We saw some pretty amazing comments over the last week, all detailing where you’d wear this awesome Zelda t-shirt if you were to win it from us. Unfortunately, there can only be three winners – and only one of them gets to strut their stuff in the Zelda shirt. Did you win? Well, you could check your email right now, or make it just a little more suspenseful for yourself and hit the jump to see.

And the winners are…

Our 2nd place winner, and recipient of the $5 SplitReason gift card, is SuperCucco! Their comment: “I’d wear it in the shower.”

Our 1st place winner, and recipient of the $10 SplitReason gift card, is Panique, saying “I’d wear it everywhere, except in the shower, ’cause that’s lame. D:”.

And, winning the grand prize t-shirt, with the comment “I would wear it everywhere.”, is RedRupee! Congratulations, to RedRupee – we’d better see you wearing it everywhere.

We also want to point out how cool we thought it was that the three winners had steadily decreasing places that they would wear the shirt. First someone wears it everywhere, then everywhere but the shower, and, as if in stoic defiance, the 3rd prize winner wants to wear it nowhere but the shower. It’s almost poetic.

Some of Our Favorite Comments

We’ve got to hand it to you guys for commenting and making us all laugh. To celebrate a successful content, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite comments from the last week:

“I would wear it in the house, I would wear it with a spouse.
I would wear it on a date, I would wear it out of state.
I would wear it on the street, to a beat, with moving feet.
I would wear it in a store, on the floor, and in a war.
I would wear it in a wood, if I could, and I would.
I’d wear it in volcano heat, slaying a dragon so elite.
I’d wear it in a lake, taking on a water snake.
In a graveyard, where once a shadow starred.
Even in the desert, I’d wear this shirt.
Through a castle, to the end,
and beat the hassle to show a friend.”
– Stefan “Samurai”

“I’d wear it in Castle Town so when Link drops by to break some jars for rupees, I can get him to sign it, and maybe convince him to ditch the tunic for a shirt like mine and a pair of jeans. He’ll finally stop going around without any pants on…”
– FourSwords

“Hmm… where would I wear that Zelda shirt?
Well, first off, I would wear it to bed…
I would wear it to school…
I would wear it to the Lady Gaga concert I am going to next summer,
I would wear it on Fremont St.,
I would wear it to the grocery store,
I would wear it when I go to my girlfriend’s house,
I would wear it when I’m at my house watching TV,
I would wear it when I’m in my room playing the new Wii Zelda,
I would wear it when I go to Starbucks,
I would wear it at Barnes and Noble when I’m buying my Zelda manga,
I would wear it in the shower,
I would wear it on the toilet,
I would wear it sitting down typing this (if I were a time traveler),
I would wear it in my grave,
I would wear it just about anywhere and anytime!”
– Zorathan

“I win this shirt. I head over to Hyrule Castle. Princess Zelda sees me: she gets excited!! I whip it out. The t-shirt I just won. Tell her to lose the old dress, and have her try it on for me. My hands on her hips, I look her dead in the eye, slight smile, and say – ‘This looks alright on you, but it would look a lot better on my floor’ – : lays her down and (mumbles something about inserting a Master Sword in a Pedestal of Time)… : -Flashbackish- so. ‘Its dangerous to go alone’, (you say), ‘take this’, (you hold up shirt) (nice beard, robe!). I gratefully take it, and hold it high above my head. :music plays: Stuff happens, I slay Ganon (using shirt) – and its off to Hyrule Castle, to whisk Zelda off of her slippered, princessy feets. :epic win:”
– Occult Fan

“It’s dangerous to go alone! I’d take this climbing my local mountains (while dodging pixelated boulders… in my mind), walking by the river (while avoiding zora fireballs… in my mind), roaming through the desert (while killing leevers… in my mind) and while walking though vast wooded areas (while avoiding thieves and getting lost… hopefully just in my mind)”
– Hylian Hero

“If I wore it, I would wear it under my batman suit.”
– The 10th Rider

“I would wear while slamming beat poetry.”
– Yenji

“I’ll wear it while I dance on your grave.”
– Aniday

“I would wear this shirt everywhere. I would never take it off and never wash it. This shirt would be my second skin.”
– Patrick

“A haiku:

I’m trying to hard
To be original, but
I want that damn shirt

I would wear that shirt naked seeing as how its design is infinitely better looking than the mounds of flesh that are my man boobs. Please Bank of Hyrule, think of the mirrors! And any girl I might possibly trick into my bedroom!”
– Lunchbox*

And we don’t think this list would be complete without tales of shirt-induced armageddon:

“I wouldn’t wear it anywhere, for if i were to do that, it would cause a blinding light pulsating from the shirt. After causing a shockwave comparable to a nuclear warhead’s detonation without all the radiation, a black hole and a theoretical white hole would erupt from the center of the shirt, causing all that we know to be destroyed and reconstructed in improbable places in improbable galaxies, separating the shirt from our world and causing it to flow through the time-space continiuum(yes, thats how its spelled) showing up in random times and places in the history of man. Rather, it would be displayed, and I would be wearing a slightly less awesome shirt from splitreason.”
– Jaymon

Get the Shirt!

Didn’t win, but still want the shirt? We can understand, since your eyes probably melted off from its awesomeness. You can grab the shirt right here, my friends.

The shirt is $18.95, plus shipping and handling. However, SplitReason has given us a 10% discount code that you can use to get the shirt for a bit less! When buying, just enter the following code: IHEARTGEEKS

Thanks for entering!

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