Does the image to the left look familiar to you? If so, it might be because it’s one of two wallpapers submitted by super-fergus to our fan wallpaper gallery– and one of the several impressive digital art pieces he’s created.

Having joined Zelda Universe in 2007, super-fergus has been sharing his art with the community for just as long. Want to learn a little more about the artist himself and the background behind his work? Hit the jump to read an interview accompanied by a few more fan art pieces- including a sneak peak at an already-impressive work in progress- and be sure to check out his most recent art thread on ZU and DeviantArt page.

Click any image to view the full sized version!

How long have you been creating art?
I remember doodling in my schoolbooks constantly through out all my school years. It became trial and error when I discovered Photoshop. Definitely a good five years I’ve been tampering!

What would you cite as your your motivations or inspirations for your work?
Mostly film. I’m nostalgic for 80’s films, and try and make glorified Zelda pieces to that era. The encouragement I get from comments on my artwork is what really pushes me to keep making more. It’s a great feeling!

What mediums are used in creating your art?
All my art is done in Photoshop, however I do like to cheat the mediums sometimes. Even though I like to do photo-manipulated drawings, I like doing the odd grungy or watercolor in Photoshop here and then.

How long does it take you to finish an average piece?
A sketch could take a few hours. Something like my ‘Shiek’ drawing takes days in accumulated hours! ( months if we’re just counting procrastination).

Do you plan on (or are you already) pursuing an art-related career?
Partly! I’m currently a freelance graphic designer working for media based companies. It’s not all fun though, it’s usually designing DVD menus, and if I’m lucky storyboards. Apart from that, what I’m pursuing myself at the moment is film-making. It’s what I aspire to do professionally. I believe my artwork helps visualize conceptual images for my films.

What are you currently working on? Any new Zelda-related projects?
Most of my artwork turns out to be Zelda related! I’m working on a few lined drawings to mimic those of AoL and LoZ’s official art work. Here’s a sneaky peak:

And finally, the obligatory question- what’s your favorite Zelda game?
That’s a toughy… ALttP!