So sorry, everybody!  I have let you all down.  I have these set of questions in my possession for a while, and I am just now getting to posting my answers now.  You may have noticed that pretty everyone has touched on the list of questions in this version, so I will help you out by posting who has helped me since these questions have come into my possession.  I also will tell you that I hope to have another video for you by Sunday/Monday.  I will try to post that entire edition by next mid-week, along with a video as well.  Trying to get back on track stinks, really.

The ChrisCross Edition

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Mid Week with Margar

The World Edition

Here is the entire text version of the mailbag.  Enjoy, and we’ll see you soon.

{{bubble}{Question 1: Gerudos}{}{}{

Lules writes:

Hi! I have a simple question. Do you have any teories of why the Gerudo were absent in Twilight Princess? Or do you just think Nintendo was lazy to give them a role and left them out? Cheers~

James responds:

The best theory that I can think of is that they were not essential to the plot of the game, so they were not needed. I believe that the Arbiter’s Grounds was a temple of sorts for them, but they were just absent in the game and not needed. Ganondorf is in the game, so they aren’t entirely gone.

It could also be possible that after Ganondorf, they were all banished from Hyrule or killed off silently. Rather than having another Ganondorf being born, they stopped it from happening.

{{bubble}{Question 2: Vitality Monsters}{}{}{

TheRippleEffect writes:

Recently, Miyamoto mentioned that the vitality sensor may be used in Zelda games, and as you get more scared, the enemies will get tougher. That sounds cool, but I’ve never been REALLY scared in a Zelda game; startled a little, nervous, but not scared. If they implement this, they’re going to have to make Zelda a lot scarier. Do you think they’ll up the scare factor, and if they do, will we actually see an M rating?

James responds:

I really don’t see an M rating. It can pull off a T rating and have the “scare” factor jumped up enough to make that vitality sensor be useful. You also have to look at it this way: It doesn’t have to be a large spike in your vital signs to make a monster harder. Just a slight bump of nerves could cause the difficulty to spike a little.

{{bubble}{Question 3: FSA Map Question}{}{}{

ZeldaTheoristb211 writes:

In Four Swords Adventures, the Village of the Blue Maiden is south from the Eastern Temple but in A Link to the Past Lake Hylia is south from the Eastern Temple, is Village of the Blue Maiden Lake Hylia?

James responds:

While the map of FSA and ALttP are very similar in nature, they aren’t necessary the same. It is possible that either the area that is Lake Hylia drained or flooded (depending of where you place the games) creating the area that the village or Lake Hylia. Same thing with OoT and TP and their maps.

{{bubble}{Question 4: Spirit Tracks Help}{}{}{

Sue Cooper writes:

I cannot ice over the water long enough to get the low bell (snow tower into place no matter how I try, any suggestions

James responds:

I can’t really give a tip right now, because it is have a few months since I beat that temple, but I can give you the link to the Walkthrough on our site to see if that can help you out a little bit. If not, let us know, we’ll see what we can do.

{{bubble}{Question 5: Zelda and the Accessories}{}{}{

N. Greenway writes:

Do you belive that adding a vitality sensor to ZeldaWii is a good idea? Why? Will that be too much, along with the Wii Motion Plus?

James responds:

The Wii Motion Plus, if done the way they are saying it is going to work, will be the best thing that the Zelda series could see ever. If we are able to mimic the motions of the sword with the Wiimote and not play a wonderful game of “shake the control to swing the sword”, then it would be wonderful. The vitality sensor, while may sound gimmicky at the moment, could help the series out as well. While it will not be on the same level at the Motion Plus, it could definitely help transform the game each time you play. It would definitely give the game more of a replay factor than ever, as you will get more courageous each time you play, and the game will get easier and easier. Or, you may frighten over and over again, and it will allow you to work on getting more and more courageous. The ideas are endless of both. So, I think they are great ideas, as long as they work the way they are being advertised.

{{bubble}{Question 6: Old School Zelda?}{}{}{

Boulder the Dragon writes:

Hey guys. First let me say I’m a big fan of your mailbag videos. Nice and humerous at times.

Anywho, recently two game franchises have gone back to their roots. Sonic, with his new Sonic the Hedgehog 4 game, and Megaman, with Megaman 9 & 10.
My question is, do you ever see Link returning to his classic roots? Or has this already been done with other Zelda titles. More importantly, do you think one day people will get tired of the gameplay used in the 3D console games? The dungeon crawling, camera angles, etc. Will this formula someday get old and force Link back to his roots?

James responds:

Thank you for tuning in! We enjoy your continued viewership of the videos!

As for your question: Zelda is a series that benefits more from having the 3D element to it than the other games you mentions. Sonic games work so much better in 2D, because of the mere fact that Sonic is just so fast. Playing through the 3D Sonic games, I felt that I was doing the same thing on each level: holding right, occasionally tapping jump, and beating up a bad guy. While that sounds exactly like the 2D games, it works so much better in the 2D format and I don’t know why. Mega Man is an 8bit game and work the best that way.

So, in conclusion, if you do Old School Zelda, it would be on handhelds. However, the handhelds are getting so advanced nowadays, it may not happen at all in the future. Who knows though.

{{bubble}{Question 7: Cartoons}{}{}{

linkwolf writes:

do you think the zelda fans could get nintendo to make another zelda mini serie/cartoon

James responds:

Unfortunately, I think we still have this bad taste in our mouths.

{{bubble}{Question 8: Link’s Apparel}{}{}{

Taha Soysal writes:

Do you consider it a good idea for Link to have more clothing customization options in future Zelda games? I know the traditional green is iconic, but it would be cool to have some variety. Maybe Link could buy new types of clothes with all those extra rupees he has laying around all the time. Also, the whole “elemental resistance” thing that things like the Zora and Goron tunic did could be easily transfered to special rings or amulets. So, should Link expand his wardrobe?

James responds:

He has expanded his wardrobe in some of the 3D games, with those tunics you mentioned, as well as TP where he had the Zora tunic and Magic Armor. I don’t think it is a necessary thing to include in the game, as the green tunic is the way we recognize Link in most of the games. I enjoy being able to play with the same outfit, it gives me a sense of homeliness, I guess.

{{bubble}{Question 9: Timeline Comments}{}{}{

DarkLight18818 writes:

i beleive i get the zelda time line entirly. after OoT Link went to Termina. after that WW was released, but as you notice in the backstory in the beginning it told of Gannon comming back after OoT. I beleive this is where twilight princess took place. After Gannon coming back the gods decieded that Hyrule was not safe anymore therefore they flooded Hyrule

James responds:

Actually, it was said by the creators of the game that their is a split timeline, from where the child timeline and adult timeline differ. MM and TP take place after the child timeline of the game, where Link goes back because of Zelda. He travels to Termina, doesn’t return, and Ganondorf is tried by the Gods, as we see in the backstory of TP. Then, TP happens.

The Adult timeline includes the events that happen if Ganondorf was still imprisoned at the end, and PH happens. Then the games after that (PH and ST).

{{bubble}{Question 10: TP/OoT Comparisons}{}{}{

Timon 1771 writes:

Hi ZU!

I have this odd theory that Hylians become shorter as the child-link timeline progresses. Compare Link on Epona from Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess.

Notice how link seems smaller in TP?

Here is some more evedence to support my theory:
• The Darknuts seem to be much taller in TP. Perhaps they are ancient warriors or something.
• Hyrule field seems bigger in TP than in OoT.
• Shade is taller than Link in Twilight Princess.

My question is: What is the reason behind this?

Thanks for reading my question!

James responds:

That is possibly a case of evolution. For some reason, Hylians need to be shorter in the TP world than in OoT. Or it’s just something that was even noticed by the developers and just happened.

{{bubble}{Question 11: New Items}{}{}{

Leo writes:

what new weapon or item do you want in Zelda wii?

James responds:

Something that is similar to the Double Clawshot, something that allows you to websling like that. Maybe a similar item to the Spinner and make it MORE USEFUL THAN IT WAS IN TP. I can’t really think of anything actually.

{{bubble}{Question 12: Voice Acting}{}{}{

Nintendofan30 writes:

If god forbid the new zelda game have voice acting who would you like to voice act the main charcters like zelda and the master sword or queen of fairies what ever she is

James responds:

I think if they were to include voice acting, everyone BUT Link would have to have a voice. I am with everyone who thinks that Link is supposed to be you in the game and you are acting on his behalf. If he gets a voice, that takes away the appeal of the character.

{{bubble}{Question 13: Tingle}{}{}{

Kailee writes:

Hey! I seem to hear this a lot,
is Tingle really a pedophile/Link-Wannabe? Just sayin’.

James responds:

Well, little sister (and yes, she is my little sister), I think Cody said a few weeks ago that Tingle may be the Link equivalent in Termina (as everyone in Termina was a clone of someone in Hyrule). It is also could just be a throwaway character that was created for the game, but the Zelda creators thought he was good enough to keep around (well, the Japanese love him and we hate him). Who knows, really.

{{bubble}{Question 14: Zora/Rito Issues}{}{}{

Bolero of Fire writes:

As we know, the Zora’s were transformed/changed/evolved into Rito. Is it still possible to have games come after WW/PH/ST that have Zora’s, such as OoX and the AoL?

James responds:

It is quite possible that the Zora’s never evolved into the Rito and just disappeared. It is also possible that they only evolved in the adult timeline and don’t have to in the child timeline.

{{bubble}{Question 15: New Zelda Music}{}{}{

The Khaion writes:

Good day !
My question is that: In the new zelda game, do you think that they’ll completely change the music from the other zelda games or have the same one just with a little editing in the music. If you take the hyrule field theme for example. I don’t think that has ever been changed out just a little editing on it. So you think the music will stay the same?

James responds:

How was the Hyrule Field theme not new? I didn’t hear a prior song in there anywhere? It may have a little bit of prior Hyrule Fields in there, but I thought it was rather new. So, yes I think that there will be new music in the new game.

{{bubble}{Question 16: Shiek in New Game?}{}{}{

Hero of Twilight writes:

do you think sheik will be in zelda wii because she has been redesigned (super smach brothers brawl)

James responds:

I don’t think Zelda Wii will include Sheik. Just because I think s/he was a character that was pivotal to the story of OoT, but won’t really add things to the series later on. But we will see, I guess.

{{bubble}{Question 17: Tingle Comments}{}{}{

ShadowShieka writes:

hello Zelda Universe I have a question regarding my least favorite character T**gle. in the game that he first appears in which is majoras mask if i am correct he lives in Termina a totally different place then Hyrule. However, in The Wind Waker he is the one you need to translate ancient Hylian. This just does not make sense to me and I hope that you can help me.

James responds:

I think that is just a case of Nintendo saying that they will do what they want and make no sense when doing it. Or, T**gle just got so powerful in Hyrule and I think that is why they flooded. But he survived and proved that he was powerful by hiding and being pivotal to the plot of the game.

Wow, I think I just created the best theory of T**gle ever.

{{bubble}{Question 18: Zelda Mangas}{}{}{

ChainofTermina writes:

Hewwoh!! If James is reading this, then hi again. How’s dadhood going? and if it is a different ZU person, then hello to you! I am usually very active on this thing, but I haven’t had any questions lately. But I have one now. it is this; are there any plans for any more Zelda manga? ALttP came out a few months ago, and I haven’t heard anything since. I just bought it today, and there is no “next zelda manga” thing in the back. please don’t tell me they’re done! there’s still zelda games to manga-ify! like Link’s awakening, or wind waker! where’s the wind waker manga!? there’s a Minish cap manga, and minish cap is younger than wind waker! I guess it’s a little to soon for TP, or the DS games, but there HAS to be more manga on the way, right?

James responds:

Yo, man, wassup! I am currently not a father yet. My daughter just wants to make this as difficult as possible and delay her arrival as long as she can.

I don’t know how mangas work and when they decide to pick up and create them. I don’t know if they would go back past Ocarina of Time to create mangas, but I could be wrong. I guess you are just going to have to keep an eye and see if they decide to create one in the future.

{{bubble}{Question 19: Swords}{}{}{

nintendofan30 writes:

what do you think well be the sword you well use

James responds:

If you are talking about the new game, and what sword we will use, I think we will use the Master Sword in the game, as well as a cheap beginner sword like normal. I don’t think they will change up that strategy.

{{bubble}{Question 20: Vaati Reappearance}{}{}{

XaviertheTitan writes:

do you think Vatti the wind Mage will appear in Zelda Wii, or any coming zelda game? I think he would be a good addition

James responds:

I actually love playing a game where Vaati is a main villian. It is a nice fresh of air when you see him instead of Ganondorf. I would like to see a little more about him being a Wind Mage though, as you don’t see that much in the games he has appeared.

{{bubble}{Question 21: Plot Twists?}{}{}{

Superdupersean writes:

Hey I first wanted to say that I am a big fan of the site and for you to keep doing what your doing.

On to the question: Do you think that Zelda will ever be able to have another huge twist to the series, like the great flood? Maybe they could make another break in the timeline? Thanks.

James responds:

Thank you for being a fan! We enjoy having people visit the site as often as they can.

As to your question: I don’t see it out of the realm of possibility. However, when’s the last time someone said that the Great Flood was a such great idea? A lot of people seem to hate The Wind Waker…

{{bubble}{Question 22: Futuristic Settings}{}{}{

N. Greenway writes:

Back when people were first realizing that Twilight Princess resembled Ocarina of Time, this HUGE rumor got started of the next game being The Legend of Zelda: Link to the ‘Future.’ Don’t know if you heard about it. Hypothetically, there would be more of a Jack & Daxter feel to the game with hovering motorcycles, lots of new weapons, and other neato stuff. Do you think this would have been/will be a good idea, or will it rob zelda of the whole ‘Legend’ feel?

James responds:

I think you are seeing the reaction fans would give with the whole Spirit Tracks thing. Some thought that putting Steam Trains into the series was bringing the series closer to the future, and a lot of them thought it was a turn in the wrong direction. However, we have seen a lot of technology in the past games that makes it an inevitable fact that it is going to happen some day that the magic we are able to use and the setting of the series are going to catch up to each other. We’ll see how it plays out though.

{{bubble}{Question 23: Lego Zelda and Rito/Zora}{}{}{

Nodnarb writes:

1) Why doesn’t anybody create Lego models based on Zelda (Such as the Lego King of Red Lions and spinner that can be found elsewhere on the internet)? I have been a Lego and Zelda Nerd since the age of four, and I would love if somebody created these.

2)Okay, this one isn’t explained anywhere in TWW, so I just had to ask what ya’lls opinion is. How come, sometime between OoT and Hyrule being flooded into the Great Sea, the Zora, a race of fish people, evolved into the Rito, a race of bird people. I’ve also heard some people say that the Zora simply lef t (or are living under the sea) and that the Rito moved there later, but the game gives hints that they evolved (i.e. Medli’s ancestor is Laruto).

I’m just wondering what ya’ll think about this, too.
The Island of the Windfish is a dream, and Termina is an alternate demension (a parallel world, if you will). So what is the land (Ocean) where Phantom hourglass takes place? The Ocean King bears semblence to the Wind Fish, and at the end of the game, the pirates claim that Link and Tetra have only been gone for ten minutes (Possibly Link and Tetra had some dream sharing going on); however, the Ocean King mentions that he brought Link to his world to help save it, so that would lead one to believe that it is in fact another world, similar to how Termina is another world (It may be a flooded Termina, if Termina is in fact a parallel world).

James responds:

1) I think it would be a great idea, but I don’t see it happening. The games that seem to work the best with the Lego series are movies and tv shows, where you can condense a small period of time (like 2-3 hours) into 6 parts. Games like Zelda I don’t think could work like that, since we play into dungeons and overworlds that I don’t think would translate well into the Lego thing.

2) As I answered before: It is quite possible that the Zora’s never evolved into the Rito and just disappeared. It is also possible that they only evolved in the adult timeline and don’t have to in the child timeline.

I think that the Ocean King land coexists with the Great Sea, but they exist in a different time, as referenced at the end of the game when Neko says they have only been out for a few minutes. And, you also see him at the end along with Linebeck.

{{bubble}{Question 24: Voice Acting}{}{}{

lithuaine writes:

If the zelda series was voiced would it necesseraly ruin the game like some people say? I mean when you look at kingdom hearts that is some top notch voice acting. Bil trinen of nintendo was ounced asked this, to witch he said something along the lines of possible but for a game like zelda it would have to be really TOP notch voice acting so is voice acting necessarily a bad thing? Nintendo cares about their franchise so they woudnt necessarily ruin it. so would it ruint the series or take it a step forward?

James responds:

It’s one of those things that makes the series for a lot of fans. If you implement the voice acting in the series, you should give Link a voice as well. Doing that will incur that he is no longer a Link for the player to the game, thus making him a real person. That is the magic of the series, is that you are the hero using this “avatar” to save the world. Give him a voice, you must give him a personality, and thus taking away that Link. If you put the voices on everyone but Link, I don’t see an issue with that at all.

{{bubble}{Question 25: Direction of Zelda}{}{}{

izzi writes:

In an interview with shigeru miyamoto about Zelda Wii, he stated that the new Zelda will take in a new kind of era. so if or when it happens what do you guys think is a possible step they could take? most people, and also myself like the posibility of hyrule going into an industrial revolution kinda age. If this happened it would also be interesting to see link take on monsters like Ghot the mechanical bull from MM who wasnt so much machanical as steam powerd.

so the question is could this era of a you would say steam punkish era could be plausable?and what other Era could it be set in?

James responds:

I think the era that games are set in now work well for the series. It has endured this long, so it must be doing something right. I think including things like Goht in the series allows the setting to remain medieval in sorts, with a touch of mechanical age technology that could be unexplained. How else would you explain the use of magic in an age that Zelda is set in?

{{bubble}{Question 26: Melee Weapons}{}{}{

SeplingMitsake writes:

Do you think link will ever get to use more of a variety of melee weapons in the future, such as an axe or something. Also, what new items do you think will appear in zelda Wii, and what old items will reappear.

James responds:

An axe might be nifty to have in the series, like having it on an enemy and then stripping it off him to use. That may work. And as I said before, I really can’t think of any new weapons to include in the series, really.

{{bubble}{Question 27: Gerudo Desert}{}{}{

SS2Jet writes:

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when you go to Gerudo Desert, we see The Gerudo Fortess. But, in Twilight Princess, we just see Gerudo Desert or Mesa as I have seen it called. I heard rumors that if you get out your hawk eye (similar to telescope), you can see the Spirit Temple. Also, in Oot and TP, we see Zoras and Gorons. But, in WW, we see like three Gorons and no Zoras. Is that because the Gorons probably drowned and the Zoras jumped into the water for a swim and came out as birds so they couldn’t find Hyrule?

James responds:

I have never heard the rumor that you can see the Spirit Temple before, but I may have to pop in the game and take a look for myself. As for the Zora’s and Gorons: I have said that we are never told whether the Zoras are extinct or not, we just never see them. Gorons are seen very briefly, but we are never shown if they are living anywhere in the Great Sea or extinct as well. It’s just something that has to be assumed and never explained.