Zelda Universe is a great place for Zelda fans across the world to meet and discuss everything Zelda. Of course, because we are the biggest Zelda fan site on the Internet, ZU is also a great target for scammers who wish to cash in on our hopes and dreams.

Last weekend we got a news tip about a guy on eBay selling perfect Master Sword replicas for $200. Wow, what a deal, right? Well, be careful, as replicas like this might not be what they seem…

UPDATE: Sorry about the confusion – looks like this particular auction is legitimate, as the seller has updated his page with new information and new images in response to our post.

Here’s the issue – the swords look exactly like the small Nintendo-made replicas that look like this:

"Nintendo's Master Sword replica"

I recognized the sword when I saw it, because I have one of these boxes myself.

Now, the user on eBay makes it seem like the swords he’s selling are actually full-sized Master Swords, never mentioning the measurements of the replica and never posting a picture comparing the size to something else, such as a CD case (as seen in this picture), which is very suspicious.

At first we felt it’d be best to ignore the user that tipped us off, but it looks like this guy is persistent – there’s now also a thread here on ZU promoting it.

We want to make sure that all of you use caution when looking at things like this. We all dream of owning a life-size Master Sword one day, but sites like eBay are filled to the brim with scammers, so make sure that they can prove the item’s legitimacy before sending off $200 that you can never get back. There are many good guides on the internet you can read to detect and avoid scams – here’s one I find to be very helpful when it comes to eBay in particular.

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  • Keith

    is it just me or is the image in the news post not showing? >.>

    • silver_hero

      Thanks for the tip, updated the image.

      • Chainoftermina

        AHA! there it is. yeah, I have that exact same thing.

  • Chainoftermina

    the, uh, the picture's not there dude.

    but I still know what your talking about. I have one of those mini Master swords too. (in fact sometimes I like to tuck the hilt into my sleeve so the blade is sticking out and I pretend I'm Altair and……um,) AHEM! so yeah, that, thats really horrible. what you said. He should get arrested or something. pretending those tiny swords are life size. I really hate people who lie like that, just to make a profit. lousy scammer!

    • BigAma3

      Yeah, you should hate scammers but this is not a scam it's a miss conception.

      • brad

        its not even that i was just dumb and didnt put the length lol

        im sorry for this but this slander is unacceptable

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  • ZFAN

    I got one of those at Target when they released Twilight Princess! It's a cool collectiable.

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  • Frank

    Two points to note:
    1- In the original auction which you link to, the seller has his hand in a couple of the pictures, showing the replica to be full size.
    2- In the current 'Buy it now' auction, he offers to make any colour scheme the purchaser wants, which suggests to me that he is making them himself and isn't reselling the Nintendo made miniatures.

  • X x7

    you should sue that guy that did that to you or return it if possible

  • Majora

    You should sue that guy on ebay.

  • Yarbskoo
  • Yarbskoo
  • HEY! WHAT THE HECK??? My honest tip about Master Sword Replicas is BEING REFERRED TO AS A SCAM????? These swords are FULL SIZE MASTER SWORDS!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!! Oh, yes by the way, that link you give to the supposed "Second eBay Page" is actually the FIRST SWORD HE MADE AND SOLD TO ME!!!! I will even post PICTURES of this sword to PROVE its legitimacy!!!!! Did you guys even READ what I wrote on the forums? Here are pictures of that SUPPOSED "Second eBay Page" sword THAT I BOUGHT!!! ( http://s511.photobucket.com/albums/s358/Bob2BobPr… ) Oh, and btw, the replicas don't look anything like that small toy!!

    • brad

      thanks a lot i hope people will not believe all of the slander and im glad you like you sword!

  • STUFF2o

    Now I'm confused… I don't see how that's fake.

  • STUFF2o

    Could somebody other than Fiercest Deity actually contest that they have been scammed or that it is the real deal?

    • brad

      the guy cloud near the top did as well he bought one

    • Thareous33

      Yarskoo too.

  • Thareous33

    So, Master Swords are cheapest at about $200? I'm wondering because I wanted to buy one myself and need to know how much I have to save. I have a friend who loves Zelda also and has a couple of swords (the Braveheart sword and Strider's first blade), and I kind of want to make him jealous. >8D But he would be all right with that.

  • Ellbor

    Alright so i compared the pictures of the mini master sword and the supposed life size master swords…

    -The Gem on the mini master sword doesnt Shine while the "lifesize" one does
    -the bands on the handle of the "lifesize" sword pops out while the mini one doesnt
    -The Entire Handle is reflective on the mini one while the lifesize one barely has a reflective surface on the handle

    i saw Fierce deitys Pictures..took them today and he posted the thread 2 days ago…either thats the fastest shipping i've seen happen or its all a scam…unless we have more detailed pics or a video From the seller themself..im not buying it

    • brad

      i have posted more pics on my ebay page and would be more than happy to send more to anyone who wants more pictures i am very sorry about this slander

  • brad

    hey whats up this is that "GUY" selling this sword

    i have posted new pic of me with it does it look 3 inches now?

    its really sad that you would do no research into this and just say this out of no where

    i know take everything you say with a grain of salt

    • Ellbor

      Now thats Detailed

  • brad

    thank you!

  • brad

    and none of the pics are photoshopped im not Michael bay

  • brad

    being replicas all swords are going to look similar, my mold is similar to that one since they are both a replicas of the same sword. but mine as you said is the right color but also has a point on the center piece and has the gold that extends on the balde

    • David

      Kudos to your work, but it still seems pretty expensive. Comparing your master swords to the Twilight Princess model, it looks exactly the same. It would be nice if you could make a sheath though. Have you thought about it?

      • brad

        yes ive been drawing out samples and i have the proper measurements im just waiting to have enough money to get supplies to make a wax mold or maybe a clay mold or resin i haven't decided haha

        but i know someone who works for a foundry and thats how i can afford to make one sword at a time

  • brad

    video here:

    to prove its real beyond doubt

  • brad

    thank you for the update but before you posted this i had about 500 views on my swords and after you posted this i had 1331 so now more than 800 people think what they saw was fake and that i am a scam artist, and im still getting hate mail is there any way you can do a small new post explaining this?

    thank you

  • LinkToMyAss

    Ok…. so.

    I've done some research for you ZU crew who seem to be letting this whole topic slide.

    The swords are FULL size as shown by this link provided by the BUYER of the sword from ebay.

    Further proof that the sword is full size and that the seller is legit could be considered a bit of a thorn in the side however.

    Full size Zelda sword replica's have been around for about 5 years now. I myself have every sword from every game in full size and yes in full metal.

    The thorn in the side however is the fact that these swords sell for about $80 max. It seems as though our Ebay seller is buying them at $80, painting them blue on the handles and adding other minor touches, thus boosting the price to $200.

    This is the exact sword that he is selling only with its stock handle. note the price. http://www.replicadungeon.com/zelda-twilight-prin

    Decide for yourself weather blue paint is worth another $100

    Check out the rest of the swords as well, the quite nice although the Twilight Princess sword is defently their best effort thus far.

    • brad

      i see how these are similar

      but thats the thing about replicas they are replicas of the same thing so of course they are going to look the same

      the swords that are for 80 do not have a point in the center piece and have no gold molding extending onto the blade

      my first attempt did match that sword almost to a t because i was honestly thinking nintendo was going to bash in my door and slap me with a law suit haha

      but after it went smoothly i fixed my mold a lot and made it more exact

  • brad

    i see how these are similar

    but thats the thing about replicas they are replicas of the same thing so of course they are going to look the same

    the swords that are for 80 do not have a point in the center piece and have no gold molding extending onto the blade

    my first attempt did match that sword almost to a t because i was honestly thinking nintendo was going to bash in my door and slap me with a law suit haha

    but after it went smoothly i fixed my mold a lot and made it more exact

  • Cody

    @Brad Sorry about the mix-up, it's unfortunate that the person who was reviewing the posts let this one through. We will make an update post and be sure to give our staff a bit more training about this. :3

    • brad

      thank you i have been a long time reader of this site and was sad when i first saw this

      but im glad you are taking care of it

    • Jason Rappaport

      Hey – I've been gone during this debacle (I'm the head honcho round these parts, above even Cody!), but I want to formally apologize as well. I can see you're running a legit business, and those swords look awesome ;)… I've been away with our editor and resident fact-checker for a week and a half, so it figures that stuff like this goes down while we're not around to scrutinize everything.

      Hopefully the controversy will actually kick up sales of your replicas to the extreme :D. No hard feelings? 🙂

      • brad

        thank you very much

        and no hard feeling mistakes happen

        i have nothing but respect for this website and all of you who run it and i am very impressed as to how you handled it

        thank you again

  • Black Triforce

    This is kind of a serious thing to accuse someone of. Even if it's no true there are people out there who only saw it as the front page and still think its fake so his account will be marred as a scam for a long long time. Not to mention this is a form of
    "a written statement in which a plaintiff in certain courts sets forth the cause of action or the relief sough"
    He will sell less swords because of this and that's not fair. Seriously ZU… Fail…

    • brad

      thank you for defending me i appreciate it

      ZU is now handling the situation very well and have gained my respect back

  • Cody

    Oh, don’t worry about his sales, BlackTriforce – this controversy will likely just ende up with a lot more people knowing about his replicas (the Harry Potter effect) and I’d updated the main site with a new post so that anyone who missed it will know.

    The new post is here: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/zelda-news/re-master

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    Where would one buy said miniature master sword like in the picture. . . hmmm?

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