A Link to the Future

Guest Article by MegaLinkX

Waiting for a new Zelda game is hard to do. You can try filling your time with other games, reading Zelda manga, or visiting your favorite Zelda website everyday. I did all of these things, but playing massive amounts of Halo 3 has played the biggest role in keeping me sane while I wait. Playing so much Halo got the old noodle fired up, and I started to notice a few things about Master Chief… Mainly, how much he reminded me of… Oh my Golden Goddesses. Master Chief is Link!

Lofty claim, I know, but lets take a quick look at the evidence I have collected. First, Nintendo has admitted to there being multiple Links, as well as multiple timelines. When a new threat arises, if the previous Link is too old to deal with it or no longer around, a new Link is born to save the world. I believe Link did not come save the world prior to the events of The Wind Waker because the people of the world had the means to save themselves.

Time is flowing forward in the lands of Hyrule. With the passage of time comes technological advancement. Goht, the steam train, giant electromagnets, even the newest hookshots look more mechanical than magical. The series is progressing through time, and if the current trend continues, Link will be fighting off computer hackers. Or not. Read on.

Technology has already advanced enough for bombs to be available, so it’s only a short step to guns. With more advanced weaponry, even Hyrule’s smallest and weakest of citizens could fight off creatures like stalfos and moblins… No need for Link to be around at all! The knights of Hyrule and other mercenaries would have killed off the majority of the world’s monsters in order to make travel safe throughout the land. Race wars are likely to have happened as well, leaving Hylians the dominant race in the world.

Fast forward to the distant future. Link is now just a myth or an urban lagend. High technology rules, and any magic that may remain is so rare nobody even belives in it any longer. Little did anyone know that a race of highly religious Lizalfos from another planet had been evolving and advancing as well, and have now decided to invade Earth. The Hylians do their best to fight off the invading forces, but it is a losing battle. Without some miracle the race of man will fall. That’s where Master Chief comes in. Master Chief is a hero who wears green, is a man of very few words, proficient with any weapon he picks up, feels the need to rescue anyone he can who is in peril, and takes advice from a female voice in his head. Sounds like our own favorite green-clad hero to me. Master Chief searches old Fore-Runner ruins(dungeons) and kills bosses much larger than himself (Scarab Tanks).

While fighting the space-Lizalfos, Link, I mean Master Chief, encounters a race of Re-Deads. The Monitor almost destroys the universe in order to stop the flood of Re-Deads, but Master Chief finds a way to save every living thing in the galaxy. At the end of all this, Master Chief has saved billions of innocent lives, killed the alien invaders, and beaten the final boss. He tells Navi, I mean Cortana, to wake him when they need him, and enters a state of cryogenic sleep. Bungie even found a way for it to be the same Link throughout the entire Halo series!

If you aren’t convinced yet, this last piece of evidence should do it for you. Master Chief never shows his face. Why? Is it because Bungie wanted to make it feel more like they player is Master Chief? That could be the reason… But the real reason is that if anyone saw Link in Master Chief’s armor, Nintendo would sue the crap out of Bungie!

So, there you have it- undeniable proof that Link is indeed the Master Chief.

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