As if Zelda fans didn’t already have enough to be excited, Gamespot has released the showfloor map for E3 2010. Why is this important? Well, included in Nintendo’s list of featured games is none other than Zelda Wii.

Although Gamespot is not an official source for E3 showfloor maps, that the game is included on their map makes it highly likely that Zelda Wii will be a featured part of Nintendo’s booth with its own dedicated space, and what better way to use this space than with a playable demo?

Zelda Wii’s inclusion in Nintendo’s featured games list makes the presence of a playable demo at E3 very likely, but with less than four days to go until E3, you won’t have to wait long for confirmation. Stick around for Zelda Universe’s full coverage of E3 2010!

Source: Gamespot