Well, sort of.

Many of you called fake on Zelda In My Pocket’s articles about a new Tingle game in development. Today, Zelda In My Pocket came clean. The Tingle game is in fact not official, and not in development by Vanpool. However, it turns out that Zelda In My Pocket are working on this title as a fan game.

So, while all you crazy tingle fans out there might be a little disappointed, I think you’ll be happy to know that this game is in fact coming out, if everything goes the way Zelda In My Pocket wants it to.

ZU will continue to report on news from Zelda In My Pocket as they strive to make an awesome Tingle fan game. Also, the staff over at Zelda In My Pocket are very proud of pulling one of the biggest Zelda practical jokes ever. But I, for one, never believed it.

Source: Zeldainmypocket.com (Thanks to Mattex66 for the tip)