“Stop asking me questions about Zelda Wii, already. Jeeze!”

Our friends over at Gaming Media (a German gaming site) just today posted a video interview with Shigeru Miyamoto.

The entire interview is in Japanese with German subtitles, and while my German is a bit rusty, the portion that concerns Zelda Wii is posted in its entirety after the jump.

Gaming Media: What can you tell us about the only previously released artwork for the new Legend of Zelda?

Shigeru Miyamoto: This image plays a big role in the game. You will see what I mean at E3. But honestly, it would be more fun if we allowed you to experience the game as you play it. So you will have to wait until you can play yourself.

Gaming Media: How much will be new in this The Legend of Zelda?

Shigeru Miyamoto: For us two things are important: to fulfill expectations and then to surprise people.
I will not yet reveal how we accomplish that this time, however.
Normally, we develop the cutscenes first, and then these sequences are added to the finished product.
But this time, we began with the game design first. And then we did the cutscenes. So this time it was reversed. This is why we have shown very little of the game so far. But shortly before completion, we will have a trailer available.
It is very important to us to optimize game development and to make the game play easier. We give a lot of attention to making the gameplay user-friendly, as Zelda has become more and more complicated.
And there we are. We didn’t learn a whole lot of course (not with E3 looming on the horizon) but we did learn that the reason we haven’t seen much of Zelda Wii is simply due the order in which they’ve completed things this time around: gameplay first and cutscenes last. Interesting.

Hopefully this tiny bit of information can stave off the Zelda Wii hunger until E3, as I doubt we will be thrown any morsels until then.

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Source: Gaming Media