For those of you who know of OCRemix, arguably the single largest repository of fan recreations of video game music on the planet, you can attest to the quality of the work that comes out of there. More often than not, groups of composers get together on OCRemix’s site to build collaborations around a single game.

As luck would have it, such a group of people decided to recreate and re-envision the music from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Two years ago, led by Hylian Lemon for audio and The_Maverickk for graphic design direction, they began their work. And now that work is finished. The result? Essence of Lime: 42 tracks, 17 artists, 2 albums, all produced with the utmost care and skill.

Next to ZREO, this is the largest Zelda remix project we’ve seen in a long time. And the best part? It’s free to download – both in FLAC (lossless, high-quality audio) and MP3. We highly suggest that you go download this remix album right now.

To top that, Zelda Universe has agreed to mirror Essence of Lime in our fan music section, so look for that to be up shortly. And if this whole thing is tickling your nostalgia, don’t worry – we’re planning to have the full Oracle of Seasons and Ages OST up on ZU as well, at the same time we start mirroring Essence of Lime.