Zelda Universe is a great place for Zelda fans across the world to meet and discuss everything Zelda. Of course, because we are the biggest Zelda fan site on the Internet, ZU is also a great target for scammers who wish to cash in on our hopes and dreams.

Last weekend we got a news tip about a guy on eBay selling perfect Master Sword replicas for $200. Wow, what a deal, right? Well, be careful, as replicas like this might not be what they seem…

UPDATE: Sorry about the confusion – looks like this particular auction is legitimate, as the seller has updated his page with new information and new images in response to our post.

Here’s the issue – the swords look exactly like the small Nintendo-made replicas that look like this:

"Nintendo's Master Sword replica"

I recognized the sword when I saw it, because I have one of these boxes myself.

Now, the user on eBay makes it seem like the swords he’s selling are actually full-sized Master Swords, never mentioning the measurements of the replica and never posting a picture comparing the size to something else, such as a CD case (as seen in this picture), which is very suspicious.

At first we felt it’d be best to ignore the user that tipped us off, but it looks like this guy is persistent – there’s now also a thread here on ZU promoting it.

We want to make sure that all of you use caution when looking at things like this. We all dream of owning a life-size Master Sword one day, but sites like eBay are filled to the brim with scammers, so make sure that they can prove the item’s legitimacy before sending off $200 that you can never get back. There are many good guides on the internet you can read to detect and avoid scams – here’s one I find to be very helpful when it comes to eBay in particular.

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