage and ascension.

As I said, this is only a theory, but there is some evidence to support it. I hope it has at least given you food for thought. As we look forward to Skyward Sword and wonder what changes it will bring into the Zelda community, we can also wonder what our Princess’s role in the story will be. I hope we find more information to shed light on the mystery behind the Princess who never becomes Queen.

  • ShadowHero31

    i read on the TP trading cards that in twilight princess, zelda is supposed to be queen, but her corrination is stopped by the invasion of zant. this also brings me to the question, why is it that if girls are elected leader in the Twilight Realm, why aren't they called Twilight Queen, or Queen of Twilight.

    • EDracon

      a similar event occurred to Midna, she was supposed to be the Twilight Queen, but Zant interfered.

  • allie

    i understand your last theory. i think that one makes the most sense. you failed to mention the king of hyrules appearances in The Minish Cap, and im sure in other games as well. there is probably a lot more information in the games than you think. this discussion was very interesting, though.

  • parker

    i think zelda can only be queen if she marries a king. but she refused to because she loves link.

  • David

    2 Kings in Minish Cap! No Queens though… The only Queen that has been seen so far is (presumptively) the painting of Tetra's mother in Wind Waker.

  • By_Farore

    I really think that everytime she was supposed to be queen, something invaded Hyrule and the coronation had to be delayed. Hyrule doesn't seem like a place where they'll really give a hoot if their leader is a woman or not. It's true that usually, when something seems wrong, the council is quick to decide on a ruler to guide the people, and it should've been Zelda. I guess they were just got by surprise.
    And for me, in Spirit Tracks she's still a princess just because she's too young : she'll be crowned when she doesn't need as many advisors to take the main decisions for her anymore. Plus, that chancellor Cole probably didn't help and kept delaying the coronation. Made me think the king and queen were deceased not so long ago, but then again this is just my view on the matter. For real arguments, I'll need to replay the games and take notes.

    On a last note, I'm no Star Wars fan, but I keep wondering if the cases of princess Leia could compare to Zelda. And is it me, or is Amidala sometimes called queen, sometimes princess? (I might be hallucinating).
    And Midna? It's Twilight Princess, but she's also supposed to be queen. Wait, is she queen or not? Her story is kind of a parallel of Zelda's own story. Ok, I need to play more Zelda because I sound stupid, sorry. Mario Galaxy 2 and the FIFA World Cup keep me from doing so lately. :/

    • wayofthesheikah

      I haven't played either of the DS Zelda games so I can't discuss Zelda's role in Spirit Tracks. If I remember correctly in TP, Zelda calls Midna the "Twilight Princess" so she's a princess just like Zelda is, but like you said, I think both princesses were supposed to become queen, but Zant's (and Ganondorf's) coup of the Twilight throne and invasion of Hyrule interrupted the transition period for both. (Most likely they both became queens of their respective worlds after the events in TP)

      As for your Star Wars question (BIG Star Wars fan here! =D), yes, Princess Leia is, indeed, a princess, since she's the daughter (adopted, but no one knew this at the time except her "parents") of Bail Organa and his wife, who are both the leaders of Alderaan (although I'm not sure if they're king and queen, as I know Bail was a senator in the Galactic Senate when he first adopted Leia). As for Padme Amidala, she was elected Queen of Naboo for two four year terms before becoming a senator, so she wasn't technically of "royal blood." In short, I don't think there's much of a comparison between them and Zelda's lineage, as all Zeldas seem to be (as far as we know) princesses in both position and blood.

      Hope that answers your question!

      • Xenithar

        Yeah, isn't the title "queen" on Naboo just the equivalent of a president on their world or something? I thought they talked about being "elected" queen. That's just the impression I got XD

  • Ananceinther

    If she were queen should be married.

  • Linkfan321

    no one gives a shit……… talk about skyward sword

    • Scroll down the main page and you'll find twenty or more articles about Skyward Sword. We only know so much, and so we try to provide other interesting content to keep readers busy while we wait to hear more about Skyward Sword.

      But really, we *have* been talking about Skyward Sword. Every day since E3.

      • Perhaps you'd enjoy reading "Everything You Need to Know About Skyward Sword". You'll find a link at the top of the page.

  • Callin

    There was Queen Ambi in Oracle of Ages, meaning Nintendo does know what a queen is. 🙂

    I think the reason there's always a "Princess" Zelda is to give players some familiarity from prior games. Until they start making more complex plots, however, they probably don't see any reason to add a queen, because she wouldn't have much of a role.

    Not to mention, if there's a tradition of naming all princesses Zelda, then the queen would be named Zelda also. Some players might find that confusing.

  • Going back on the "princess" thing, my dictionary says that a princess is one of the following: one, a daughter of a monarch; two, the female heir to a throne; three, a single, female ruler.

    Therefore, in Ocarina of Time she was the first or second; in TP she was the third.

  • Lark

    I think that Zelda may be a princess because she isn't married. Also, the title of princess makes her sound much younger, while queen might make her sound old and matronly.

  • Very nice theory, indeed. But I always thought that Zelda is never "queen" because "princess" gives a sense of younth, while "queen" doesn't. Does that make sense?

  • Chainoftermina

    yeah, I always assumed it was what Jarmihi said; I accepted that the reason she wasn't "Queen" was because she was still single and had not married. I like to believe that Princess are not Queens until both they inherit the throne AND marry a prince………or a Heroic Swordsman. Or who ever she wants. the point is, in order to be a queen, they have to be married. that can excuse other Princess too, like Peach and…..other princesses.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      See, if I had my way, I would choose the heroic swordsman.^^

  • lifesavers2

    I think it was probably either what Jarmihi said or that it was Nintendo's horrible translater team-whatever in the beginning and it stuck *shudders*

  • Steven Santerre

    The King is in A Link to the Past. You see him dead in a cutscene and you see him alive during the end credits.

  • FUCK U

    Gee spoilers much?? thats fuckwit for ruining WW for me

  • Noni

    Isn't she like 16-18? She doesn't look like she's 21.

    • Xenithar

      I thought she was 20 in TP.

  • Victor

    At some point Zelda will have to "Queen" up her act. 😛

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I have always loved Princess Zelda ever since I started playing The Legend of Zelda. To me, even though she is fictional, I see her like a role model. And, I think Nintendo makes her play a great example of a leader.

    I have always been taught that a leader is "One who knows what they do not know, and one who is certain that what they do know, is never enough".

    People are always bashing Zelda about how lazy and wimpy she is,relying on a hero to come and save her and her land she rules over. And, it really makes me mad because Zelda truly is wise (the Triforce of Wisdom) and she does what is best for her people. When she makes a mistake, she apologizes and repents for her foolish acts, seeing that she is just like everyone else. I look up to Zelda for her attitude and her composure, and for being a kick-butt Princess when the time comes. Thank God she's not like Peach….. or else I think I would lose my mind. And I still think that they could of portrayed her a little bit better in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, as well as lighten up her hair and skin. Never have I seen Zelda so tan or brunette! That just irks me…But back onto the subject.

    This situation kinda reminds me of the movie "The Princess Diaries", in which the second movie the protagonist character is faced with being married in order to accept the throne and become a Queen. The only difference I see though is that Zelda isn't forced to take part in marriage in order to rule her people (at least as far as we know). The way I see it, I think the title "Princess" is rather used to simply state that she is, rather in fact, a single female ruler, or political figure. While I do not want to go into too much detail and obscure Zelda's image, I would say that Zelda has been more of an independent female soul, much like how she is as Tetra, or even some what as Sheik. She doesn't necessarily need to marry in order to be a successful leader.

    Zelda to me, will always be Princess Zelda. Unless she marries someone (wish it was Link…. or had to do with them revealing their feelings), in which I guess we would all have to adapt to referring to her as Queen Zelda. It would be a change, but I'm sure we all could adapt for the Legendary Princess that we all know and love.

    And as for Midna, I think that she is almost what you would say, a parallel Zelda. They were thrown pretty much into the same situation for the same reason… with the little difference that Midna was altered to an Imp, escaped, and has quiet a sharp tongue on her; while Zelda was held captive and is wiser when it comes to choosing her words and actions. I see them more like sisters who may not ever get to see one another again, but will always need one another, which can be looked back upon in the end of Twilight Princess through one of my favorite Princess Zelda quotes:

    "Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other."

    It rather gets me, and it shows that even through separation, Midna and Zelda will always be there for one another.

    I got a little of track, but the feelings are still the same on the subject. ^^

    • Thareous33

      In Brawl, I believe they made Zelda darker than usual because she was really that way in Twilight Princess. Only that in the latter she had darker settings to blend in with, and the lighting of Brawl made her stand out more. Except for Eldin Bridge, strange enough; she seems at home there.

      Link is also pretty much the same as he was in TP also. Since that was essentially the last game they both played in where they weren't "cartoons", it would be expected that they be darker.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Oh, Link still looks the same. But look at the pictures of Zelda, such as one of the best pictures of her at the beginning of this article, and you can see that she a rather a dirty/very dark blonde. Compare that picture up there with her picture from Brawl, and you'll see a big difference. Nothing against brunettes, but Zelda just has a more unique image and gives blonds a better reputation, unlike that of Peach. Zero Suit Samus doesn't count. She's not a Princess.

        I just loved the way they made Zelda's personality and the way she moved. Everything seemed to be so elegant, and the way her dress hung made her really seem like a Princess. But in Brawl, not only was it purple, but her dress just didn't give that wow factor. I'm not going to give it the benefit-of-the-doubt and say that it was so that it would make it possible for her to be able to move and jump, because it wasn't. It's just little details that can make a big difference in a character's appearance. I still love Zelda though, and I own everyone I play with her. xP
        Link is blonde in both, so nothing to say there. Even the concept art of both of them is for the blonde and light skin. I guess you could say that it is to be expected because not exactly the true Zelda team putting them together, as we did see some differences in Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf in Melee.

        Either way, I love Zelda. I can't wait for this one, and who knows? Maybe a new Super Smash Brothers will become of this all within the next few years. I'm just excited to see how Zelda and the other characters will look in Skyward Sword. It's just so exciting. ^^

  • Phantom Link

    hhhmmmm…In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet in the character description of Zelda it says "The Queen of Hyrule. Her light moves belie devastating magic attacks" Does that mean that Zelda is the Queen?

    • Bendi

      nope that's just Brawl not giving a s**t if they get it wrong… good argument though im not trying to ruin your moment 🙂

      • Ms.Valentine

        Or it's the possibility that Zelda was crowned Queen as planned after the events of Twilight Princess, and the events of Brawl were to take place afterward. Especially since she is "Zelda" in the game, and referred to as the Queen in the booklet.

  • Phantom Link

    hhhmmmm…In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet in the character description of Zelda it says "The Queen of Hyrule. Her light moves belie devastating magic attacks" Does that mean that Zelda is the Queen?

  • Phantom Link

    hhhmmmm…In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet in the character description of Zelda it says "The Queen of Hyrule. Her light moves belie devastating magic attacks" Does that mean that Zelda is the Queen?

  • Phantom Link

    hhhmmmm…In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet in the character description of Zelda it says "The Queen of Hyrule. Her light moves belie devastating magic attacks" Does that mean that Zelda is the Queen?

  • Phantom Link

    hhhmmmm…In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet in the character description of Zelda it says "The Queen of Hyrule. Her light moves belie devastating magic attacks" Does that mean that Zelda is the Queen?

  • marcel

    brawl is non-cannon dude

  • Very interesting article, thanks a lot, The Wolfess!

    I find it natural that Hylians would choose to make a distinction between a married ruler and a single one -be it a male or a female- by use of the titles "King/Queen" and "Prince/Princess." This is mainly because having a married ruler would almost surely mean a continuation of the Royal line in the descendants of the King or Queen.

    However, I would expect the Hylian monarchy to be predominantly female, seeing as the ruler -namely, Zelda (at least in most games)- seems to have a special connection to the Goddesses and the Triforce (Nayru and the Triforce of Wisdom in particular). Seeing as religion and leadership seem to go hand-in-hand for Hyrule, it would make sense that most of their rulers be female, in representation of the Goddesses' power.

    Not to mention the Prince's apparent stubbornness on wanting to become king of Hyrule in the prologue quoted by the author; this would mean that if the ruling Queen had several children, the next heir in line would be not the eldest child, but in fact the oldest /daughter/, even if she had one or more older brothers.

    Still, we see at least three distinct male rulers in the games making political decisions and governing the land; the ones I can remember at the moment are the king in ALttP, WW and MC. This could be explained as follows: If the (female) ruler of Hyrule was married and died before her daughter -the Princess- was old enough to take the throne, the Queen's husband would rule over Hyrule until the Princess came of age; were the Princess single, the successor would be the closest living relative the Queen had, be it a man or woman; and lastly, had she borne only males, the eldest would become King and ruler of Hyrule.

    As for Zelda never being called a Queen save for non-canon media, I believe it is related solely to the married/single fact.

  • Xenithar

    Nice article. It's nice to see someone talk about Zelda and her role.

  • go SS!!

    queens are too old and zelda has always been just as old as link, about 10 to 20 yrs. old. also, queens just don't get rescued,princesses do

  • Nintenfan81

    I've stated this a couple times allready, but maybe we're looking in to this to much. It's a great article and a good read, good stuff to keep your mind occupide, but I want to remind everyone that iit IS just a game series. A great game series, but still just a game series.don't take TO much time thinking over it, and don"t take it TO serieously. There are more important things out there, like God. But again, I appreciate the article and enjoyed reading it very much.

  • Danny789

    Hope in Skyward Sword they show Zelda and Link hints!

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  • drumminglink

    I beleive the Nostalgia Critic said it best.
    "You're a Queen! Queen it up, Bitch!"

  • A possible reason is that because Zelda is supposed to embody wisdom she is wise enough to know that (it's about to get a little graphic) if she got married at her age she would probably have sex alot and be paying more attention to her young newly wed husband than to her kingdom and thus resolves to wait for marriage until a later age. Or she realizes that all of the previous kings of Hyrule screwed up majorly and wished to avoid a repeat of history.