Today’s spotlight focuses on one of ZU’s most praised artists- Eternal Legend. This user has been sharing her artwork with the community consistently since early 2008, and although her first pieces were quite impressive, she only continues to improve. Her subjects range from anime and mythical creatures to popular series such as Harry Potter and, of course, The Legend of Zelda. Feast your eyes upon these delicious pieces of fan art, and be sure to check out Eternal Legend’s art thread or DeviantArt page to experience the full depth of her talent.

Hit the jump to read an interview with Eternal Legend and learn a little more about her art.

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How long have you been drawing/creating art in general?
I’ve been drawing before I even started school at the age of 4 years or for as long as I can even remember. My brother who is older than me is also a gifted artist, and I believe that he was the one who inspired me to pick up a pencil and to draw whatever I imagined onto paper and to share it to the world. Since then, I never stopped drawing and I won’t stop anytime soon. And also, I have never been to art classes before. I’m completely self taught.

What would you cite as your motivations/inspirations?
I have many motivations and inspirations in my art life. The person who helped to start it all was my older brother. As for the rest, I look up at ancient artists of the past such as M.C. Escher, Picasso, Claude Monet and many more. I even get inspired by anime artists, master colourists and even nature on its own. I combine all of these elements in order for me to create what you see in the end.

How long does it take you to finish an average piece?
Depending on what materials I use, details and size, it all differs. For A4 pencil graphite portraits, they can take around 3 days to a week to complete. I findthat coloured/watercoloured artworks take less time – and yet – they add more atmosphere and a dynamic feeling to the artwork. So it depends really. Each artwork has taken me a unique time to complete compared to all the others.

Are you planning on or currently pursuing an art-related career?
I was aiming to become a lead artist or illustrator of movie or game designs, but apparently the payment is quite low. At the moment, I’m training to become a 3D animator artist in university to make my drawings and characters come to life and to possible create my own animations or possibly movies if I become successful. It is competitive, but I work to the best of my abilities.

But whatever the case, I will make sure that art is heavily involved in the career that I will land in, in the near future.