Here’s something you don’t hear every day about Zelda Universe’s exhaustive repository of guides and information about The Legend of Zelda series: “Hey! You’re missing something!”

Perhaps it’s because people have gotten more attentive since we opened up staff applications, but three applicants in total noticed that we’ve never had a detailed guide on Ocarina of Time‘s trading sequence to get the reinforced Biggoron’s Sword. Well, it is my pleasure to announce that those same three applicants – Lexi Laqua, Adam Debes and Connor Shaw – all worked on a brand new, exhaustingly detailed guide to completing the Biggoron’s Sword trading sequence.

And who knows? You might be seeing these people making more pages for ZU in the near future. For now, you can view the new Trading Sequence guide here.

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  • Matt17

    nice guide. its fool-proof too

    another thing the site needs is more pictures for enemies for each game

  • Navn

    Not entirely fool-proof. You might want to mention that King Zora is not available right off the bat as adult Link, as you will need to thaw him with Blue Fire first!

  • Majora

    the biggoron sword rocks it doesn't brake and its super powerfull

  • Gash

    Actually, I'm you don't have to beat the water temple to get it. I'm pretty certain you don't have to beat any of the temples, although you might have to beat the fire temple.

    • Hydra

      I can confirm that you can do the sidequest without starting ANY of the temples, although the megaton hammer is nice to have for skullwalltulas.

  • Thareous33

    Oh so now I hear about this! I struggled through all the temples before starting the trading sequence. I thought I had to gain stuff from there for it and wanted to complete the game without using a walkthrough. And I did.

  • Chainoftermina

    why the hell does that Goron call it a knife? Proportionately, it's closer to the size of a tooth pick for him.